Billionaire's Gorgeous Wife

Billionaire's Gorgeous Wife

Author:Hu Yang San Sheng






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810.Chapter 810 So Ignorant


In the steamy bathroom, she is cornered by a man: "You are my first woman. So you must be responsible for me!" The man is dressed in a suit, but she is completely naked. When she is in depression, she meets the richest man in town — Wen Renzhen, an influential and cool aristocrat in Bin city. Born with an indifferent nature, he saves all his passion and loves exclusively for her. "I want to divorce!" The first year after the wedding, she can't stand it when she learns that he is involved with his ex-girlfriend. "I'm a businessman. I won't bargain with loss!" "Well...... what do you want from me?" She takes a step back and looks at him warily. "Divorce? Fine. But you have to grant my three requests." "Name it." "You have to take the house, take the car, and —— me! Yes! Me! If you can't take on any of these requests, don't you bring about divorce any more! "

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