Chapter 464 Who Hit Him?

Hearing that jue yuan was angry, Lanxingxing had to stop, but still did not bite.

"Why aren't you talking?" Juezhiyuan walked up to Lanxingxing with a slight anger on his face.

"What else can I say?" Lanxingxing clenched his lips, unable to say anything.

Juezhiyuan sighed, frowned, and reached out to hold her in his arms.

This time, it was Juezhiyuan's turn not to bite. He just held her and sighed.

The atmosphere suddenly fell silent. In the dark, neither of them spoke. The cold wind blew from behind her. Lanxingxing was wearing thin clothes. She could not help shivering from the cold.

In the end, she broke the silence.

"I want to go back to my apartment." She didn't want to put Juezhiyuan in a difficult position, let alone see him in the middle.

"Don't I see you every morning when I wake up?" Juezhiyuan rubbed her long hair, not daring to hold it too tightly for fear of touching the wound on her hand.

"It's so cold. Let's go. We'll get tired of meeting each other every day." Lanxingxing grabbed Juezhiyuan's sleeve and was slapped by Ji Yuqing just now. The cold wind blew to his side face, and it was still burning with pain.

"I just want to see you every day." Juezhiyuan took off his casual suit and put it on Lanxingxing.

They were originally very different in height. Juezhiyuan's big suit covered Lanxingxing's body. In an instant, she was even thinner and shorter. Juezhiyuan's heart ached in his eyes.

"But I don't want to go home with you." Lanxingxing was very insistent.

What happened just now was too embarrassing. Didn't she go back and look for trouble?

She didn't want to go back to the cold shoulder of others.

"Well, when I convince my grandmother, I'll take you back." Seeing that Lanxingxing seemed to be in a bad mood, Juezhiyuan did not insist, and the current situation is really not suitable to go back, Juezhiyuan wanted to wait until he did a good ideological work for everyone before picking up lan Xingxing.

Thus, jue zhiyuan dragged Lanxingxing to the villa garage, intending to take her back to the rental apartment.

Dozens of minutes later, Juezhiyuan finally sent Lanxingxing back to her apartment.

He walked into the room, turned on the lights, and the room lit up.

However, Juezhiyuan saw that Lanxingxing's face was a little red and swollen, as if he had been slapped and stared at Lanxingxing's side face. Juezhiyuan frowned and pinched Lanxingxing's chin with his long and pretty hands. "Your face?" Frowning, Juezhiyuan seemed to have guessed something. "Did my grandmother do it?"

Lanxingxing shook his head. "No."

"That's Ni Xiaohan?" Juezhiyuan guessed.

"Not really." Lanxingxing still shook his head.

"It's not my grandmother or Ni Xiaohan. Who would it be?" Juezhiyuan narrowed his eyes, feeling that Lanxingxing was not telling him the truth.

"Don't ask. I did it by accident." Not wanting to embarrass and upset Juezhiyuan, Lanxingxing chose not to tell him.

"Tell me who it is." Juezhiyuan reached out and pinched Lanxingxing's chin, forcing her to look into her eyes seriously.

"Juezhiyuan, you better not ask." Lanxingxing clenched his lips and didn't want to remember anything.

"I can guess who it is without you saying it. Grandma and Ni Xiaohan are too much!" Juezhiyuan's strong chest heaved up and down, and his mood became agitated. "Have a good rest. I'll come back to see you later."

As Juezhiyuan spoke, he sent Lanxingxing back and rushed downstairs to the The jue family villa.

In the car, dozens of minutes later, they soon arrived at the The jue family.

As soon as they got back, they heard ji yuqing and Ni Xiaohan scolding Lanxingxing in the living room. When they saw Juezhiyuan enter the living room, they stopped.

"Grandma, what are you going to do to fan xixi today?" Juezhiyuan walked up to ji yuqing and Ni Xiaohan angrily. His handsome face could not help but feel a little angry.

His grandmother went too far today. Fan Xixi's hand was injured. How could she do it to her?

"Zhiyuan, how can you help an outsider?" Being questioned by his grandson, Ji Yuqing was very hurt. Juezhiyuan never talked back to her before, but now he scolded his grandmother for a woman.

"She is not an outsider. She is my fiancee from jue zhiyuan. The woman I want to marry is your granddaughter-in-law in the future." Juezhiyuan told Ji Yuqing solemnly. As he spoke, he looked at Ni Xiaohan and seemed to be telling her.

"Zhiyuan, what kind of medicine did you take? You're so obsessed!" Ji yuqing was so heartbroken that she felt like her grandson was possessed.

"Grandma, why don't you give Fan Xixi a chance to get to know her? She's a good girl, not what you think she is. She's from a bad family, but she's kind and upright. It's unfair for you to sentence her to death before you get to know her!" Juezhiyuan persuaded his grandmother, Ji Yuqing, "Grandma, I hope this is the last time. If this happens again, I will never talk to grandma again."

"The abyss, you..." Ji Yuqing was furious.

Juezhiyuan snorted and ignored Ji Yuqing. He walked to the sofa and said to Ni Xiaohan, "Xiao Han, I have something to tell you."

"Zhiyuan, why can't you say something in front of grandma?" Juezhiyuan's eyes were a little scary, and Ni Xiaohan was trembling with fear. From time to time, she looked at Ji Yuqing for help.

"This is between us. It has nothing to do with grandma." Juezhiyuan suddenly grabbed Ni Xiaohan by the wrist and walked upstairs.

"Zhiyuan, what do you want to say?" Ni Xiaohan felt the fury of jue's abyss and a chill ran down his spine.

I don't know what Juezhiyuan wanted to talk to her about. It couldn't be that Juezhiyuan found out that grandma and she wanted to send Fan Xixi away together.

"I hope you don't slander Fan Xixi in front of my grandmother in the future. Did you cause all this?" Juezhiyuan snorted. Although his grandmother was biased, she was not an ungrateful person. If Ni Xiaohan provoked her in the middle, her grandmother would never hate Lanxingxing so much.

"Zhiyuan, how can you say that about me? Am I such a person in your heart?" Ni Xiaohan felt wronged. All these years, she had been by ji yuqing and Juezhiyuan's side, but in the end, she was scolded like this by Juezhiyuan.

"I've been provoking my relationship with Fan Xixi since the beginning. Ni Xiaohan, I can tolerate you once, but I can't tolerate you for the second time. This is the ticket I asked Vincent to book for you and grandma. We'll go back to america the afternoon after tomorrow. I've made it clear to you before that you're just my sister. It's no use pestering my grandmother no matter what. She can't marry you on my behalf." Juezhiyuan felt that it was safer for ji yuqing and Ni Xiaohan to go back to the united states. Once they came back, they had a lot of things to do. He was such a big man, and he would make his own decisions about his marriage.