Chapter 465 Fan Xixi, How Dare You?

Juezhiyuan was particularly disgusted with the marriage arranged by his family.

"The abyss..."

"Don't explain." Jue zhiyuan snorted.

Ni Xiaohan thought it was okay for Juezhiyuan to reject her. As long as he tried to please his grandmother, Juezhiyuan, he would definitely marry her. However, no one knew that Fan Xixi had been killed halfway, which made Juezhiyuan, who didn't want to marry her, even less look at her.

At this moment, Ni Xiaohan felt uneasiness that he had never felt before.

All this time, Juezhiyuan's grandmother had been protecting her. Ni Xiaohan thought that young lady jue's position would definitely be hers.

But now?

She felt a great pressure in her heart.

Once again, she clearly recognized Fan Xixi's position in Juezhiyuan's mind!

"Zhiyuan, I was wrong. I will never trouble Fan Xixi again. You asked me to stay." Ni Xiaohan knew that Juezhiyuan was really angry this time and begged Juezhiyuan in a panic not to send her away.

"It's too late. Don't think I didn't know that Fan Xixi was kidnapped because you two conspired. If you weren't my family, I would have called the police to arrest you." Ni Xiaohan was using her grandmother to get a slap on Fan Xixi. Juezhiyuan was heartbroken at the thought of Fan Xixi being beaten.

"Zhiyuan, listen to me explain this..."

"Stop it. I don't want to hear it. The truth is already in front of me. What else do you want to argue about?" The man who kidnapped Fan Xixi has confessed. "That's settled. You and grandma will go back to america tomorrow afternoon."

"Zhiyuan, are you really going to be so heartless?" Ni Xiaohan was upset. What was so good about Fan Xixi? Juezhiyuan was just slapping her, but he wanted to send his grandmother and her back to the united states. He was protecting Fan Xixi.

"I will do it for you." Juezhiyuan calmly warned Ni Xiaohan.

"But I think it's good to be by your side. I don't want anything else." Ni Xiaohan begged.

"Xiao Han, I've already said what I want to say. You can ask for your own happiness." Juezhiyuan shook off Ni Xiaohan's arm and ran downstairs.

In the living room, Ji Yuqing kept pacing, watching Juezhiyuan come down and walk towards the door, as if he was about to go out. Ji Yuqing frowned.

It's so late, and her grandson is going to look for Fan Xixi?

"Zhiyuan, stop!" Ji Yuqing wanted to keep him.

However, Juezhiyuan turned around and said, "Grandma, you disappointed me so much today. Fan Xixi was hurt, and you even attacked her. Grandma had never been such a temper tantrum and magnanimous person before."

"I..." Ji Yuqing was blocked.

"I'm going to stay with Fan Xixi. She's still injured. She won't be coming back tonight." After Juezhiyuan finished speaking, he left without looking back.

Walking steadily to the garage and back to the The jue family, Juezhiyuan drove to Lanxingxing's apartment. She wanted to stay with her tonight. Her hand was hurt and she was bullied by her grandmother. Juezhiyuan was worried and felt that he couldn't leave her alone.

The car sped along the road and arrived at Lanxingxing's place within half an hour. By the time it arrived, it was quiet and it was very late. After Lanxingxing had washed up, he went to bed and read on the bed. He looked and heard the rustling sound coming from the door. Lanxingxing was a little scared living alone and couldn't help but shout, "Who?"

It wasn't until the door opened and Lanxingxing saw that it was Juezhiyuan that Lanxingxing was not so afraid.

"Juezhiyuan, why are you here?" Seeing Juezhiyuan's promoted figure appear at the door, Lanxingxing breathed a sigh of relief.

Just now, when I heard some noise at the door, I thought there was a burglar at home.

"What's wrong?" Juezhiyuan put his arms around her, but his eyes saw Lanxingxing barefoot. "Are you afraid of being alone?"

Lanxingxing nodded, not expecting jue zhiyuan to suddenly come over.

"Sleep. I won't leave today. I'll stay here with you." Juezhiyuan picked up Lanxingxing horizontally, not wanting her to walk barefoot on the ground.

"Then your grandmother..."

"She's with Ni Xiaohan. I'm a big man who's not as attentive as your aunt. I can't use it at home."

"I thought you would stay at the villa with grandma and Xiao Han." Lanxingxing was a little jealous. She was hurt. In fact, she was really afraid that Juezhiyuan would leave her alone and not ask. She was even more afraid that Juezhiyuan would choose Ni Xiaohan.

"I'm just going back to talk to grandma about something, silly. I won't be back then." Juezhiyuan carried Lanxingxing to bed and laid her down.

"I'm afraid you'll go and never come back?"

"Are you jealous?" Lanxingxing faltered and Juezhiyuan smiled even more.

"No!" Lanxingxing quickly denied.

However, her quick reaction only betrayed her true thoughts.

Lanxingxing did not admit it. Her expression and reaction showed that she was jealous of Ni Xiaohan.

"Well, I admit it. I'm jealous." Lanxingxing was extremely embarrassed, and her mind was clearly seen by the jue abyss, so she had to admit, "My heart is very small, I can not be as generous as Ni Xiaohan can tolerate you to that extent, in short, a woman is not allowed to provoke, if, behind my back, provoke other women, hmph?"

Lanxingxing clenched his fists and stared at Juezhiyuan's handsome face.

"What about you?" Juezhiyuan raised his eyebrows and looked sideways at Lanxingxing with a cold and sharp light in his eyes.

"I just?" Juezhiyuan's eyes were so sharp that Lanxingxing shrank his neck and swallowed the words he wanted to hit someone.

"Go on, I want to know what will happen to you if I really mess with other women." Juezhiyuan wanted to know what Fan Xixi would do.

"I'm not joking with you. If you dare to provoke other women, I'll just slap my butt and say goodbye to you. There are so many men in the world, so why hang on to one tree? Modern women will be able to go to the hall, get down to the kitchen, kill the trojan horse, climb over the wall, earn money, and kick the scum!" Lanxingxing looked up at her little head with a serious face.

However, just as Lanxingxing finished speaking, the next moment, Juezhiyuan's dark eyes stared straight at Lanxingxing, "Over the wall? Fan Xixi, you dare!"

The air around him suddenly turned cold and Lanxingxing shivered.

It's over.

Juezhiyuan was angry.

Lanxingxing's mouth twitched and hurriedly changed the subject. "Oh, I'm so sleepy. I want to sleep. I'm so sleepy."

As Lanxingxing spoke, he moved out of jue's arms without a trace and burrowed into the quilt.

"Fan Xixi, don't run away from the topic. Without my permission, if you dare to climb over the wall, I won't punish you severely." Jue zhiyuan held Lanxingxing back from sleeping and struggled with the word" over the wall."

"Just say it. Don't take it seriously. If I did climb over the wall, I would have fallen to my death before I could climb up the stairs." Juezhiyuan's face was so scary. If I had known, I wouldn't have said that.