Chapter 466 Free Meat Pillow

"You can't talk about it." Juezhiyuan glared at Lanxingxing, his eyes filled with anger.

"... Lanxingxing curled her lips. She didn't expect that it was just a joke. Juezhiyuan was so angry.

"I'm so sleepy and sleepy." But the pain in her hand was so bad that it would hurt if she lay down. Lanxingxing was so sad that she wanted to sleep but couldn't sleep soundly. It was torture.

"Lean on me and try to be your free meat pillow for a night." Juezhiyuan's eyes fell on his chest, intending to sleep with Lanxingxing for the whole night.

"So reluctantly, let it go." Lanxingxing turned to hold the pillow, intending to sleep sideways.

It was just that the whole back was stiff, and it hurt as soon as it turned around.

"You don't even need free ones, huh?" Juezhiyuan took the pillow from Lanxingxing's arms and raised his eyebrows.

"Isn't that appropriate..." Lanxingxing snatched the pillow back from Juezhiyuan's hand and decided to sleep.

However, she moved a little too much and accidentally touched her hand. It hurt so much that she bared her teeth.

"Ouch~" Lanxingxing screamed, his forehead covered in sweat.

"You deserve it!" Juezhiyuan gloated and suddenly grabbed Lanxingxing and let her lie down in her arms to sleep. "Sleep well."

"It's not easy to sleep like this." Juezhiyuan was too overbearing. Lanxingxing was dissatisfied and punched him in protest.

"Don't move. If you move again, I won't stand on ceremony." Juezhiyuan's evil eyes suddenly fell on her.

Sensing the evil intentions of jue's abyss, Lanxingxing hastily closed his eyes. "Sleep! Sleep!"

Frightened by the jue abyss, Lanxingxing was much more honest.

Jue zhiyuan put his arms around her and fell asleep.

After sleeping like this for the whole night, the next day, the sun was shining through the window. The warm sun shone through the purple curtains, and a bright day was about to rise. Lanxingxing's rental apartment, the two of them were still asleep, and Juezhiyuan's phone kept ringing. Annoyed by the phone, Juezhiyuan wanted to hang up. She picked up her phone and glanced at it, only to see the word "Grandma" on the screen.

Seeing that it was grandma's call, Juezhiyuan disappeared from sleep and pressed the answer button.

"Grandma, why are you calling so early?" Thinking about what happened last night, Juezhiyuan was still a little angry and asked in an unfriendly tone.

"You didn't come back all night. Are you trying to make grandma worry all day?" Ji Yuqing sighed. When he woke up in the morning, he saw the lights in the living room on all night. Ji Yuqing knew that it must be his grandson who was angry that he didn't come back for the night.

"Grandma, I've been living outside for the past few days. Don't worry." There was no feud between the family overnight, and Juezhiyuan knew that his grandmother was upset.

"When are you coming back?" Ji Yuqing asked compromisingly. She had received a ticket from Juezhiyuan's assistant, vincent, last night.

"I'll be back when Fan Xixi gets better." Juezhiyuan replied in a deep voice.

Fan Xixi's injury hasn't healed yet. He's worried.

He couldn't leave until she was better.

"Zhiyuan, well, grandma compromised and brought fan xixi back another day." Last night, Ni Xiaohan was afraid that she would be sent back to the united states. She had been listening to her all night. Ji Yuqing decided to give Lanxingxing a chance to get along for a while. If it wasn't appropriate then, it wouldn't be too late to break them up.

"Grandma, are you willing to accept Fan Xixi?" Grandma's tone was obviously much gentler, and Juezhiyuan was delighted.

"Hey, grandma is old. She doesn't want to be angry with her grandson all the time. I want to have my great-grandson as soon as possible." Ji Yuqing sighed helplessly. Most of it was because he loved Juezhiyuan. In addition to Ni Xiaohan's good words last night, Ji Yuqing decided to accept Lanxingxing.

"Grandma, don't worry. I will try my best to get you to have a great-grandson." Jue zhiyuan held the phone and grinned happily.

"Then don't chase me and Xiao Han away. Xiao Han and I swear we won't make any trouble for you." Ji Yuqing sighed and discussed with Juezhiyuan.

"As long as grandma accepts Fan Xixi, I can keep grandma and Xiao Han away." His grandmother had already given in, so Juezhiyuan didn't have to force them back to america.

"Well, in a few days, when Fan Xixi gets better, you'll come back and stay." Finally, he made peace with Juezhiyuan. Ji Yuqing was in a much better mood. When he was in a good mood, he had less prejudice against Lanxingxing.

"Okay, grandma."

Hanging up the phone, Juezhiyuan was in high spirits.

His grandmother finally gave Lanxingxing a chance.

"It's so noisy." There was a buzzing sound in her ear. Lanxingxing didn't sleep well and wanted to turn around and continue sleeping.

But she forgot that there were still wounds on her hands. The result of such a turn was, ah, a loud cry. The pain was killing her.

"Huh? It hurts? My hand?" Lanxingxing couldn't help sobbing and grabbed Juezhiyuan's arm tightly.

The person next to him was the miserable one, whose nails were embedded in his flesh, and she pinched them out of his body with purple marks?

At that time, Juezhiyuan didn't bite him until Lanxingxing let him go. Juezhiyuan raised his arm and said angrily, "Lanxingxing, do you want to murder your husband?"

"I don't have a husband." It was so painful, it was so painful. It was all because of jue's abyss talking on the phone so early in the morning that she couldn't sleep well!

"Am I not?" Juezhiyuan stared at Lanxingxing.

"?" Under Juezhiyuan's coercion, Lanxingxing had no choice but to acquiesce.

She thought that if she didn't admit it, she would have died miserably.

"Grandma has agreed to give us a chance. As long as we pass my grandma's test, am I not your husband?" Juezhiyuan raised his eyebrows proudly, as if he couldn't wait to get his license with Lanxingxing.

"Is grandma willing to accept me?" Lanxingxing was also very happy to hear this news, and suddenly struggled to get up. However, with such a strong force, the pain in her arm once again swept over her, and the pain made her sweat again.

"Huh? Pain?" Lanxingxing bared his teeth and lay on Juezhiyuan, using him as a pillow.

"So eager to marry me." Looking at Lanxingxing's excited face, Juezhiyuan was in a state of ecstasy.

"I can't wait for a ghost. I'm in pain, and you're laughing." Lanxingxing pouted in protest. She was dying of pain, but Juezhiyuan was in a great mood.

However, when she heard that Ji Yuqing was willing to give her a chance, she was as happy as ever.

"Does your hand hurt?" Juezhiyuan stopped smiling and hugged Lanxingxing.

"Very painful, very painful? I'm still hungry." The medicine didn't hurt as much yesterday, but after a day, he found that the wound was twice as painful as yesterday. Besides, he had some porridge last night and woke up early in the morning. He was extremely hungry.

"I'll go downstairs and buy you breakfast." Juezhiyuan took two pillows and handed them to Lanxingxing to lay on them.

"Will you buy breakfast?" Lanxingxing looked at Juezhiyuan suspiciously.

For more than 20 years, the big young master of the Jueshi has been eating and clothing. Do you know how to buy breakfast?