Chapter 467 Accept Her

"What's so hard about buying breakfast? Just wait." Juezhiyuan got out of bed in a hurry, ready to go buy breakfast after washing up.

Behind him, Lanxingxing yelled at the bathroom, "Remember, I want soy milk and fritters, or meat buns. Don't bring any porridge back. I'm about to throw up."

Juezhiyuan, who was changing clothes in the bathroom, frowned and couldn't help but ask, "What does the fried dough stick look like? And what does the soy milk look like?"

"?" Juezhiyuan didn't know about soy milk fritters. "You fry them into long strips with flour. As for soy milk? Soy milk is ground with beans. It's a bit like coffee. If you still don't know, just ask auntie and uncle in the bun shop."

Lanxingxing racked his brains to come up with these words when he didn't know how to describe soy milk and fritters.

Lanxingxing said a big bag. Juezhiyuan still didn't know what the fried dough sticks and soy milk looked like, but Lanxingxing's last words were very useful. He didn't know, so he could just ask the boss.

"I see. I'll buy it for you." Juezhiyuan put on his clothes and went out to buy breakfast.

Looking at Juezhiyuan's disappearing figure, Lanxingxing lay on the bed, bored, reading.

Juezhiyuan did not know how long it would take to go. She only prayed that jue zhiyuan would come back before she starved to death!

However, Lanxingxing had already read more than half of the book, but Juezhiyuan still did not return. Lanxingxing was so hungry that he got out of bed and washed up in pain. He planned to go to the living room to see if there were any biscuits left and eat some to fill his stomach first.

She thought that if the jue abyss returned, she would starve to death in bed.

However, as soon as Lanxingxing came into the living room, the door creaked open.

Juezhiyuan came in carrying a large bag of breakfast.

"Your breakfast." Juezhiyuan put the breakfast on the table.

Lanxingxing was shocked to see what was on the table.

Asked him to buy two soy milk fritters, Juezhiyuan actually brought back a big bag!

"What did you buy? So much." Lanxingxing opened the bag and found out that god, Juezhiyuan actually bought a five-cent soy milk fritters, a big bag of buns, bread, and even coffee!

No wonder Juezhiyuan came back with a whole bag!

"Did the two of us eat so much?" Lanxingxing looked at Juezhiyuan in shock.

As expected, sir jue had poor social experience in this area!

"If you can't eat it, put it in the fridge." Juezhiyuan spoke without blinking.

Lanxingxing took out all the food inside. "Soy milk can't be eaten, and so can steamed buns? The shelf life of bread says that it's only three days, and it won't be able to be eaten after three days? It's too wasteful to eat."

Lanxingxing no longer dared to let the inexperienced Juezhiyuan go shopping. It was a waste and a waste of money to let him buy things!

Juezhiyuan was a little frustrated. This was his first time buying breakfast, but it gave Lanxingxing such a headache.

"Eat quickly, aren't you hungry?" Juezhiyuan urged Lanxingxing.

"Got it." Lanxingxing handed the fried dough sticks and soy milk to Juezhiyuan and put a straw in it. "Try it. Soy milk is very nutritious."

Juezhiyuan had never eaten fried dough sticks or soy milk before, so Lanxingxing put the soy milk to his mouth, and Juezhiyuan barely took a sip.

"Is it good?" Lanxingxing looked at Juezhiyuan funnily and frowned. Was soy milk that bad?

"?" Juezhiyuan could not say anything, but felt very different from his usual breakfast.

"Take it and try the fried dough sticks." Lanxingxing gave jue zhiyuan a stick of oil. Juezhiyuan didn't want to take it with his hand, so Lanxingxing took a bite.

"Young master, grab it yourself. My hands are getting sore." Lanxingxing grabbed a fried dough stick and ate it herself. She was starving to death.

A breakfast, not knowing what to do, took several hours to finish. Juezhiyuan dawdled and ran to work.

After he left, the room returned to silence.

I don't know if it was influenced by Ni Xiaohan and grandma Juezhiyuan, but Lanxingxing was always restless these days, as if something big was going to happen.

It was the same for several days in a row, and it wasn't until the wound on her hand was completely healed that she gradually became in a good mood.

That day, when she was just injured, Juezhiyuan took Lanxingxing home to see his grandmother.

As long as they get past his grandmother, they can get married.

At the thought of this, Lanxingxing felt extremely nervous. He asked jue zhiyuan if her clothes were inappropriate, whether his grandmother would like the gift she bought for her, and Ni Xiaohan, would she hate her?

Lanxingxing felt a little uneasy. At first, she had a little trouble with ji yu, qing ni, and Xiao Han. She didn't know if things would get better when she went back this time. Last time, jue zhiyuan's grandmother was willing to accept her.

"My grandmother is not a man-eating tiger. There is no need to panic. After getting familiar with my grandmother, you will find that she is a very kind old man." Along the way, Lanxingxing kept mumbling. Juezhiyuan held Lanxingxing's face and she stopped.

"But I always feel uneasy, like something big is going to happen?" Lanxingxing covered his beating heart. It had been like this for the past few days, and he often fell into uneasiness for no reason.

"Make a mountain out of a molehill. What's the big deal?" Juezhiyuan shook his head, thinking that Lanxingxing was thinking too much.

"I can't tell? Anyway, I just have a bad feeling in my heart." Lanxingxing frowned and felt a little confused.

"If you think too much, what does a feeling mean? You're asking for trouble. Maybe it's because of the nervousness of your elders. Not after seeing my grandmother." Jue zhiyuan dragged Lanxingxing into the villa, not caring.

"Maybe. Seeing grandma so grandly, I'm a little nervous." Lanxingxing took a deep breath and tightened Juezhiyuan's hand, feeling that what he said made sense.

"Don't think so much. My grandmother will definitely like you." Juezhiyuan reached out and patted Lanxingxing on the back of her hand, trying to make her relax.

"So confident? But I don't have any confidence at all." His grandmother, who almost fainted from the abyss of jue, was still arguing with them. Juezhiyuan's grandmother and Ni Xiaohan wanted to send her away before, but now they had to make up. It would be really awkward.

"Of course, because I have the same taste as my grandmother, and she will definitely like the person her grandson likes. Now it's just a little misunderstanding, so it's over." Juezhiyuan opened the door and dragged Lanxingxing in.

At that time, ji yuqing and Ni Xiaohan sat in the living room watching tv, waiting for Juezhiyuan and Lanxingxing to come back for dinner.

When they saw jue zhiyuan pulling Lanxingxing into the room, Ji Yuqing's eyes lit up. After being angry with his grandson for so many days, they finally came back. Ji Yuqing was happy and did not pursue Lanxingxing.