Chapter 468 Return to Jue's House for Dinner

"Come over here and let me see if you've lost weight." Seeing Juezhiyuan, Ji Yuqing was in a good mood and kept waving to the jue abyss.

"Grandma, I'm fine. I've gained a few pounds." He had only been out for a few days, and it was so easy to lose weight. He didn't go out to work hard. He was just out with fan xixi to recuperate. He had done nothing but work these days.

"Call grandma." Jue zhiyuan gave Lanxingxing a look, trying to make Fan Xixi behave more in front of his grandmother.

Upon receiving Juezhiyuan's prompt, Lanxingxing smiled and called out sweetly, "Grandma."

Lanxingxing's face was slightly embarrassed at the sound of grandma's voice falling. He always felt a little uncomfortable when he screamed. In Juezhiyuan's face, Lanxingxing still screamed.

"It's good to be back. I'll wash my hands and eat later." Ji Yuqing reached out to pull his grandson, but Lanxingxing didn't manage much money.

Lanxingxing stood aside awkwardly.

Seeing this, Juezhiyuan hurriedly straightened things out. "Grandma, Xi Xi bought you a lot of pastries today and your favorite orchids."

Juezhiyuan put the pastries on the table and the pot of orchids he bought at the planting base. Ji Yuqing loved orchids. The rarer and more difficult they were, the more she loved them. And this pot was painstakingly found at the planting base. The variety was rare. Juezhiyuan thought that his grandmother would definitely like it.

Ji Yuqing was an expert. He liked orchids very much when he saw them. After careful observation, he found that they were rare. Ji Yuqing was very happy to get a precious pot of orchids. Although she knew that this pot of orchids was the credit of her grandson, it could also be seen that his grandson was interested in fan xixi. In order to please her old lady, her happiness was told to this outsider, Fan Xixi.

"Grandma, I'm glad you like it. In order to find you an orchid, Xi Xi ran around as soon as her injury got better. She's been so tired these days that she's been sunburned." While the iron was hot and Ji Yuqing was happy, jue zhiyuan pulled the nervous Lanxingxing aside and kept on saying good things.

"It's hard for her." Ji Yuqing took a look at Lanxingxing and eased the atmosphere slightly.

"It's not a problem. Grandma likes it. When she looks for orchids, zhiyuan is always with me. He is always helping me." Ji Yuqing looked much better, and Lanxingxing was relieved.

"Sit down and eat. You must be hungry after such a long journey." Ji Yuqing put down the orchid in his hand and pulled jue zhiyuan to the table.

Standing on the side, Ni Xiaohan, unable to interrupt, looked at Ji Yuqing, Juezhiyuan, Fan Xixi as if they were a family, and her heart was filled with fear. Originally, she was the granddaughter-in-law of the The jue family, but now Fan Xixi gradually integrated into this family, what should she do in the future?

Ni Xiaohan felt no pain at all as her nails dug into her flesh.

She thought to herself that Fan Xixi was the one who begged her grandmother to let her come back. Did she really think she could marry Juezhiyuan?

She's dreaming. I won't let her succeed?

"Xiao Han?" Everyone sat down, leaving only Ni Xiaohan in a daze in front of the sofa. Ji Yuqing called several times, but Ni Xiaohan didn't respond. Ji Yuqing thought that people might ignore her, so she couldn't help but pull Ni Xiaohan's hand and call out again, "Xiao Han."

"Grandma? I'm coming right now?" Several times later, Ni Xiaohan regained his senses and rushed to the dining table in the living room.

"Xiao Han, eat more." Ji Yuqing felt sorry for Ni Xiaohan and personally put a piece of fish in her bowl.

For so many years, Ni Xiaohan had been by her side. Originally, she wanted her grandson to marry her into the family, but she didn't expect that there was a mistake. His grandson had his own person of interest. Her grandmother had been busy and delayed the happiness of others for a lifetime. Ji Yuqing was very sorry and became more and more good to ni Xiao Han.

"Thank you, grandma. Welcome back to Xi Xi." Ni Xiaohan smiled with difficulty, but his heart was so bitter that it was hard to swallow the food in his hand.

"Thank you, Xiao Han." The atmosphere was still very awkward. Lanxingxing didn't want to bite and looked at Ni Xiaohan politely.

"Hurry up, aren't you hungry on the way?" Ji Yuqing put more food into jue zhiyuan's bowl.

The meal was quiet, Lanxingxing was quiet, and so was Ni Xiaohan. She was the one who spoke the least.

At a big dinner table, almost all of them were talking to Juezhiyuan and Ji Yuqing. Lanxingxing spoke occasionally, because she could always feel that ji yuqing and Ni Xiaohan did not really want her to be with Juezhiyuan, especially Ni Xiaohan. Looking at her, her eyes were filled with seemingly no hostility, and her hair was creepy.

"What are you thinking?" Lanxingxing was stunned. Under the table, Juezhiyuan secretly shook her hand.

"No? Nothing?" Lanxingxing lowered his head to hide it.

"Eat quickly." Juezhiyuan urged Lanxingxing to put a lot of vegetables and green peppers in her bowl to fry eggs. Juezhiyuan knew what Lanxingxing liked and almost put the whole plate of eggs into Lanxingxing's bowl. He forgot that Ni Xiaohan liked eggs too. Juezhiyuan looked at Lanxingxing dotingly. As long as she liked it, Juezhiyuan put it in her bowl. Ni Xiaohan looked at it and felt terrible.

"I'm full." Ni Xiaohan couldn't stand it any longer. He put down his chopsticks and ran upstairs.

"Is this enough to fill you up?" Looking at Ni Xiaohan's back in shock, Ji Yuqing froze, thinking that Ni Xiaohan was afraid to see Juezhiyuan and Lanxingxing eating in pairs.

"Take your time, grandma. I'm really done eating." Ni Xiaohan felt bad and hurried upstairs.

"Don't you want to be with an old woman like me?" Sensing the awkward atmosphere, Ji Yuqing had to hold Juezhiyuan back.

"Okay, grandma, Xi Xi hasn't finished yet. We'll eat with you." Juezhiyuan picked up some food for his grandmother.

"Forget it. You two should eat. I'll go see Xiao Han." Ji Yuqing wanted to continue eating, but when she saw that Ni Xiaohan was about to cry, Ji Yuqing felt a little guilty, so she put down her chopsticks and decided to go see Ni Xiaohan, and advised her to come down and eat some more.


"You guys eat to save me the old lady from being a light bulb." After Ji Yuqing finished speaking, he got up and went upstairs.

As soon as he went up, he saw Ni Xiaohan crying.

"Xiao Han, you silly girl, why are you so impatient?" Ji Yuqing walked up to Ni Xiaohan and held her hand to comfort her. "It's not just Fan Xixi. After a long time, zhiyuan will find out who is the most sincere person to him. He knows very well who is the most suitable other half for him. Fan Xixi is just a passer-by. I believe they will break up soon."

Ji Yuqing had always believed in the truth that the relationship between Fan Xixi and Juezhiyuan would not last long.

That's why she never wanted to support them together.