Chapter 469 Dinner

"You didn't see how good the abyss was to Fan Xixi at dinner. I think it was serious this time, not a whim." Ni Xiaohan was very disappointed, but also very unwilling, and did not want to just give Juezhiyuan to Fan Xixi.

"You have grandma's support. What are you afraid of? You have to have confidence in yourself." Ji Yuqing encouraged Ni Xiaohan.

"Grandma, didn't you already accept Fan Xixi? You were so warm and friendly to her just now." She was the only one who looked like an outsider during that meal.

"This is just a plan to slow down. In my heart, you are the most suitable person for the abyss." Ji Yuqing took Ni Xiaohan's hand and patted it gently. "I was just putting on a show for zhiyuan. How could I really accept Fan Xixi? In grandma's heart, you are always more important than fan xixi."

With Ji Yuqing's words, Ni Xiaohan calmed down a little. "Grandma is lucky to have you."

"Let's go, silly girl. Go down and have some more food. I saw you haven't finished half a bowl of rice just now." Ji Yuqing was so heartbroken that she wanted to drag Xiao Han downstairs to continue her dinner.

"Grandma, no, I really can't eat." Ni Xiaohan shook his head. He didn't want to see Juezhiyuan and Fan Xixi talking to each other.

"If you can't eat, you have to eat. What if you're hungry in the middle of the night? Be good. Listen to grandma and eat half a bowl." Ji Yuqing coaxed Ni Xiaohan and dragged her down.

Ni Xiaohan had no choice but to follow ji yuqing downstairs.

When the two of them went down, Juezhiyuan and Lanxingxing had already eaten. They had already gone out for a walk. Looking at the empty living room, Ji Yuqing sighed and had to pull Ni Xiaohan to eat with them."

"Grandma, I'll eat with you." Ni Xiaohan sat down at the table with Ji Yuqing, his heart aching.

Juezhiyuan and Fan Xixi really didn't want to be separated for a moment.

Under the starry night sky, those Xingxing flashed and flashed, as beautiful as diamonds. After eating and drinking, Juezhiyuan held Lanxingxing's hand and strolled lazily in the yard while doing his ideological work. "I told you my grandmother was a very easy person to get along with. On the surface, she was strict, but on the inside, she was a very kind old man."

"I know." Blue star nodded without giving much comment.

If Ji Yuqing still doesn't approve of her being with Juezhiyuan, she'll leave on her own.

She knew that a marriage without blessings would be very tiring, and one day she would be pulled down by the people around her.

"Are you satisfied with her performance today? My grandmother doesn't object to us being together anymore." Juezhiyuan clenched Fan Xixi's hand.

"I dare to pick on your grandmother." Lanxingxing curled her lips. Juezhiyuan said that. Ji Yuqing was an elder anyway. She didn't complain at all.

"So you promised to reconcile with my grandmother?" His grandmother and Fan Xixi had been so unhappy before. Juezhiyuan was especially worried that Fan Xixi would not be able to get through this. If she was unhappy, wouldn't she be unwilling to get married again?

"Did I have a conflict with your grandmother? Did I? Why don't I remember?" Lanxingxing looked at Juezhiyuan mischievously, pretending that he had forgotten everything.

"It's good that you don't remember." I was afraid that she would remember it for the rest of her life and would not marry me.

Juezhiyuan pinched Fan Xixi's nose dotingly, his deep eyes filled with doting.

"Let's go. Let's continue walking and watch the night sky. You can take me back to my apartment later." Lanxingxing pulled Juezhiyuan forward, his clear eyes looking straight at a corner of the night sky. It was a rare quiet night. Lanxingxing really wanted time to stop at this moment and let her hold Juezhiyuan's hand for the rest of her life and keep walking forward.

"Aren't you going to stay at my house tonight?" Juezhiyuan frowned.

"I'd rather live in an apartment. After all, I haven't married you yet. It's not appropriate to live in your home." Lanxingxing kept shaking her head. His grandmother and Ni Xiaohan were together. It was so awkward for her to live together.

"What's not right? Sooner or later, it will be your home." Juezhiyuan clenched Lanxingxing's hand and didn't want her to live alone outside.

It was dangerous for a girl to live alone outside, and Juezhiyuan felt that it was safest to stay by his side.

"But not now, let's talk about it later." Lanxingxing curled her lips, as if she could hang a small light bulb. She and Juezhiyuan had just made up, and she didn't know what else they were going to experience in the future.

"Well, I'll send you back later." Lanxingxing was determined, and Juezhiyuan did not force it.


So, the two of them watched Xingxing in the yard for half the night. Late at night, Juezhiyuan sent Lanxingxing back to his apartment, and then returned to the The jue family himself.

After a good night's dream and a peaceful life, Lanxingxing never took on another advertisement since the last one. Today, the director informed her that there was an advertisement for perfume and asked if she was interested in it.

Lanxingxing had long wanted to go out and find something to do, so he promised the director to come to the studio this afternoon.

That day, after Juezhiyuan went to work, Lanxingxing went out, grabbed his canvas bag and ran to the studio.

However, when she reached the door, she met Jiang Bojin, who was coming towards her.

Jiang Bojin walked quickly to Lanxingxing. "Are you here to pick up the perfume commercial?"

Blue star nodded and ignored Jiang Bojin.

However, she had just taken a step to the left, and so did Jiang Bojin.

She turned right, and so did Jiang Bojin.

She stopped, so did Jiang Bojin.

It was as if he was deliberately going against Lanxingxing.

After a few rounds, Lanxingxing finally got angry. "Jiang Bojin, what do you want to do?"

"I don't want to do anything. I just want to ease up with you. I'm really sorry about the last time. I didn't handle it properly and caused you trouble." Jiang Bojin blocked Lanxingxing's way and felt that he had acted a little too impulsively last time. In order to determine whether Fan Xixi was in front of him, he did not think of the consequences.

"If you want to talk to me about last time, forget it. I almost forgot." Lanxingxing frowned. In fact, she was very angry at what jiang bojin had done, but she didn't know why she couldn't get angry when she saw Jiang Bojin. She even felt that he was very kind. Fan Xixi felt that she had seen a ghost.

"Are we reconciled then?" Jiang Bojin reached out to Lanxingxing in a friendly manner, trying to reconcile with her.

Lanxingxing didn't say a word. He stared at Jiang Bojin's outstretched hand for a while. "We're colleagues. We don't have any overnight feuds." After a pause, "If there's nothing else for big star jiang, then I have to go first. I have an advertisement to discuss with the director today. I'll excuse myself."

After that, Lanxingxing wanted to bypass Jiang Bojin and leave.

"There's no need to go. Your advertisement has been blown. Someone has taken your place." Just a few steps away, Jiang Bojin's voice came from behind her.