Chapter 470 Something Happened

"What? My advertisement blew up. When did it happen?" Lanxingxing turned around and looked at Jiang Bojin in shock.

Her ad was taken away?

Didn't the director ask her to pick it up? Why was it taken away?

Looking at Jiang Bojin with his lips curled up, Lanxingxing asked coldly, "Did you ask the director not to give me an advertisement?"

"It's nothing to do with me. It's not my fault." Jiang Bojin shrugged his shoulders to show his innocence.

"Who's that?" Lanxingxing asked curiously.

"Your cousin Fan Jingyun, she stole it." Jiang Bojin replied.

"Her?" Fan Jingyun also wants to enter the entertainment industry?

Lanxingxing looked unhappy.

However, just as Lanxingxing was thinking, she received a call from the director, and the director asked her to go back and wait for the next audition.

"... Lanxingxing was speechless and came here for nothing.

"I say it's not me. I'm not as bad as you think. I'm a good person." Jiang Bojin clarified for himself, but did not want to leave a bad impression in front of Fan Xixi. If this person in front of him was really his sister, he would have a hard time in the future.

Jiang Bojin remembered that when she was a child, Lanxingxing liked to complain to her parents.

Lanxingxing looked at Jiang Bojin's handsome face and said nothing.

Of course, she knew that he was a good person, and if he was a bad person, he wouldn't have lived to this day standing in front of her!

Lanxingxing did not answer Jiang Bojin. She turned around and left the place where the advertisement was shot and walked out of the door. Lanxingxing took the elevator to the underground parking lot, intending to take the jules'driver to drive her back. Since the advertisement was taken away by Fan Jingyun, she could only wait for the next opportunity. Lanxingxing knew that Fan Jingyun liked to compare with herself since she was a child. When she saw that she had entered the entertainment circle, she wanted to follow in. Since she wanted to enter the circle so much, she wanted to fulfill her dream and let her know if the entertainment circle was such a nice place to stay.

Lanxingxing was playing with his cell phone when he got in the car. When the car reached a corner, a car suddenly rushed out. The driver was just about to brake, but he found that the brake failed and the car was getting further and further away from the road. Finally, the steering wheel turned, and the car ran straight out of the railing and into the deep sea with people.

With a splash of water, the car and the people in the car were lost at the bottom of the sea, sinking deeper and deeper.

At that time, Juezhiyuan was in a meeting at the company, and his cell phone kept ringing on the table.

The strange number was dialed over and over again, and jue zhiyuan frowned. At this time, he hated strangers to disturb him the most, but this call was called again and again, and Juezhiyuan felt something was wrong, so he answered the phone.

As soon as he picked it up, a strange voice came over the phone.

"Young master Jue, something happened to Miss Fan!" It was a man's voice, a bodyguard he had hired.

"What happened to Fan Xixi?" The bad feeling spread in her heart, and Juezhiyuan tried to calm herself down.

"Ten minutes ago, young master Jue's car crashed through a railing on jinxiu avenue and fell into the deep sea. It is understood that the driver and miss fan fell into the sea together. Now the police are searching for their bodies and vehicles." The bodyguard reported nervously.

"What?" Hearing the bodyguard's words, Juezhiyuan felt his eyes darken and his brain buzzing.

"Young master Jue..."

"Tell me again what happened to Fan Xixi." Juezhiyuan told himself to calm down. It could be an illusion.

"Young master Jue, Miss Fan has fallen into the sea. His life is uncertain." The bodyguard's palms were covered in cold sweat. I wonder what young master Jue would do if he knew the news.

"Bastard, are you kidding me? Fan Xixi just left the house." Jue zhiyuan gripped the phone tightly, almost breaking it.

"How dare I joke with jue about such a thing? Even if I have ten lives, I wouldn't dare to say anything..."

"Fan Xixi!" Juezhiyuan hung up the phone and heard that Lanxingxing had fallen into the deep sea with his car. Jue zhiyuan ran out of the office with his cell phone in his hand, intending to look for her at the place where Lanxingxing had an accident.

Along the way, Juezhiyuan thought to himself, "Fan Xixi, you'll be fine. You won't!"

It took Juezhiyuan five minutes to get there after a ten-minute journey.

By the time he arrived, the scene of the car accident was already crowded with onlookers and some reporters.

"Have you found my fiancee?" Juezhiyuan grabbed a police officer and asked, his eyes full of harshness.

Juezhiyuan was born with a terrifying force. The police officer was dragged by the jue abyss and stammered, "Still? No? Young master Jue? Don't worry? You will find your fiancee?"

"Find? Just find? I want her to live!" Juezhiyuan pulled the police officer a little closer to him, and his eyes glowed with blood as sharp as a black hawk. "I want my fiancee to live, no matter what the cost!"

"Young master Jue? We know? Sure? As soon as possible? Your fiancee?" Juezhiyuan's face was extremely frightening, and the innocent police officer trembled with fear.

"Find it for me. Even if you dry the water, you have to find it." Juezhiyuan was on the verge of collapse, completely irrational, and all he wanted was to find Lanxingxing. He wanted her to live and spend the rest of his life with him.

Loosening the police officer, Juezhiyuan drove a salvage ship out to sea alone.

No matter how wide and deep the sea was, he had to see Lanxingxing.

The sea wind was blowing, and it hurt his face, but Juezhiyuan didn't care at all, sweating and fishing alone inch by inch.

Not long after the accident, the police had already retrieved the car, but no one was found.

Probably when the driver and Lanxingxing escaped, they were washed away by the sea.

Under Juezhiyuan's orders, the police showed 20 ships, together with the The jue family's ships and yachts, a total of more than 60, to conduct a full-sea search.

However, after an hour of hard work, there was not a single person in sight.

As for the life and death of Lanxingxing and the driver, no one knew.

"Fan Xixi, where are you?" An hour of aimless salvage, but there was no news of Lanxingxing. Juezhiyuan began to be depressed, with a face of decadence and fear. The feeling of fear had filled his heart.

A few days ago, fan xixi used to whisper in his ear that something big was going to happen recently. Whenever Fan Xixi said that, he would pour cold water on her and say what was on her mind?

Now, it was really said by Fan Xixi.

"Fan Xixi?" After more than an hour of salvage, jue was too tired to exert his strength. He was paralyzed on the ship. At this moment, his whole body was covered in dirty water and sweat. He was a completely decadent man, without the temperament and shrewdness of an elite business executive.