Chapter 471 Haggard

"Boss, the old lady asked me to take boss home." Vincent hopped from another ship to the one that jue zhiyuan was driving and advised his boss to go back so that Ji Yuqing wouldn't worry. Juezhiyuan's grandmother Ji Yuqing was restless in the The jue family and worried that his grandson would be in trouble. She sent vincent out to look for jue zhiyuan.

"I'm not going back. I'm looking for Fan Xixi." Juezhiyuan covered his aching heart and his face was full of sadness. His handsome face was so decadent that he could hardly recognize the man who was in high spirits in the mall.

"Boss, we haven't found Miss Fan for more than an hour. She's probably... Going back... Not coming back. Why should boss torture himself?" Vincent urged Juezhiyuan not to stay on the ship and suffer.

His boss had never suffered so much since he was young. Ever since he met Fan Xixi, his boss had suffered so much for her that he lost his life several times. His boss had never been so decadent before, but now he was no longer so decisive for a Fan Xixi. He usually protected fan xixi like a treasure, holding her in his hands for fear of falling and melting in his mouth. Their boss wouldn't listen to a word of their advice.

"Vincent, shut up!" When Juezhiyuan heard that Lanxingxing couldn't come back, he was furious. He gripped Vincent's tie tightly and said angrily, "I forbid you to say that. If you dare say one more word that Fan Xixi won't come back, I'll make you disappear!"

He believed that Fan Xixi would be fine and return to him safely!

"Boss?" Juezhiyuan's face was full of anger, and Vincent hung his head, not daring to pour any more cold water.

"Fan Xixi will definitely come back. He will!" Juezhiyuan's eyes were bloodshot, like a bloodthirsty lion, and he could lose control at any moment.

With that said, he, who was overworked and heavily hit, fell on the ship with a loud bang.

When he saw Juezhiyuan faint, he was shocked. "Boss! Boss, wake up!"

However, Vincent shook Juezhiyuan a few times, but failed to wake him up.

Thus, Vincent carried Juezhiyuan onto the steamer bed, and then drove the steamer ashore to send Juezhiyuan back to the The jue family.

The jue family villa.

"Fan Xixi!" Juezhiyuan was immersed in a nightmare and suddenly sat up from the bed, his forehead dripping with cold sweat, and his mind was full of images of Lanxingxing's accident.

Yesterday, the two of them were still bickering. One night after the incident, Fan Xixi suddenly had no idea whether he was alive or dead. Juezhiyuan's heart ached and he couldn't take such a blow.

"The abyss." The crowd gathered by the bed. Grandma Ji Yuqing, Ni Xiaohan, Vincent, and the maids of the The jue family were all worried, especially Ji Yuqing, who had not left the bedroom of the abyss of jue since Juezhiyuan was brought back and had been watching over him.

"Grandma, did Fan Xixi find it?" Juezhiyuan grabbed Ji Yuqing's hands and asked anxiously. At this moment, he couldn't care less about himself.

Ji Yuqing was silent. 60 ships and yachts had been fishing in the deep sea for an entire afternoon, but Lanxingxing was still nowhere to be found. Even their The jue family driver could not find him. Ji Yuqing was worried that jue zhiyuan would be hit, so he held down his grandson and asked. "Zhiyuan, lie down quickly. Xiao Han made chicken soup for you. Have some first."

As he spoke, he handed the chicken soup on the table to Juezhiyuan.

Ji Yuqing had been avoiding talking about Fan Xixi, and Juezhiyuan understood immediately that they still hadn't found Fan Xixi.

At that time, Juezhiyuan was particularly disappointed.

He said stubbornly, "I'm going to find Fan Xixi."

Pushing away the chicken soup in front of him, Juezhiyuan got up and got out of bed to look for Fan Xixi.

However, just as he stepped out, Ji Yuqing put the chicken soup in his hand and said angrily, "Stop your boss and don't let him out of this door!"

Ji Yuqing was already angry and his face was full of harshness. Seeing this, the bodyguards at the door came forward and surrounded Juezhiyuan.

However, after all, Juezhiyuan was their financial backer, and no one dared to do anything about it. They just circled the jue abyss and prevented him from leaving.

"Get out of my way!" Juezhiyuan's face was filled with rage as he looked at the crowd that had stopped him, especially when they had stopped him.

"Young master Jue, don't go out today. Take a night off." With Juezhiyuan's roar, a group of bodyguards were immediately frightened. They did not dare to retreat or let Juezhiyuan go. There was an old lady in front of them, and the bodyguards could only persuade Juezhiyuan.

"Get lost!" Juezhiyuan was impatient at the thought of Lanxingxing's uncertain life and death.

"No one is allowed to make way for your boss. Anyone who makes way will leave the The jue family immediately!" Ji yuqing grunted angrily and hardened her heart to stop Juezhiyuan from leaving the bedroom. "Grab the young master and give him an injection so that he can have a good sleep."

After ji yuqing finished speaking, the bodyguards all stepped forward to hold Juezhiyuan down.

"How dare you?" Juezhiyuan stared at the approaching bodyguards and clenched his fists.

"Young master Jue, we have no choice." Ji Yuqing's orders were fiercer than jue's abyss, and the bodyguards had to listen to Ji Yuqing. "Young master Jue, I'm sorry."

The bodyguards pounced on Juezhiyuan.

However, when one came, Juezhiyuan put down one and continued a long battle.

After n rounds, the battered Juezhiyuan, exhausted and running, could no longer withstand the swarms of bodyguards as time passed.

In the end, a group of bodyguards pinned jue zhiyuan on the bed and could not move. Taking this opportunity, the family doctor injected jue zhiyuan with a drug that made him drowsy according to Ji Yuqing's order.

After Juezhiyuan fell asleep, the bodyguards let go of Juezhiyuan. At this time, the bodyguards were all bruised and swollen.

"My poor grandson?" Watching Juezhiyuan fall asleep after being injected with the drug, Ji Yuqing sat by the bed and looked at his grandson's pale, handsome face, not knowing how distressed he was.

In the past, her grandson was so handsome that he attracted attention everywhere he went, but now he was in such a state of decadence that he did not know what to do.

Looking at him, Ji Yuqing's heart ached.

"Grandma, don't be sad. Zhiyuan will get better." Ni Xiaohan clenched his fists, and an imperceptible smile crossed his face. Fan Xixi sank to the bottom of the sea and couldn't even find her body. Heaven was helping her.

"Xiao Han, you all go out and let me have a good quiet." Ji Yuqing burst into tears, and tears streaked across her old face, her face full of sadness.

She did not expect that Juezhiyuan's love for Fan Xixi was so deep that he could break him.

At first, he thought that his grandson had only fallen in love with fan xixi for a while, but after this time, Ji Yuqing realized that his grandson had slowly learned to love someone. He really fell in love with Fan Xixi.

"Okay, grandma, call me if you need anything. I'll be in the next room." Ni Xiaohan led everyone out of Juezhiyuan's bedroom.