Chapter 472 Who Is It?

Back in his bedroom, Ni Xiaohan walked to the white lace french window.

She dialed the number and whispered, "Is a million dollars in the account?"

The other party smiled and replied, "The money has been received. Thank you, miss ni."

"You're welcome. You deserve it." One million dollars was already in the other party's account. Ni Xiaohan was so happy that he hung up the phone.

"Miss ni, your chicken soup?"

Ni Xiaohan hung up the phone and turned around, only to see a maid with chicken soup suddenly break into the door.

The little maid was looking at her strangely. Ni Xiaohan, who had done something wrong, was startled by the sudden appearance of the maid. "Who let you in? Why didn't you knock on the door when you came in?"

Ni Xiaohan was very angry. He held his phone and looked angrily at the maid who was delivering chicken soup.

"I? I knocked on the door? No one answered? I thought miss ni was busy and couldn't answer, so I came in." The chicken soup in front of her was just delivered to her by Ni Xiaohan. She also said that if she was not there, she would send it to her room and drink it when she came back. Who knew that she had knocked on the door for a long time and no one answered her, so the maid went in alone.

"I see. Put the chicken soup on the table." Ni Xiaohan walked to the maid and asked, "How much did you hear what I said in front of the window?"

Ni Xiaohan's face flashed with a terrible look, and the maid was startled.

In front of people, Ni Xiaohan had always been a gentle and lovely lady. The maid had never seen such an unpredictable side of Ni Xiaohan. The terrible expression on her face scared the maid in front of her.

She stammered, "Me? I didn't hear a word?"

"Go down." The maid looked frightened. Ni Xiaohan concluded that her conversation was not taken away by her. At this moment, Ni Xiaohan was a little relieved.

As long as Fan Xixi never comes back, the position of The jue family's young lady will definitely belong to her, Ni Xiaohan, and no one can take it away.

The police and the The jue family's bodyguards searched all night, but Lanxingxing was still nowhere to be found.

Even her belongings were not found.

Lanxingxing disappeared into the deep sea like a human being, without a single word a day or a night.

The police gradually lost their significance in Lanxingxing's rescue, so the next day, the search ship was canceled. In fact, the police could have retreated that afternoon, but the The jue family had always wanted them to look for more. The police had only managed to salvage one more night for the sake of the Jueshi, but after a long night, everyone was exhausted, but there was still no trace of Lanxingxing, so the next day the police withdrew the ship, and they had no hope of Lanxingxing. Only the The jue family's bodyguards were still wandering in the sea.


Juezhiyuan, who had been forcefully injected, woke up from his sleep.

When she opened her eyes, she still said, "Have you found Fan Xixi?"

Ji Yuqing, who was standing by the bed, shook his head. "The abyss? Don't run away from reality. Maybe Fan Xixi will never come back."

A day and a night of searching, if they could find it, they would have found it long ago.

But there was no news. Fan Xixi was probably buried under the sea.

"No, grandma, I believe Fan Xixi is still alive." Juezhiyuan closed his eyes in pain, unwilling to face reality.

"Zhiyuan, listen to grandma and have a good rest." Ji Yuqing followed suit and looked at his beloved grandson, not to mention how sad he was.

"Grandma, I want to see Vincent." Juezhiyuan refused to accept his fate. He believed that Lanxingxing was still alive, so he struggled to get up and went to the study regardless of Ji Yuqing's obstruction, not allowing anyone to disturb him.

He wanted to ask vince all the details about Lanxingxing's accident.

Ji Yuqing helplessly looked at Juezhiyuan, who insisted, and could only feel sorry for him.

In the study, Juezhiyuan made a phone call, and soon his bodyguard and assistant, Vincent, arrived.

He was handing over the first-hand information that the Police station found this morning to Juezhiyuan.

Vincent explained, "The police found the driver's body at the bottom of the sea this morning, but no matter what they did, they didn't find Miss Fan."

Hearing what wen sen said, jue zhiyuan's heart was tense and silent.

Lanxingxing didn't find it. She couldn't tell if it was good news or bad news.

Juezhiyuan could not tell the difference, but felt a dull pain in his heart.

Vincent continued without a word from his boss. "The police also found out that the cause of this incident was the failure of the brakes on the jue family car that caused it to fall into the deep sea below the cliff. At that time, Miss Fan's car was making way with a car on the road."

"Wait? The brakes don't work?" Juezhiyuan narrowed his eyes and noticed the problem.

"The police checked the car. They found that someone cut the brake line and caused the accident. These are the photos provided by the police." Vincent brought the evidence taken by the police to Juezhiyuan.

Juezhiyuan took the photos and flipped through them carefully.

The picture clearly showed that the brake line had been cut by someone, and the marks were flat. One could guess that it was deliberately cut with sharp scissors.

"Who moved the car?" Juezhiyuan slammed his fist on the table. With a bang, all the teacup documents on the table shook.

Sure enough, it wasn't an ordinary traffic accident.

"The clue was broken when it was found here, and no trace was found on the dead driver. As for who it was, the police are not sure yet." Vincent whispered back, afraid of touching his boss's wound.

"Most of the people who could cut the brake line of the jules' car without anyone noticing were people who lived in this villa." The jue family cars are always checked every time they go out. If there is a problem, they will definitely change one. This person can avoid the inspection of the driver, and must be very familiar with the driver, so that the driver can relax his guard against her.

"The police think so too. It's just who this person is. There are dozens of people in the The jue family. It's not easy to find out." Vincent frowned slightly. With so many people, where should they start?

"No matter how hard it is, even if it is examined one by one, you have to check it out for me." Juezhiyuan held his aching forehead, his face full of exhaustion. Unable to find Lanxingxing, it was as if he had lost the meaning of his life. He was used to her chattering around him like a sparrow, occasionally bickering with him and splashing on him.

"Yes, boss, I'm going to contact the police." Wen sen answered and walked out of the study.

After Vincent left, the study regained its composure, and Juezhiyuan stood in front of the window, looking pale and stunned.

He remembered that after lunch with his grandmother, he went to work when he saw that his grandmother wasn't so against Fan Xixi. He told Fan Xixi to stay in the The jue family villa and not run around, but who knew that afternoon, not long after he left, Lanxingxing also left.