Chapter 473 Is It Life Or Death?

Strange, why was she so anxious to go out?

He happened to be in a meeting that day and didn't pay much attention to Fan Xixi. He only glanced at his phone once in a while. At that time, he remembered that his phone showed that Fan Xixi's location was moving, and the location was still the group studio.

At that time, Juezhiyuan was in a very important meeting, and he didn't care about Fan Xixi's movements. Who knew that something happened later.


Fan Xixi's phone?

Also, she came to the studio?

What did she come to the studio for?

Juezhiyuan frowned and took out his cell phone to see if he could locate Fan Xixi.

Taking out the phone, Juezhiyuan found that the red dot on the phone had been in one place, never moving!

"Fan Xixi, are you there?" Juezhiyuan took his cell phone and dashed down the stairs.

He walked to the garage, picked the best car, and drove out to look for it.

According to the location on the phone, Lanxingxing's location was still the location of the accident, but the specific location was not very detailed on the phone, so Juezhiyuan could only follow his cell phone location and drive forward while exploring the road.

Ten minutes later, Juezhiyuan was disappointed because his cell phone showed a location in the sea.

At that moment, Juezhiyuan was struck again. Standing on the beach, he took a step back.

The location of the phone was in the sea. Was Lanxingxing somewhere on the bottom of the ocean?

Juezhiyuan felt a pain in his heart. After thinking for a while, he decided to take a look at the bottom of the sea. Even if there was no hope, he would try.

So, Juezhiyuan took out the diving equipment from the car, put it on, and dived into the deep sea alone.

He followed the red dots on his phone and looked all the way in the direction of blue Xingxing's phone.

After half a meeting, Juezhiyuan finally found the location on Lanxingxing's phone.

However, everything made Juezhiyuan sad again.

Because there was only Lanxingxing's cell phone on the bottom of the sea, but she was not found. Even after searching around for a long time, he still didn't see Fan Xixi. The cell phone he gave her was lying quietly on the bottom of the sea.

Juezhiyuan thought to herself that Fan Xixi might have fallen into the deep sea and struggled to get there.

"Fan Xixi, where the hell are you?" Is it sheng? Or? Die?

Holding his cell phone from the bottom of the sea, Juezhiyuan fell into a quagmire, unable to extricate himself from the pain.

He turned on his phone, and Fan Xixi's strange expression came into his eyes.

Mischievous and mischievous, Juezhiyuan's heart was bitter.

When she opened it again, Fan Xixi secretly took a picture of him sleeping with his messy hair. The picture also said, "Mr. Slovenly, a rare sight."

Looking at the photos and subtitles, jue zhiyuan's heart ached.

Without Fan Xixi, it was still there.

Juezhiyuan sat on the beach in a daze, his mind full of memories of the past, but after a day of searching in the The jue family, he still did not find out who cut the brake line of the The jue family private car!

That man could do it without leaking a single drop. It was obvious how meticulous he was and how dare he harm fan xixi under his nose.

Juezhiyuan closed his eyes in pain. If he found that man, he would have to bury him with Fan Xixi!

Thinking about it, Juezhiyuan took off his diving suit and put it back in the car. He remembered that Fan Xixi went to the studio that day, and Juezhiyuan wanted to ask the director about it.

So Juezhiyuan started the car and drove straight to the studio.

Ten minutes later, Juezhiyuan arrived at his destination and found the director.

The director told jue zhiyuan that there was a perfume advertisement for Fan Xixi that day, but the investor told her to cancel the advertisement. After all, the director was also relying on the investors in the group to eat, so he didn't dare to refute others, so he gave the advertisement to others.

"Fan Jingyun?" Juezhiyuan frowned at the name.

Why is it her again?

Last time, Fan Jingyun was trying to get fan xixi's attention, but this time, she deliberately let the director spoil Fan Xixi's advertisement. She was so stubborn!

A commercial was just a small matter. Juezhiyuan didn't take it to heart, but he was very angry with fan jingyun. Juezhiyuan was worried about Lanxingxing's life and death, so he didn't think about it. He walked out of the studio unhappily and went back to the deep sea where the accident happened, intending to go out to find Lanxingxing again.

He thought that Lanxingxing might have been washed away by the sea, but she was still alive.

So, once again, Juezhiyuan went on a boat trip alone. This time, he went further and even headed out of the area the police were investigating.

However, the whole day of searching was still empty.

Juezhiyuan didn't even get Lanxingxing's clothes.

"Zhiyuan, go home with grandma and Xiao Han." How long Juezhiyuan had been sailing on the sea, and how long ji yuqing and Ni Xiaohan had been waiting on the shore, Ji Yuqing wanted to bring his grandson home.

"No, grandma, I'm going to find Fan Xixi." After a long day without rest, jue zhiyuan was tired, so he went ashore to rest for a while and ate some food that Ji Yuqing had brought with him. He wanted to eat his fill before going out to sea.


Ji Yuqing couldn't stand it any longer and slapped Juezhiyuan's cold face.

"The abyss, isn't grandma important in your heart? Don't run away. You've been searching for two days and still haven't found Fan Xixi. So deep in the sea, those who fall will die without a doubt. Just accept the fact that Fan Xixi is dead, cherish the people in front of you, stop torturing yourself, and the people around you who love you." With the driver who fell down dead, could Fan Xixi still live?

Ji Yuqing no longer held any hope. The sea was so deep that most of the people who had a car accident on this road would never come back!

His face was burning, and Juezhiyuan was awakened by the slap. He clenched his fists tightly, his face full of pain.

"Go home with grandma, and all the veterans who are searching for will be removed!" If they could find someone, Fan Xixi would be caught the second day of the accident, but it was already the second day, and there was still no news of Fan Xixi, which was already declaring that Fan Xixi could not escape death.

"Grandma." A heavy slap landed on his face, but Juezhiyuan didn't feel any pain. He only felt the pain in his heart far greater than on his face.

"If you want Fan Xixi, don't you want grandma? If you insist on standing here, fine. I'll stay with you for as long as I can. If you go to sea, I'll go with you!" Ji Yuqing was determined to pull him back to the abyss of jue and not let him continue to be so depressed.

Ji Yuqing let go of his hand and stood alone at the entrance of the wind tunnel not far from the sea.