Crazy Innocent Youth

Chapter 1 Wedding Website Finds Secrets

A while ago, after I finished my homework, I saw a piece of news on my cell phone: "Diaosi," a dating website, pretended to be "Rich and handsome," and cheated on eight women in a month! After reading it, I get excited. How can a woman on a dating website be so gullible? Hungry? So he immediately found a dating website and registered one. Of course, the information was fake! But not long after I went in, I found a big secret!

There was a message for a 28-year-old divorcee who was nicknamed Sister Man that caught my attention. She was wearing tight lace, very sexy and feminine, but the only drawback was that her face was not very clear. I opened her certification file and found that she was in the same city as me and was in my taste. So I took the initiative to greet her and gave her a virtual flower for five yuan. At 11: 00 pm, she replied with a shy expression.

When I saw her reply, I knew there was a play, so I started to tease her with the jokes, and finally she replied, "I think it's wet." When the conversation started, she was also curious about me and thought of me as a tough guy. I knew I was about to put my hands on it, so I lied to her and asked her to send me her personal qq. At first, she refused, but she finally got it under my hard work. I was so excited that I almost drooled. She immediately logged into her account with her cell phone and added her friend.

When she first added it, she felt that the image was familiar, but she didn't care. Opening her space was also closed. After that, I got to know her and thought she was good at talking. Finally, I asked her for a picture and she agreed. I lay on the bed, my heart pounding, staring at my phone, constantly refreshing. I finally got her picture! But the picture just came, and I was scared to pee. This, this, isn't this my class teacher Xu Shuman? For a moment, my mind was in a mess, and I couldn't believe it, so I enlarged the picture and suddenly found that her chin had the same beautiful mole as my class teacher's.

I fell on the bed, my hands shaking as I held my phone. I must have been scared. When I was sure that Sister Man was my homeroom teacher, Xu Shuman, I nervously picked up my phone to delete the number, but suddenly remembered that I was using a small number. She didn't know who I was, and the information on the love and marriage website was fake, so I calmed down a little and took a cigarette.

I really didn't expect that the teacher in charge of a class who was usually serious was such a person!

When she was at school, she was very strict with me. She would always punish me for standing up. I always called my dad if I made a small mistake. It was the school's famous temper tantrum, crazy mother-in-law! Her personality was completely different from her looks. She was extremely sexy, beautiful, tall, fair, and tender. Especially in summer, when our teacher was in class, he was wearing a white shirt and swaying two lumps around, making people not in the mood to listen carefully and drooling.

She couldn't tell at all that she was 28, and it wasn't on the dating website: divorced. Young woman, it's just that she had a bad relationship with her husband. She had a fight at school before, almost got into a fight, and recently she's been getting divorced. But usually such a serious, shrewd, barbaric woman, I didn't expect to be so open in the love and marriage website, talking and chatting would be so gentle, it is really not the appearance of people, not the size of the sea, really boring sao.

She saw that I hadn't replied for a long time and kept sending me messages, "Where's handsome?" "Am I not good-looking?" "Are you not interested in me anymore?" ..

After staring at the message for a long time, I had two thoughts in my mind. One was that the homeroom teacher was really sexy. From the moment I got up and saw her, I imagined how happy I would be to marry such a woman one day. Sometimes I dreamed of pouncing on her chest and smelling the fragrance, so I really wanted to see her secret. The other was that I wanted to be tortured by you in class. I must tease you now! You don't know who I am anyway! I didn't know I was your student, Sun Jinlong!

She calmed down, took a deep puff, took her phone, and replied, "Queen, I want to see your space!"

She used to add wechat and qq from her class teacher. She hid a lot of public information, such as space and dynamic. I wanted to go in before, but I couldn't read it every time I clicked on it, so I always felt that there must be some secret in it.

When I finished replying, I started to swipe my space and finally opened it. It was as if I had discovered a new world. I went in quickly and opened the album. When I opened it, my nose was bleeding out. There were photos of her and her husband's marriage, and a lot of nude portraits of people. Anyway, they were so sexy that some of the pictures were missing. I felt hot all over. I took a sip of water and put the picture to the max. The images that I thought about every day appeared in front of me all at once. It felt like a dream.

After reading it, I replied, "It's really beautiful!"

Xu Shuman replied, "What about yours? I want to see what you look like, too." There was also a shy expression on the back.

Naturally, I refused to send her a photo of me in person, so I searched for a big circle on du niang, and finally picked out a picture of a tough guy and sent it to her. After she finished reading it, she sent a surprised expression and replied with two words: "Tough guy!"

I laughed evilly and typed while smoking.

Because her space was open and I saw her wedding photo, I asked her if she was really divorced. She was also straightforward, saying that she hadn't. She also said that her husband was from the countryside and had no ability. He ate and drank every day. They had no fun living. They were very indifferent and there were two meanings in their words. One was that they looked down on her husband and thought that he was working and poor, not worthy of her teacher status. On the other hand, they felt that he could not satisfy her in some way.

After reading it, I followed her lead and replied, "A country bumpkin like Sister Man is definitely not worthy of her, and she's useless!"

The head teacher replied, "Are you useful?"

I replied, "I promise you will be satisfied!"

After that, our conversation became more and more open, a little flirtatious, she even forced me to call my husband, and even said good night to me, kiss and so on. What I saw was refreshing. That night, we were talking late at night. After that, I lay in bed, my brain was still burning, and all of it was her shadow, including the way she usually took classes in class, twisted her butt, and wrote on the blackboard with chalk...

At the thought of this, I really couldn't stand it. I immediately opened her space again and felt comfortable with her picture.

The next day, she woke up with dark circles under her eyes and was still thinking about the conversation she had with Xu Shuman last night. When she arrived at the door of the class and was three minutes late, she stared at me with a fierce look on her face and scolded me for a few words. She held my book and stood at the door of the class.

After standing there for hours and waiting for the morning reading to end, I was allowed to return to the classroom. Many students in the class laughed at me. I ignored them and returned to my seat. I was so angry that I took my cell phone and sent her a message.

"Baby, I really want to kill you!"

After the delivery, I took the breakfast from my bag and began to nibble on it. After a while, the phone in the desk vibrated. I picked it up and clicked on it. Xu Shuman came back to me. Probably in the office, she replied, "This is early in the morning. Send me this. Is it bad?"

"What's wrong? I just want to kill you!" I continued to reply, feeling very angry in the morning.

She looked at me and gave me this, a look with white eyes. "I'm tired of it now!"

When I saw it, I asked her what was bothering her. What else could she be bothered about? It's not about the little troublemakers in the class! I looked at it. Oh, isn't that obvious about me? He was punished to stand in the morning reading hall and said I was a little troublemaker? Damn!

"Can you talk to your husband about it? What happened? Who made my queen so angry?" I replied.

"Hey, those students aren't healthy at the moment. These students think I don't know what's going on in their heads. I'm too embarrassed to tell them straight."

"Then you must be so seductive, aren't you?" After I finished speaking, I even made a drooling expression, which I wouldn't dare to talk to the class teacher like this normally. After sending it out, he shivered.