Chapter 2 The Female Class Teacher Is Really Bad

Just like that, I talked to her all morning, and I was bored in class, so I hid down there and chatted with Xu Shuman, talking about a lot of things in school, and she even mentioned my name, saying that I was not serious, a lot of ghost brains, like to cause trouble in class, causing her a lot of trouble.

There was even a secret mentioned: the director of the guidance office, Cho, a bald old man in his forties, had been harassing her recently and even wanted to secretly rule her on the condition of promotion.

When I heard that, I immediately acted like a man and told Xu Shuman that I was going to get someone to take care of him. Anyway, it was scary. I made it up with bricks and knives, of course. At school, when we saw Cho, the dean of the academic affairs, it was like a mouse seeing a cat.

But Xu Shuman really believed me and told me not to be impulsive. For the time being, she could handle it. Let me stop fooling around, for fear that something might happen to me.

"You care about me?" After I replied, I felt that Xu Shuman's impression of me was getting more and more satisfied and trusted. This is my intuition about women.

"I think you're quite manly and considerate. You're my dish." She smiled sweetly.

The more I talked, the more itchy I felt. I wanted her to take a photo of me in a teacher's uniform and send it to me. She said not now. There were other teachers in the office. I didn't force it, either. I wasn't in the mood to talk to her in the morning, so I slept on the desk in the afternoon.

After falling asleep, Ma Wenjun, my deskmate, suddenly woke me up. I scolded him and told him not to bother me. He whispered, "The head teacher is looking for you!" I looked up in fright and saw Xu Shuman standing at the door of the classroom, glaring at me. Her beautiful face was twisted into a twisted shape. She looked at me angrily and shouted at me," Sun Jinlong, get out of here now!"

I knew that she must have noticed me sleeping in class, and that I was late for morning reading, so I was afraid. I knew that she would not let me go today, so I had to bear with it and walk out. She looked at me with a terrifying expression.

When I got to the office, Xu Shuman asked me to sit down in front of the desk. My chest heaved up and down, and my tight little suit was about to burst out. I knew she must be very angry. She looked so pale that I didn't dare to look at her.

"Sun Jinlong, it's not once or twice since you were late for morning reading and went to bed in class. If I report this to the police, I might get fired." She said.

When I heard this, I cursed in my heart. I haven't seen any school get expelled for being late for class and sleeping. She obviously wanted to mess with me! But I definitely didn't say it. After all, my dad found a few jobs outside for me so I could go to school, and he even entrusted me with connections at school. If he was really fired, my dad would definitely kill me when he got home.

I lowered my head and didn't say a word. When Xu Shuman saw that I wasn't talking, he probably just wanted to scare me, so he told me: if you still want to go to school, write me a review now, and make sure you study well in school in the future. Don't have those silly thoughts in your head.

A complete mess of ideas? Does she know all about it? I shuddered, but when I heard what she meant, she didn't really want me to be expelled from school. I also breathed a sigh of relief and said to her, "Miss xu, I know I was wrong."

She nodded and took out a piece of paper and pen from the drawer. She asked me to write a review next to her. I thought to myself, this review was nothing. I was used to it. As long as I didn't really get fired, I sat next to her and started writing with a pen. Not long after I sat down, teacher xu smelled so good, especially the large area of her chest, which was white and tender. If I hadn't been wearing sweatpants that day, I would have been embarrassed.

Halfway through the review, teacher xu's cell phone suddenly rang. She answered it and said something. It seemed that things were urgent, so she got up and put her cell phone beside the computer. Then she told me to put it on the table after I finished the review. She went out for something and came back later.

I nodded without saying a word, but she had just left, and I wasn't in the mood to write a review. All my thoughts were on the phone on the table.

Because I talked a lot with her on qq before, my intuition is that there must be a secret in her phone! In addition to hearing her talk about the dean Cho, she wanted to find out if she was clean at school!

At that time, I was alone in the office, and all the other teachers had gone to class. I got up to make sure that no one came in outside for the time being. I ran back the first time and was about to take my cell phone to see. At that moment, my cell phone suddenly vibrated. I saw that it was the text message sent by the dean of education, Cho.

"Mr. Xu, this semester's assessment will begin soon, you know!"

When I saw it, I cursed in my heart. This Cho is so disgusting. He actually used this to threaten Xu Shuman. He wanted to break the rules. It's so dark! It seems that this bald man must have played with a teenage teacher in school.

I was thinking about how many men Xu Shuman had outside? Did you have an affair with Cho? To confirm my thoughts, I turned on my phone and started checking the chat logs. I found that she didn't communicate with Cho, and there were no strangers on qq other than my small number. I didn't lie to her, but the most exciting discovery was in her voice record.

I pressed a few times, and it was filled with the sound of Xu Shuman doing that!

I was so excited, it was crazy! His voice was so loud that he couldn't believe it!

What a boring woman!

After I finished reading, I put my phone back in place, wrote down the review and put it on her desk, then went back to the classroom. I thought this would be over, and Xu Shuman wouldn't make a big deal out of it, but I didn't expect my father to scold me half to death and slap me in the face at night. It turns out that Xu Shuman called my dad again to report.

"Do you still want to study? I've worked so hard to send you to school. I'm not asking you to go to bed. If you don't study, go home and work outside!" My father was furious with me.

I didn't say anything.

I didn't have a mother since I was a child. My father brought me up. I knew it wasn't easy for him. He loved me so much that I didn't say anything back.

After he beat me up, he was also very distressed. Finally, he came to reason with me and told me not to learn from him when he was young. He would study hard in school and be successful in college in the future. My dad was a man with a lot of social experience, but I really admire him. He was a gangster when he was young, and he was number one in our area. He had a good development, but my mother's death took a big hit on him. He also washed his hands and raised me for so many years.

After my father scolded me, I went back to my room, holding my cell phone alone. I was so angry. Xu Shuman was too much. He had already written a review in the afternoon. He even reported this to my father and gave me a beating. I touched my slightly hot face and took a cigarette. Lying in bed, unable to calm down for a long time.

I wasn't in the mood to talk to her at night, but I didn't expect her to send me a message. She asked me what I was doing. Did you miss her? I said I wanted to, especially somewhere. She said I was bad. I asked her husband. She said she had been separated for a long time, and he had moved out now. When I heard that, no wonder I was so thirsty.

In fact, I really wanted to know what she thought, but I couldn't say my name directly, so I asked her, you are so tempting, lonely, you never thought about what happened with your student?

She scolded me for being a rascal, an old goat. What was going on in my head? I say it's normal. You don't usually get along well with your husband. You've always been with the students. Now that the students are growing fast, I don't believe you don't have that idea.

She didn't deny what I said. She just said that they were too young and ignorant. How could they know so much?

When I saw her reply, I knew that she must have fantasized in her head, or else she wouldn't have said something like that. From her words, I had a vague feeling that if I were in reality, I might still have a chance. The thought of this made my blood boil.

This clearly gave me hope, and all sorts of images began to appear in my mind.

After we talked, I thought about the voice backup on her phone. Maybe it was because of puberty. I really wanted to hear it, so I asked her to learn to call me. She was very resistant at first, but under my hard and soft bubble, she really called.

When I heard that, my whole body went limp. I got goose bumps all over when I thought about how serious she was in class during the day.

It was late at night that night.

The next day, as soon as I arrived at the classroom, Xu Shuman walked to my seat and called me up. He asked me to clean the podium and clean up. Obviously, it was just to make fun of me. But I didn't say anything, so I went to the bathroom to fetch water and clean the classroom. Wipe it, stare at Xu Shuman standing at the door, grit your teeth, you'll feel better.

In the first class in the morning, she found out the results of the test. She called my name again and scolded me in front of the whole class. The class laughed at me, making me lose face. I had to endure it, but she still said in class, for most of the class. She also said that I was not disciplined and told the class not to learn from me. At that time, I stood up and replied, "Don't go too far! I'm better embarrassed than you are bored!"

When she heard that, her face turned green and she stared at me for a long time. All the students in the class were excited and stared at me in unison. Even Ma Wenjun, my deskmate, pulled at me and called me crazy! I ignored him and sat in my seat stuffily. I didn't know what Xu Shuman looked like at the time. I just knew that it must have been scary. The class was silent and didn't dare to say a word.

After a while, she grabbed my collar and pulled me up to the outside of the classroom. Then he started scolding me, saying that I didn't know how to respect teachers and respect education, and that I made a big fuss and reported it to the school.

When I heard that, I replied, "If you get to school, you can try."