Chapter 3 An Unbearable Moment

As soon as she heard what I said, she asked me, "What do you mean?"

"You know what that means. Do you want me to say it?" I said.

Xu Shuman probably didn't expect that much and asked me seriously, "You say, I'll let you say, I'll see what you say!"

"Okay, that's what you said." I said, "You have an affair with the dean, Cho."

As soon as I finished speaking, Xu Shuman's face turned white. He stood there in a daze, his lips trembling with anger. He wondered how he would let this kid know about it.

"You peeked at my phone yesterday afternoon, didn't you?" Xu Shuman came up to grab my ear.

I waved her around and said you didn't peek. You put it on the table yourself. She also said that I was trying to argue. I ignored her and said don't mess with me again. If you do that to me again, don't blame me for spilling your beans.

Xu Shuman was also afraid of making a big deal out of it. After all, she was still teaching at school. It was really bad for her. She was silent for a long time, biting her lips, struggling with her eyes, and finally giving in.

I noticed that her earlobes were burning and her chest was heaving up and down. She told me not to talk nonsense. She also took the report card and told me that she had poor grades in physics and english. Her grades were so low that she was the last in the class. She taught english and could go to her office if she asked me any questions that I didn't understand.

When I heard that, I was so happy! It felt like this cold, arrogant female head teacher suddenly changed into a different person, who cared so much about me.

I nodded repeatedly, saying that I knew, and then I gave her face, saying that I actually did something bad, and apologized to her. She let me go back to the classroom.

The relationship with the head teacher became more and more delicate. I enjoyed the fun of holding the head teacher's handle. I was still chatting with her during the evening self-study, and she didn't know that qq was me. Because I knew that she had been in contact with Cho, the dean of the academic affairs department. She told me that it was just an ordinary conversation and that she hadn't done it. I wouldn't believe it. So I asked her this question on the trumpet.

She still firmly denied it and turned back to me: do you really think I am such an open woman? Not every man I care about.

Seeing her like this, I really thought so, but I didn't expect the next day...

The next day at noon, I came back from the cafeteria to eat. On the way, I started to look for her on qq, but she never came back to me. Usually, she would come back to me very quickly. This time, I was surprised. When I got to class, she wasn't there either. So I pretended to go to the bathroom, because the head teacher's office was not far away from the toilet. The head teacher next door is in the office.

I was wondering where she was going at noon. I turned around and asked the class teacher next door where Mr. Xu was. I have something to do with her. The head teacher next door said that she had just answered the phone and left.

I thought to myself, the more I thought about it, the more strange it became. Where did she go at noon? Because I know that Cho, the dean of the academic affairs department, has been in contact with her recently, and my first hunch is that something is wrong. With such suspicion, I went to the office of the dean of the academic affairs department. On the sixth floor, the dean of the academic affairs department had a certain position in the school, so one office by one, and on the sixth floor, they were all the leading office areas. Students usually go less, unless they are in a fight and talk before they are called up.

I sneaked up cautiously. As soon as I reached the door of Cho's office, I saw that the door was tightly locked and the curtains were tightly drawn. I approached the door and approached it. Suddenly, I heard a sound coming from inside. It was so familiar. I could hear it all over.

Son of a bitch, he lied to me about not having any contact with Cho, and now he's in the human office. The more I think about it, the angrier I get. I think xu shuman is really dirty. It must be for the sake of choosing a teacher's title to make this dirty deal.

I looked around to make sure there were no leaders and students passing by. I didn't push the door, but walked to the window. I took a small bamboo pole off the broom of the toilet and stuffed it in the gap of the window. I opened the curtain a little. Just as I opened it, my whole body was boiling.

All she saw was Xu Shuman sitting on Cho's lap, facing me. There was a computer in front of her. She looked up, her eyes closed, and her tongue bit the corner of her lips.

Damn it! Seeing this scene, I was both excited and upset. I didn't expect Xu Shuman to play with me and tell me that he didn't have any relationship with Cho. Now he's sitting on his lap! It seems that the rumors outside are not unreasonable.

Perhaps because I was too excited, I suddenly touched the window, creaked, and made a sound. I only watched Xu Shuman open his eyes violently and panic. Cho was also very scared. Both of them looked at the window together.

They probably sensed someone outside. Xu Shuman quickly tidied up his clothes, then came down from Cho's thigh, found a seat and sat down. Cho asked without thinking, who was outside?

I didn't run away either. Cho was a particularly flattering, money-grubbing old man. In the past, I always liked to hit me when I did something in school, tugging at my ears. I guess it was just because I had no background in school, and I was crazy.

Knowing that she was found, Cho came over and opened the door. Xu Shuman saw that it was me. She bit her lips, blushed, and her eyes were shaking. She asked me, Sun Jinlong, what are you doing here?

I said nothing happened, and I happened to pass by. Both of them were probably a little guilty. Cho urged them to leave as soon as they were free. They didn't study in the classroom and ran around.

After I heard that, I took a cold look at Cho and then at Xu Shuman. She kept avoiding her eyes and didn't dare to look at me.

Then I went back to the classroom and felt really upset. Playing with me on qq. I was extremely upset.

In the first lesson of the afternoon, my phone vibrated. When I opened it, Xu Shuman sent it to me with a shy expression. He told me that he didn't see his phone in the classroom at noon and asked me if I missed her.

After reading her post, I suddenly felt like laughing. I believed her before, but now I found out and lied to me here, damn it! She was having an affair with Cho, the dean of the academic affairs office, at noon. Now she's trying to trick me into telling me that she's in the classroom and pretending to be innocent with me.

I replied, "Really?" I feel like you're playing with me right now.

She replied, "How can you say that about me? We've been talking for so long. Don't you know who I am?"

I replied: come on, you know who it is. Don't beat around the bush with me.

She replied, "What do you mean?" Didn't I just leave it for you at noon? As for me?

She was still there, and I was speechless, but Xu Shuman seemed to be particularly interested in me on qq, probably because I was usually very gentle to her, and chatted freely, and understood her thoughts, of course, maybe because I was always bragging on qq space, showing fake pictures, and she often replied, I guess I really thought I was rich and handsome.

After she sent that sentence, I didn't reply. Woman, once you're interested in you, you have to know how to keep it. Don't just satisfy her.

Seeing that I didn't reply, she was probably anxious and sent me several apologetic expressions on qq. "Can I say sorry to you? You can't be a big man, can you?"

I saw her say that, knowing that her goal had been achieved, I replied: if you want me not to be angry, you can send me a sex photo of you when you were teaching.

The pictures she sent me before were family photos, life photos, and I looked at her every day at school. I had fantasized about that kind of picture in my head. Yy had asked her for it countless times before, but she didn't send me any. I must get it this time.

Xu Shuman fell into my trap and sent me a photo of her sitting in the office. It was taken at a 45 degree angle, with a loose collar, a faint spring glow, and a tight teacher's uniform, exactly like the clothes she wore to class today.

I was so excited to see it.

All afternoon, I was immersed in this picture, which was probably the picture that all the boys in the class wanted to see. Now that I got it, it was exciting to think about it.

Evening study. I, Ma Jun, and my deskmate, Liu Yunchao, were secretly stabbing the golden flower in the back. Before I could play a few games, I was caught by the sharp-eyed Xu Shuman. She confiscated our cards and called the three of us to stand outside the classroom.

After a full class, she asked Ma Jun and Liu Yun to go back to the classroom and write 3,000 words of review. Instead of asking me to write, he called me to the office alone. I kind of guessed what she meant. She was afraid that I might know about her and Cho. She felt a little guilty and felt uncomfortable sitting in her chair. Thinking of giving me a good beating, I'd better be expelled from school.

After thinking about it for a long time, she suddenly slammed her hand on the table and asked if I wanted to study or not. If you don't want to study, go home. I saw her like that. This time, she died so severely that she wanted to mess with me.

I didn't say anything.

She scolded me in the office for almost half an hour. I didn't say a word back. Suddenly, she took her cell phone and was about to call my father and call his parents.

I saw that she was actually playing with me, and I was a little annoyed. I went up and took her phone off. She saw that I dared to steal her phone, and her face turned black in an instant.

"Sun Jinlong, you're not that bad, are you? Take my phone!"

She stood up angrily, grabbed my arm, and was ready to grab it, but she couldn't fight me at all. I grew up earlier, and I was stronger than her. She snatched it for a while and didn't get it. There was nothing she could do.

"I'll count to three. If you don't take your phone off, I'll report this to the school immediately and see how the school handles it!"