Chapter 305 The Excitement in the Office

When we got to Back mountain, we walked into the woods without saying anything. Liu Mingxiang was clinging to me tightly and her palms were sweaty. I looked at her. There was no light in the woods. I was afraid she would fall, so I held her tightly and walked inside step by step.

Deep in the woods, we found a stone stool. The two of us stopped there. When we sat on the stone stool, Liu Mingxiang took the initiative to lie in my arms, put his hand on my chest, and told me not to separate from her. She really didn't want to lose me.

I hooked her nose with my finger and said no. How could you lose me? I will never leave you behind in my life. After Liu Mingxiang listened to me, he was in a better mood. He looked up and stared at me with a burning gaze. Then he asked me softly, Brother Long, do you want me?

I didn't expect Liu Mingxiang to mention this to me first. I said yes. How could I not? You're so beautiful, so sexy, and so fit. As a normal man, I would definitely miss you.

She said if you want it, I'll give it to you tonight, right in the woods. I hesitated and she asked me if I was afraid of her sister. I didn't answer, maybe because I was worried about that. She looked at my face and reassured me that nothing happened to her sister. She was just trying to stop us from dating on the surface, but deep down, she wouldn't stop us from being together.

And her father already knew about our relationship and acquiesced, telling me not to worry about it.

Liu Mingxiang told me so much, lying in my arms, I could feel her heartbeat, her breath, that smell made my whole body boil, and the swelling below was especially uncomfortable. I couldn't help it. Yes, she's my girlfriend now, and now we're all adults. This kind of thing is not taboo in this society, and many of my scruples are superfluous, so I lowered my head. Then she pressed her lips against hers.

As soon as I touched her, I could feel her body trembling. She slowly closed her eyes. In the dark woods, as my tongue went deeper and deeper, she began to respond. She kissed me warmly, and my hand began to slowly rest on top of her body.

She was in her school uniform, and I unzipped her. Inside was a thin undergarment. My hand lifted from underneath and began to gently touch it.

Her body shook violently. I knew that she had a reaction, and my heart was stimulated to the extreme. What kind of images were all over my mind? In that environment, liu mingxiang was so beautiful, how could I bear it?

Just like that, Liu Mingxiang and I had sex in the woods, and there were no safety measures. After that, Liu Mingxiang became a special woman, lying on my lap, talking to me.

We stayed in the woods for a total of two hours. We didn't leave Back mountain until the evening self-study was over. When we got back, Liu Mingxiang's mood improved a lot. She held my hand tightly all the way. A woman, once she gave her body to a man, she became more dependent on him than before. Liu Mingxiang was like this. Maybe after that night, she had already seen me as her. To rely on in the future.

After the self-study, I sent her to the school gate. Her private car was waiting outside, and she reluctantly said goodbye to me. When she left, she did not forget to give me a hug and left a beautiful kiss on my face.

She left, and I drove back to elder sister Biao's house. When I went to bed at night, I chatted with liu mingxiang on the phone for a long time. Anyway, it was a comfortable life, especially after I had sex with Liu Mingxiang in the woods, which made me look forward to life.

When I returned to school, basically no one dared to provoke me in school. Although I was a freshman who was about to graduate from high school and was about to be a sophomore, all the people in grade one, grade two, and grade three thought I was the school's gangster boss, and my reputation spread out. Moreover, some people knew that I had opened a bar outside, and business was good, so many of them wanted to join me, and some even rumored that I was the boss of the school. The most amazing person in the history of the Dragon city middle school.

Even though the gangsters on the other side of the class looked at me with displeasure, they never dared to be presumptuous in front of me again, especially after I had a big brother, they all calmed down a lot, probably knowing that I was powerful, I was not easy to provoke, so they did not dare to trouble me again.

My days are always planned. For example, I have classes in school during the day. At noon or on the weekend, I will use this time to find qin shou to study martial arts. Because I have rhubarb by my side, my days are especially cool. At night, I go to the bar every three or five days. I leave a lot of internal affairs to my brothers. I spent a lot less time with people like elder sister Biao, Liu Mingxiang, and Xu Shuman.

But I still maintained this lifestyle, and when rhubarb was by my side, I had another very interesting thing, that was, walking the dog, often walking around with rhubarb, always attracting a lot of people's attention, and rhubarb was a spiritual dog, knowing that I was in school, so sometimes I actually ran out from where qin shou was and ran straight to the school to look for me. I remember one time after class, Dahuang suddenly stood outside the teaching building and shouted. I ran outside to see that he was coming, so I quickly went downstairs to touch it. At that time, many girls were frightened by it, because dahuang was so strong that she was taller than some girls.

When I was walking around the campus with rhubarb, many girls were scared and even cried when they saw it. Because of this, Xu Shuman called her to the office and scolded her severely. She said that the school leaders knew about this and called her name at the teachers'meeting to criticize you. She asked me to inform you that she was not allowed to bring the dog to the school in the future. She also asked me to write a guarantee.

These school leaders didn't dare to tell me in person, mainly because they knew that I was doing well now. If I got angry, I would definitely retaliate against them, so they could only send the message through class teacher Xu Shuman.

And I had no choice. After all, the head teacher still had to give face, so I wrote a review in Xu Shuman's office.

After writing the review and coming out of the office, Zhang Zhehao suddenly came to the class to look for me. He pulled me to the corridor and told me something. He said that there was a boss on the bar street who wanted to see me and talk to me. He also said that lin dabiao and big brother had a little trouble with each other, and there had been conflicts in the past, so he hoped to wait for me to talk about teaming up and know that my side is a new force. If we can work together, we won't have to look at big brother's face in the bar street in the future.

After thinking about it, I said yes to Zhang Zhehao and made an appointment to meet him tonight. If I had a good relationship with lin dabao, it would naturally be in my favor, so this meeting was definitely necessary.

After a day of class, my brain was tired. After school in the afternoon, I wanted to ask Xu Shuman for a leave of absence, but I was afraid that something would happen in the middle of the class, so I suddenly let me see the discipline of the class, so I didn't want to go to his office, so I drove straight to the bar after school, without even writing a leave. Of course, before I went to the bar, I picked up the rhubarb from qin shou and went with him. It felt like if there were no rhubarb in life, the taste would have changed.

I took dahuang to the bar and stayed there for a while. Around 6: 30, it was evening self-study time. Suddenly, my phone rang. Xu Shuman called me. Now my relationship with Xu Shuman should have gone further, especially the last time I accompanied her to buy a book. When I sent her back, I kissed her under her dormitory. She didn't refuse. So I answered the phone and she asked me where I was. Why not at school?

I didn't lie to him either. I told him that I had something to do at the bar that night. Someone wanted to see me. It was urgent, so I didn't have time to ask for leave from you. Xu Shuman was a little angry when he heard what I said, but he didn't say anything and hung up the phone.

After I hung up the phone, I didn't care about Xu Shuman anymore. Rhubarb was a little hungry, and I didn't eat at night, so I took rhubarb out of the bar and got something to eat outside. Rhubarb had a lot to eat. I ate several buns in a row, and when I was full, I took rhubarb back to the bar. Then I suddenly remembered my mother, ye yuchan, and thought that I hadn't talked to her for so long. I wanted to know more about the hostess, so I went straight to ye yuchan's office.

As soon as I arrived at the door of the room and was about to push the door in, a splash of water came from her office. The decoration of my bar was still very luxurious. In addition to the great hall and the private room, in several offices, the decoration was exactly the same as the hotel room. There were sleeping places and bathing places. In fact, the reason why the decoration was so good before, especially the room for ye yuchan, was also to attract the attention of these moms. After all, mommy is the god of wealth in the bar. As long as there is a good mommy and a beautiful little sister in hand, the place will definitely be popular.

I pushed open the door of ye yuchan's office and walked in. After listening carefully to the sound of water splashing from the bathroom, I could tell that she was taking a bath. I stood outside and listened for a long time. The sound of the dripping water made me think in my head. All I could think about was the shadow of ye yuchan. There was a reaction immediately. At that time, I wanted to open the door and take a closer look at the way ye yuchan bathed.

Maybe it was standing in the office, there was a sound of footsteps, anyway, women are particularly memorable, I didn't stand for long, suddenly came a voice from the bathroom, a little nervous, ask who is outside?

I said it was me, Sun Jinlong. She let out an "Oh," then she calmed down. After that, she spoke to me calmly and asked me to wait outside for a while. She took a bath right away.