Chapter 306 : Join Forces

Hearing ye yuchan's words, my heart raced and I found a place to sit down in the room. It was a little boring. I glanced around and saw her inner part on her office chair. The black hollow inner part was so sexy. My nose was bleeding out. I thought to myself how sexy it would be if I wore this sexy inner part on another han. My whole face was burning, and my bottom was straight up.

Listening to the sound of water splashing in the bathroom, as I looked at the small room on the chair, my heart was itching, and I wanted to rush in, and then put ye yuchan on the spot in the bathroom.

But I decided not to. Instead, I ran over to her chair, picked up the inner part, and put it on my nose to smell it. It smelled so good. I touched the middle part of the inner part. I was still thinking that this part was touching ye yuchan's private partner. My mind was stimulated, but after smelling it, I was scolding myself in my heart. Sun Jinlong, your special code is too obscene.

While I was in high spirits, ye yuchan, who was suddenly bathing in the bathroom, said to me, "President sun, are you still outside?

I said yes.

She said I washed it, so you can bring me the clothes on my chair.

I froze. The thing on the chair, I glanced at it. Isn't this the underwear in my hand? This kind of thing is too private. If it's not a boyfriend or girlfriend or a couple, I don't think I'll help her take it, because it's too ambiguous.

Is she seducing me?

In fact, my relationship with ye yuchan is that I am the boss, she is mommy, and we are working together. Now my business is getting better and better, and she earns a lot of money, so she still has feelings for me. Several times, she hinted at that idea to me. I couldn't help feeling excited. Staring at the beautiful figure in the bathroom, he took a deep breath and knocked on the door. He said, "Ye yuchan, I left your inner room at the door."

The mummy who was bathing inside said yes and opened the bathroom door. Of course, it wasn't all open. Instead, it opened a small gap and stretched out a slender white arm with water droplets on it. After holding her underwear in her hand, she closed the door.

I was using that small gap, and in that instant, I suddenly saw a trace of privacy, because there was a mirror in the bathroom, and when she came out to get her underwear, I could see the reflection in the mirror through the gap, so I could see the outline of her butt and the figure, but because there was fog on the mirror, I couldn't see it very clearly. I can definitely see everything!

After that, I went back to the sofa, found a seat and sat down, then smoked a cigarette. Ye yuchan, who was bathing in the bathroom, washed up and came out. When I saw her, my eyes were stunned.

Ye yuchan probably noticed my expression, covered her mouth and smiled shyly. Then she walked over to me, snorted and said, "President sun, why are you looking at me so lustily? If you look at me again, I will eat you."

When ye yuchan said this, she looked really coquettish.

I replied, "Eat if you have the guts. I was worried you wouldn't be able to handle it."

Ye yuchan said, "You are lecherous. Wait for me outside for a while. I will dry my hair inside and go out after changing my clothes."

After I heard it, I let out a sound and looked a little lost. Finally, I went to the office outside. In fact, women are very troublesome. Women like ye yuchan, who pay special attention to image, spent at least half an hour dressing up. I sat in the chair outside and played with my phone. While I was playing, suddenly the door inside was opened, and ye yuchan had already dressed up and walked out. When I looked up a little, my eyes were stunned!

Ye yuchan was wearing a chinese-style qipao this time. It was very charming. That kind of sexy and hot body, coupled with this kind of slim qipao, was simply beautiful. At that time, my eyes were staring straight at her. Under the qipao was her long, private legs, and the seductive triangle area. Damn it, I swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva continuously.

I suddenly had a thought in my heart that I wanted her!

Ye yuchan covered her mouth, smiled, and got up to light a cigarette. She walked over to me and sat down. Her face was very natural, as if there was nothing to worry about. It was as if I didn't care about what I had just brought her underwear. Sitting next to me, she started talking to me.

She guessed what I was here for. She was a veteran of the nightclub and naturally knew the strength of every bar.

And ye yuchan and I thought the same thing. This time lin dabiao came to me in the nightclub and wanted to join hands with me. He must want to join hands with big brother!

Ye yuchan smiled and said that she hoped that I could work with lin dabiao. As for me, I actually had my own thoughts when I came here to meet lin dabiao today because I knew that lin dabiao was not a long-term person. Everyone who worked in the nightclub had their own thoughts and wanted to be the biggest king, so the cooperation with him could only be in the short term, in dealing with lin dabiao's affairs. We agreed, but it was best to keep our distance in private, because we are friends now, and we can't be sure that we will become enemies that day. If we fight, we will fight with real guns and knives. Whoever is more ruthless will be the last to laugh.

At about 8: 30 in the evening, Ma Wenjun pushed open the door and came to me, telling me that lin dabiao and his gang had arrived at 666 on the first floor.

When I heard that, I took ye yuchan downstairs with me and walked to the private room of three sixes. When I saw lin dabiao, I was a little stunned, because this lin dabiao was a fat man of mine, and he was big, thick, and a little lewd. With a big gold chain around his neck, he looked like a nouveau riche. Thinking that he could get a foothold in the bar street, he had his own strengths.

Lin dabiao didn't bring anyone to my place this time. He was the only one who came to talk to me alone. I was a little surprised. You should know that the last time big brother came to talk to me, he brought a large group of people with him. He was also a threat. Compared to big brother, lin dabiao was much kinder.

When lin dabiao saw me, he smiled, got up from his seat, took a pack of chinese, and gave me a cigarette. I politely returned one and shook hands with each other. He didn't have any airs. After sitting down with me, he started to chat with me and called me president sun. I guess I was younger. He praised me and said that my future was limitless.

When I came into contact with lin dabiao, I could roughly understand the reason why he could get away with it. Because of his mouth and his expression, I knew that most people would not have any conflict with him, because the mixed society needed his personality.

I smiled and replied modestly anyway. Then I asked the waiter to come over and pour the wine. Ye yuchan sat beside me with a glass in her hand. The three of us took a sip and then we started talking.

Lin dabiao, on the other hand, was direct. He told me why he came to see me this time and that he wanted to join forces with me to deal with big brother.

In fact, lin dabiao's speech and behavior made it easy to contact, but I know that such a person is more tactful. When he smiles, his eyes narrowed into a gap, which belongs to the kind of person who kills invisibly. So if I want to cooperate with him, I must pay more attention in the future.

After chatting with him for a while, all the basic plans had been confirmed. Anyway, they had already decided to cooperate and deal with big brother. According to lin dabao, the first step was to directly occupy big brother's territory and win over all the bosses under him so that big brother could not do business.

After this topic was over, they began to discuss the distribution of benefits. After all, if we work together and face such a big cake, everyone wants to eat more. At this time, lin dabiao smiled evilly and said that as long as he succeeded, he now had five venues, three bars and two nightclubs under his command. After he succeeded, the bar was given to me and the nightclub was given to him. After hearing lin dabiao's words, I thought it was quite fair. After all, the three bars It's cheap.

So when I agreed, I was still wondering if there was a conspiracy behind this guy. Of course, I didn't ask him directly. Instead, I sat in the suite with him and talked about the details of their cooperation. It didn't end until around 10 pm. After that, ye yuchan and I came out of the box and sent lin dabao off the stage.

When I went back, in the booth on the side of the hall, I saw my class teacher, Xu Shuman, sitting in a corner drinking a cocktail.

When I looked at the homeroom teacher, my eyes paused and I hurried over. Ye yuchan actually followed me at this time. In front of Xu Shuman, she took the initiative to put her hand around my arm. It seemed like she was very close.

When she walked over, ye yuchan said, "President sun, isn't this your homeroom teacher?" Why is she here so late?

After hearing this, the homeroom teacher gave her a dirty look. Perhaps in Xu Shuman's heart, she felt that such a woman at night was not serious, so she felt a little conflicted.

Then I asked Xu Shuman why he was here. She asked me if I had time to go out with her.

I was about to say yes when ye yuchan grabbed my arm and said to my class teacher, "Mr. Xu, don't worry. President sun has just finished talking. I have to go to the office to do something later. You can have a drink outside."

After that, he took my hand and pulled me away from Xu Shuman.