Chapter 307 Xu Shuman Has A Stomachache

When I heard her say that, I wanted to drag me to her office. Could it be that she wanted to do that with me? Looking at ye yuchan's sexy figure in her cheongsam, I suddenly had a nosebleed, but I was worried about the head teacher. If I left with her, she would definitely be angry.

Looking at my hesitation, ye yuchan suddenly took my arm and snorted softly. "President sun, what are you thinking? Come with me to the office."

After all, I still have to rely on ye yuchan to make money in this place. Recently, she also brought me a new group of beautiful women from Dongguan. They are very good-looking. Recently, the business in this place is getting better and better, so I don't want to offend them, so I followed her.

When I left, Xu Shuman glared at me and took a hateful sip of the cocktail.

Then I followed ye yuchan into the office. After she entered, she closed the door and asked me, president sun, does your class teacher like you a little? I care so much about you, and I came to see you in the middle of the night.

I was silent for a while, and I didn't know what to say. I didn't think so. She chuckled and said she was a woman. She was very accurate. From Xu Shuman's eyes, she must be interested in me.

When she said that, I didn't seem to understand what she meant. I asked her if there was anything wrong with you asking me to come to the office.

She said it was okay, but she didn't like to see me with other women, and then she insisted that I stay in the office for half an hour before going out. Otherwise, she couldn't.

I was a little speechless, but she had a small temper, so I had to coax her. Just like that, she stayed in her office for a long time, and she stayed by my side. During that time, whenever I wanted to leave the room, she would stop me and take her phone to check the time with me.

Finally, when the time was up, when I hurried out of the office to look for Xu Shuman, ye yuchan did not stop me, but although she did not stop me, she still went down with me. From the second floor to the first floor, at the door to where Xu Shuman was, she actually came up. Before I noticed, she kissed my face and left a bright red lipstick on my face. My whole body tensed up. Completely out of my expectation, I quickly wiped it with my hand, and this scene happened to be seen by Xu Shuman.

Xu Shuman looked at me and stared at me fiercely. His mood suddenly became much worse. He got up from his seat angrily and was ready to leave without even looking at me.

At this time, ye yuchan actually took the initiative to hold my arm and walked to Xu Shuman's side, then said to her: Mr. Xu, I just finished everything with president sun. If you look for him, there will be something you can talk about now.

Xu Shuman was so angry that her lips trembled and her face was cold. Without saying a word, she got up and walked out of the bar. I felt bad when I saw her angry. It was all because of ye yuchan, the little demon. I was a little annoyed and followed Xu Shuman outside the bar.

At this time, Xu Shuman was carrying a bag and stopping a taxi. I walked over and took Xu Shuman's arm. I said that you should take my car later. I'll take you back to school.

Xu shuman gave me a white look and said no with a cold face. Continue to play with your female subordinates.

I said it wasn't what you thought. It was all a misunderstanding. It was ye yuchan who showed it to you.

Xu Shuman laughed coldly, saying that it was not important to misunderstand or not. It didn't affect me anyway.

It didn't make any difference, so why are you looking at me with such a cold face?

Just as I was thinking about it, a taxi came. Xu Shuman was about to get in the car when I pulled him to death and didn't let him go. Then I told the taxi driver to drive the car away first.

After that, I took Xu Shuman to the parking lot outside the bar and prepared to pull her to my car. At this time, ye yuchan didn't know when she came to my side and called me from behind. In front of Xu Shuman, she took the initiative to hug me and kissed me on the lips.

After kissing, ye yuchan said to me coquettishly, president sun, be careful on the way.

At that time, my whole body was weak, and Xu Shuman's face became darker.

After getting in the car, I didn't recover for half a day. I had fantasized about ye yuchan before, but I didn't expect her to act like this today. And in front of Xu Shuman, it seemed that she did it on purpose. Was she afraid that I would be with Xu Shuman? That's why I took the initiative, and I just said that I was going to kiss you from mouth to mouth.

Just like that, the atmosphere in the car was extremely awkward, and I didn't know how to interrupt with Xu Shuman, and he was sitting in the passenger seat, his face pale, and he seemed to be in a bad mood. When I played the music to calm the atmosphere, she came up and turned off my music, then said it was very noisy.

The voice was very loud. I didn't turn on the music either, so I drove for about ten minutes. Suddenly, Xu Shuman covered his stomach, and his face slowly began to hurt. I noticed this scene and immediately stopped the car in a nearby place.

I asked her what was wrong? Is your stomach not feeling well?

Xu shuman nodded and said she had a stomachache. Her old problem came again. After saying that, the pain seemed to be getting worse.

At that time, I was in a hurry, so I quickly got off the main driver's seat, ran to her side, opened the car door, and asked her about her situation. Did I say I should take him to the hospital?

She waved her hand at me and said no, it was useless to go to the hospital because of her old problem. She told me to go back to the driver's seat and send her to school to take some painkillers.

I had no choice but to listen to Xu Shuman and look at her sad face. My heart ached too, so I quickly returned to the driver's seat and shot the whole way. It was very fast, regardless of the traffic lights and green lights, so I ran directly. It usually took me at least half an hour to get to school, but I didn't get to school in ten minutes.

I drove the car under the teacher's dormitory and got out of the car to hold Xu Shuman. Her stomach was still hurting me. I had no choice but to hold Xu Shuman in my arms. Then I carried her from the first floor to the sixth floor. When I arrived at her dormitory, I was sweating all over. She was lying on the bed. I looked at the time. It was almost twelve o' clock. When Xu Shuman lay down, he asked me to go to the drawer to find her some painkillers. When I found them, she would feel much better.

When I was looking for painkillers, I paid special attention to the calendar on the table, and there were a few circles marked with physiological periods. I checked today's date, but today is not a physiological period. How could my stomach hurt?

Thinking about going to the hospital with her and hearing the doctor say something like dysmenorrhea, I wondered if Xu Shuman had any gynecological problems.

When Xu Shuman got better, he said to me, "Sun Jinlong, if you don't have anything to do, go home. You'll be at school on time tomorrow. You won't be allowed to skip class again. Do you hear that?"

Xu Shuman's tone was very serious. I said oh, I know. Actually, when I entered Xu Shuman's dormitory, I didn't want to leave. Maybe I wanted to stay here. He wanted to spend the night alone with her.

After all, I still miss Xu Shuman very much, especially for that kind of thing, which has always been my deepest hope, but it has never been satisfied.

I struggled a few times, took two steps, but still turned around and called out to the class teacher.

Xu Shuman grunted and asked me with a serious face: is there anything else?

I said: I want to sleep on your side at night. I can also make a floor, okay?

She gave me a blank look, looked at me with a strange look, and asked me, "Is it good that you don't work with your female subordinate at night, the woman who is a mommy? Now that you want to spend the night in my dorm, what do you mean?"

I explained that it wasn't what you thought. I didn't do anything with her in the office. I wanted to spend the night with you. It was because of your stomachache. I was not feeling well. I wanted to take care of you at night.