Chapter 308 Candlelight Dinner with Liu Mingxiang

Xu Shuman listened to my words about taking care of her. She said, "Sun Jinlong, I used to think I knew you well, but now you're making me more and more unpredictable. You go back first. I want to be alone."

After hearing this, I felt bad when I saw her say this. I asked, "Homeroom teacher, did you get jealous when you saw me with another woman today and he was very close to me?"

Xu Shuman laughed coldly and said that I won't be jealous of you again. Don't worry about that. It's already early in the morning. You drive home now. Read early tomorrow morning. I must see your people.

Looking at Xu Shuman's attitude, I think it's basically impossible for me to stay in her dorm tonight, so I had no choice but to leave her dorm. But when I walked out of the room, Xu Shuman suddenly shouted at me and asked me to go back and drive slowly. Be careful, don't drive fast.

Xu Shuman seemed to be very concerned about me even though he scolded me. I nodded and left.

After three days of classes, I didn't skip classes, and I studied hard at school. Xu Shuman saw that I didn't skip classes every day in the classroom, and praised me in front of the whole class. I was in a good mood, and Xu Shuman wasn't angry with me for a few days. Instead, he kept asking me questions in class these days.

In fact, apart from everything else, she was really nice to me. Even if she was angry at me, she didn't really want to be angry at me. Most of the reason was because she wanted to care about me.

Including that day in the bar, I saw ye yuchan being intimate with me, kissing her cheek and lips.

After school on friday, Liu Mingxiang called me out of the classroom with his schoolbag on his back and told me that he wanted to eat with me and didn't want to go home after school. She also said that her sister was waiting for her at the school gate in her car after school. She didn't want to see her sister. She wanted me to take her out through the back door and take him out for dinner at night.

I didn't think about it, but I think it's okay. It's been a long time since I ate alone with Liu Mingxiang, and I miss her very much anyway.

After a class, school ended at five in the afternoon. Liu Mingxiang and I ran to the back door with our schoolbags on our backs and climbed over the wall. On the way out, I asked Liu Mingxiang if you were not afraid your sister would find out and catch you back.

Liu Mingxiang snorted softly and said that he didn't want to care about him. He was so annoying. Now that he had me in his hands, what was he doing? How old am I now? I can make decisions on many things myself.

After that, she was still in front of me, knowing that her sister would not be able to find her at the school gate, and would definitely call her to send a message, so she took out her phone and turned it off, then kicked it into her pocket, holding my hand.

When I saw her like this, I suddenly felt very happy. I thought that as long as I was with Liu Mingxiang, this elder sister would always object to it and make trouble in the middle. I was so angry that he couldn't wait for anyone at the school gate this time. He would definitely die of anxiety. Haha.

After the two of us climbed over the wall and went out, we found an upscale couple restaurant to eat. It was a very romantic candlelight dinner. I knew that Liu Mingxiang liked romantic atmosphere the most. Maybe she was still a little girl deep down. We sat opposite each other and watched Liu Mingxiang eat quietly. I was quite excited.

I ordered something more western. After she had two bites, I asked her if she wanted some red wine or something. Liu Mingxiang is still a little shy. I don't drink much. I thought she was a girl, but isn't drinking red wine a little sloppy? Even if she doesn't know how to drink it, she could just take a sip. That's how dates come on tv.

So I asked her again and again, but she was still a little reluctant. After dinner, I asked her if she wanted me to take you to a meeting and a movie tonight. She shook her head and said she didn't want to, so I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk.

She immediately nodded, then took the initiative to come over, holding my arm, especially sticking to me. I took my wallet, went to the front desk to check out, took her out of the restaurant, walked to a nearby park, and then took her for a walk in the park.

When we were walking, Liu Mingxiang's face was on my shoulder, looking very pure and moving. I was fascinated by the moonlight. After a while, we were a little tired, so we found a bench and sat down. She fell into my arms and slept on my lap. I lowered my head and looked at Liu Mingxiang's delicate face. Her long hair was floating. He kissed her on the lips.

Liu Mingxiang slowly closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss I gave him. Just as we were kissing passionately, my phone suddenly vibrated. I opened it and saw that it was a text message from liu mingshi.

It said: Sun Jinlong, where are you now? Are you with my sister? Tell me now, now, now!

The words she sent me were all commands. It made me uncomfortable. I took my phone and replied, "Why should I tell you?"

She chuckled, saying that she was Liu Mingxiang's sister and that it was necessary to know about her sister.

I said, "Now your sister doesn't want to go back, and she doesn't want you to know where she is. She said she's grown up now. How interesting is it for you to interfere with her freedom?" Isn't it good to give her some private space?

As soon as I said this, liu mingshi didn't stop. She had to ask me where she was going to be. She was driving to find us now. She was going to take her sister home.

When I saw this, I didn't want to reply to her, because I think Liu Mingxiang is a high school student now, and he's going to be an adult soon, and he has his own thoughts. It's not a good thing to be under the control of his sister all the time.

But I didn't reply to her text message. Liu mingshi over there was so anxious that she kept texting me on my phone. After seeing that I didn't reply, she started calling me again. I looked at the contents of the text message and there were so many missed calls.

But suddenly a text message from liu mingshi caught my attention. She mentioned in the text that she hadn't noticed anything unusual about her sister recently. She also said that if I didn't want to hurt her, I would tell her the location now and she would come over.

When I looked at this text message, I suddenly felt nervous all over. What did this mean in my mind? Did something happen to Liu Mingxiang? Liu Mingxiang is really different these days. I know that. If we had a candlelight dinner like this before, she would have liked it if I had let her drink red wine, but today she didn't. When I saw Liu Mingxiang lying on my lap sleeping with his eyes closed, I suddenly had a different feeling in my heart.

I started to ask liu mingshi, what's going on? You should make things clear first.

Liu mingshi said, if you really treat my sister well and really like her, tell me the address now!

Looking at this text message, I don't know why, but I finally said, I said that we are in the park near the school.