Sister Hong Bought Me A Porsche to Match

For about ten minutes, I looked at Liu Mingxiang and thought about what she had just told me, and the expression on her face was a little abnormal, completely different from usual. I was wondering if something really happened to her.

After sending a text message, not long after, liu mingshi drove the car to the park. She got out of the car, looked around and found us. She walked up to us. Liu Mingxiang was surprised to see her sister coming. He looked up at her and called her sister, asking her why she came.

Liu mingshi snorted coldly. Her face was very bad. She said that if you turned off your phone, I wouldn't be able to find you. You should come home with me now.

After that, he took Liu Mingxiang's hand and was ready to pull him away.

Liu Mingxiang reluctantly struggled, then said that it was so early, and I didn't want to go back. Can't you just let me stay with Sun Jinlong for a while longer?

Liu mingshi coldly said no, and then completely ignored Liu Mingxiang's temper. She came over and took her sister's hand and left me. Then she gave me a cold look and took Liu Mingxiang away.

Although Liu Mingxiang was very resistant, she was really taken away by her sister. She was still afraid and could not resist. Finally, she looked back at me and said that she had left first. She told me to go back slowly and be careful.

I said I knew. Seeing Liu Mingxiang being taken away by her sister made me very unhappy. I was filled with doubts about her. After they left, I didn't stay in the park either. Instead, I took a car home.

In fact, I could feel that Liu Mingxiang was hiding something from me, so I was very worried, especially when the words her sister said to me left a deep impression in my head. I just couldn't figure out why, as my girlfriend, Liu Mingxiang didn't want to talk to me.

On saturday morning, I was still in bed. Elder sister Biao was dressed up and went into my room to say hello to me. He said he was going out for something. I asked him where he was going. She didn't want to tell me either. She just said she wouldn't be back until tomorrow.

At noon, I received a call from Sister hong who told me that the car had been bought and that my account had been confirmed. It was my name. I said yes. Sister hong went on to say that she had something to do at noon. She would come to my house in the afternoon to see me. I said yes and hung up.

Around four in the afternoon, my doorbell thought about it. I walked over, opened the door, and for a moment, a soft and fragrant body threw itself into my arms. I stood at the door, and her hand touched under mine. With such a bold move, I didn't have to look to know who it was, Sister hong!

After watching Sister hong touch my underpants, he suddenly looked up and hooked me with a burning look. "Little lover, do you miss me at home?"

I gave her a blank look, got him out of my arms, and asked him where my car was.

At that time, I really wanted a super cool car, because this can also be forced not to, so after receiving Sister hong's phone call, I was in a particularly excited mood, waiting for Sister hong's arrival.

Sister hong pointed downstairs and said that the car had already driven over for me. After I heard that, I couldn't help but run downstairs. I only saw a brand new porsche appear downstairs. It was white and very eye-catching. I walked up, reached out and touched the texture of the car. I was very excited. In fact, I prefer this type of small sports car. Although I can't compare to Sister hong's blue bikini, I'm just an adult now, and having such a porsche sports car is enough for me.

I circled around the car excitedly, then Sister hong went over and opened the door. I got in and looked at the environment inside the car. It was very luxurious. Sister hong also told me that the car was the best fit and the decoration was the best. I was also very satisfied with it, especially the sound effect. It was simply beyond the ordinary ktv.

I praised a few words and asked sister hong, this car cost a lot of money, I know that if it was matched according to this style, it would cost at least three million, but I didn't give Sister hong that much money.

Indeed, Sister hong nodded and said that she had paid for the rest of it, then walked over to me, hugged my waist, and stuck to my body. He was very close and called me little lover, saying that it was a gift from sister to little lover. I haven't bought anything for you in such a long time. This is just a small token of my appreciation.

Little lover? This is what Sister hong always calls me, and I feel comfortable listening to it.

Then Sister hong showed me the license plate number, 52013. I love you for the rest of my life! I asked sister hong why she didn't give me the whole thing, such as five serial numbers or something. Sister hong said he just started to give me a serial number, but on second thought, there was no need for that. I think this number could represent everything, more meaningful than those five serial numbers.

After I heard it, I didn't say anything. Anyway, the license plate didn't matter. This car seemed to me to be very pretentious. I thought that if I drove this car back to school in the future, it would definitely be the focus of the whole school. Besides, Xu Shuman and some other girls would definitely throw themselves at me when they saw me driving this car.

I shrugged my shoulders and said that the license plate didn't matter. Anyway, the car was so handsome, and Sister hong smiled so brightly. After proposing to let me test the car, I couldn't wait to pull it up. These two sports cars were made by two people, so I sat in the main driver. Sister hong naturally sat in the passenger seat. The car was very comfortable. The new car was driving. The accelerator reacted quickly!

After I drove around the city with Sister hong, Sister hong suddenly received a call from her mother-in-law. She was probably back home, looking for her, so I had to drive him home, but I didn't send him to the door, because if her mother-in-law saw us together, she would think nonsense, so she didn't dare, just send him to the door of the community.

After that, I drove the car to the venue. Ma Wenjun, Zhang Zhehao and Suo Yifan all came out to see it. They thought it was very handsome anyway. Mommy ye yuchan also came out. When she saw that I bought a top porsche, her mouth broke open with laughter. Then she took the initiative to ask me for the key.

I looked at ye yuchan's expression and thought that she was going to be in the back, so I gave her the key directly and ordered the brothers to go drinking together.