Chapter 310 : Trick Liu Mingshi into A Red Card

Sister hong and I, elder sister Biao, have a good relationship. I seem to know elder sister Biao well. I was alone at home tonight. She called me and mentioned me, elder sister Biao. She actually knew that I, elder sister Biao, went to Beijing.

So when elder sister Biao came back on sunday afternoon, I asked elder sister Biao what he was doing in Beijing?

She froze and asked me how I knew she was going to Beijing. I told her it was Sister hong. Oh, her? He didn't say anything, then changed the subject and said that the porsche parked at the door looked so cool. He asked who was so rich in my neighborhood to buy such a good car.

I said it was mine. Sister hong bought it for me. I gave her two million dollars, and she added another million dollars. This car is a porsche. It's three million dollars.

Knowing that I had bought a new car, elder sister Biao started sticking to me, holding my arm, saying that when she went in to change her clothes, she would take her to the new car in a while and then go out for dinner at night.

I said yes, and she ran into the room, and then dressed up carefully. When she went downstairs, she looked at the new car I bought. With that envious expression, she smiled twice and said to me, "Cousin, this car of yours is too cool. If there were a lot of girls running to your side in the future, would you do that?"

I said no. With you by my side, I don't like any other girls. After listening to me, elder sister Biao's cheeks turned red and she looked very beautiful.

After that, he took elder sister Biao out for dinner. After dinner, elder sister Biao seemed to like taking care of himself. In any case, in recent days, he always felt that his skin was very bad. I also gave her some pocket money every month, because now my economy is very loose? So she didn't want to suffer, elder sister Biao. She basically liked to go to these beauty salons with my money, and the cost was not small, but she was very satisfied, especially in terms of makeup and dressing up, she definitely spent a lot of energy.

The effect must be there. Looking at elder sister Biao now, she's as sexy as a goddess. She's more mature and feminine than before. She doesn't feel like me, elder sister Biao, but like my woman. She's very gentle and considerate to me. She thinks of everything for me.

Maybe this is how a man succeeds.

After sending elder sister Biao to the beauty salon, I went back to the bar. Ma Wenjun reported to me about his work. He said that he had teamed up with lin dabao last night and made some people go to the scene where big brother was watching. According to the plan, they should make a few more disturbances in their place. The bosses behind the scenes should be a little dissatisfied.

I said yes and let him do as he pleases. After that, I went back to the office and wanted to find ye yuchan to relax. But when I went to her office, I found that she was not there. I didn't know where I went. I went back to my office and sat on a chair and smoked two cigarettes.

Just as I was smoking, my master called me and asked me if there was such a beautiful woman in the bar. When he thought of coming to play in my bar, he was so angry after I answered the phone. Now, dahei is still at home. He has been out of the mountain for a few days. He didn't call me at all.

I was so impressed with him that I asked him where he was now. She said she was in the drunken red building. I said yes, and I went to look for her immediately. Then I drove over. He was sitting in the hall, smoking, and his fingers were still buttoned up in his buttocks. It looked really indecent. At the front desk, there were a few welcoming ladies.

I said that you were in the hall watching what the young lady was doing. Usually, beautiful and sexy women were playing in the hall, and there were some receptionists outside. Of course, they didn't wear much. When I said that, he looked like he had withered. He said that he had no money on him, so he just sat down in the hall. I asked him if you had gone on a date with that old lover of yours.

He sighed and told me not to mention it. Recently, when I was with her, the demand was too strong and I was extremely strict. I basically didn't have any free time. It took me a long time to find the opportunity to come out.

I really can't help it. I don't know if I believe what he said or not. Of course, I don't care so much. Let him get in my car and play at my bar. I have two pretty girls over there. I should be able to play with them.

He immediately started drooling. Say yes! Then I took bi shi to the car and went back to the bar. I was just stopping the car when I saw liu mingshi driving to my bar at night. She was dressed so sexy. I looked at such a charming liu mingshi and thought that liu mingshi had a clean fetish at home, so I wanted to get rid of her through bi shi.

So I pulled bi shi and asked her, "Do you see that woman? Is she beautiful?"

Bi shi nodded violently, wiped his mouth and told me it was beautiful. I said it was the hottest red card in our arena, and the price was up to 100,000 yuan a night. Do you want to be happy?

Bi shi almost drooled. She kept staring at liu mingshi's snow-white thigh and saying, this leg can play for a year. It's really sexy. I really want to fuck her, but you invited me?

I said no problem, I'll treat.

Bi shi smiled obscenely. Okay, if you say it's a treat, then I will definitely go. Then I ran up to liu mingshi and looked very attentive. But before bi shi could reach her, she must have smelled the stench on her body. She immediately covered her nose and naturally dodged, but bi shi's martial arts was not practiced and quickly stood in front of her.

"How's the beauty?" Her face was dripping wet.

Get out of here. Liu mingshi was very conflicted and immediately cursed.

I can really fuck this girl, but she's a bit stubborn. It's just money. She sleeps with me for a night, and it's 100,000 yuan a day, right? Someone gave it to me.


Liu mingshi went up and slapped him, blinding him. Then, liu mingshi began to call for help. A few security guards were called over by him, and I hid not far away and quietly observed the movement.

Then bi shi seemed to understand something. He turned to me and said, Sun Jinlong, what the hell is wrong with you? Why isn't this woman for sale? What do you mean by telling me a hundred thousand for one night?

I didn't dare to show up, but after a quick glance, I saw where I was. I ran over and pulled me out of the back of the car. I told him I was a fortune-teller. It didn't look like it before, but I thought you wouldn't lie to me if you said that. I really couldn't believe what you said.