Chapter 311 : There's No Reason to Hate Me. Do You like Me?

When bi shi came over to talk to her, liu mingshi heard it from the side and immediately walked towards me in high heels. Then she stared at me with a dead stare and sneered at me, "Sun Jinlong, what do you mean? You want to find a piece of trash to mess with me, don't you?"

As soon as I finished speaking, I was about to open my mouth to her. Bi shi, who was standing next to me, suddenly became a little unhappy. I guess I heard her say that she was garbage. I rushed straight to liu mingshi and pointed at her with my finger. You've seen me clearly. You know I'm not trash, and I can tell your fortune. Do you believe me?"

Bi shi said this, pretending to be particularly profound, but if you say that you fight better, I can still believe a little, but you said that you can tell a fortune, only the ghost would believe it.

I didn't pay attention to it, let alone liu mingshi. She smiled evilly at the corner of her mouth and didn't pay attention to what she said. Instead, her eyes were fixed on me.

After that, I pulled bi shi into the bar, but suddenly liu mingshi stood in front of us and said, "Sun Jinlong, you're not mistaken. You brought such a person into the bar too. Aren't you worried that all the people inside have run away? How can people go in and spend money like this?"

I chuckled and said that this was my business. The bar is mine. I can do whatever I want. If you don't want to, you can go to other bars. I don't welcome you here. Besides, I open a bar. I don't care what the person is. All the customers are god. Don't you understand that?

As soon as liu mingshi heard this, she knew that I was following her. She had a big temper and was very headstrong. She stood in front of me and stared at me, "I don't care. You have to deal with this today. You can't bring this person into the bar."

I said you couldn't control it. Bi shi, who was standing by the side, saw me and liu mingshi start to rush up. His face was not very happy, so he pushed me away and walked to liu mingshi. "Beautiful woman, do you look down on me?" Okay, then do you dare to give me your hand? I'll help you with your fortune-telling."

Liu mingshi instinctively took a step back. She probably felt that the smell on her body was really heavy. Indeed, I stood aside, and my nose was a little hard to breathe. I didn't know how many days she hadn't bathed.

Then she asked me, "Sun Jinlong. Who the hell is this person? I think he's still familiar with you. Answer me. It's dirty and stinky."

I didn't answer liu mingshi, but I was thinking that bi shi was pretending to tell me my fortune. I wanted to see something, so I told liu mingshi, why don't you show her? What if he's really accurate?

Liu mingshi glared at me even more, saying that she did not believe in such superstitious things. She was an atheist.

Bi shi suddenly laughed. You're wrong to say that, beautiful woman. I've been around for so many years, but I never thought I was superstitious. If you don't read your palms, you can do it. Why don't I show you your face? How was it?

After that, bi shi looked up and down at liu mingshi's face. He looked at it very carefully and made it look very clear. Then he said, "Beauty, I don't think you look very well. I think you must have met with something troubling recently. If I'm not wrong, but recently your boyfriend cheated on you or broke up with your boyfriend. That's why. In fact, I also have feelings about this matter. Don't say too much. I'm just trying to persuade you to be a young girl when it comes to relationships. It's better to be careful. Watch what happens. Don't go up and love and hate it all. It's only yourself that gets hurt in the end, okay?"

After that, he turned his eyes to me and said, "Look at my disciple Sun Jinlong. He looks bad, and there are a lot of women around him, but I know he's a good man, and he's a very devoted man."

Damn, I was embarrassed when I said that and looked at him with a wicked smile.

After that, he began to continue the west side of the river. At this time, liu mingshi suddenly smiled coldly and said, "Can you stop talking about it? It's disgusting, you know? Just say Sun Jinlong. Don't I know her? And you said I broke up with my boyfriend. I don't even know who my boyfriend is now. You're so funny."

After bi shi heard it, he was stunned, and then said that he was wrong. In any case, it was very deceptive. I listened to the idiot on the side, anyway, it was a mouth of the wrong words, except for the last analogy, I felt that it was quite right, the previous words were all farts.

Liu mingshi was already very angry. She covered her nose and told me to hurry up and get rid of this madman. Otherwise, she would tell her father about what you did outside and warn me not to have any trouble with her father in the future.

Damn, now that I can't handle it, I'm going to take her father down on me!

I was very angry at liu mingshi, and suddenly I was wet and said, "Maybe her aunt is here, so her temper is so angry. Except for this reason, I can't figure it out."

After saying this, I found that liu mingshi's face was actually a little red, I guess it can't be true?

When bi shi finished saying this, my eyes slowly stared at her. Her eyes were almost as if she was going to kill someone, and then she started to beat bi shi!

Bi shi never did anything to a woman. When she saw that the tigress was about to lose her temper, she ran into the bar directly in front of me. She ran away so fast that she disappeared almost in the blink of an eye, which made liu mingshi look surprised. She didn't expect to meet a master.

Liu mingshi's hand stopped in the air, stared at me, and then walked to my side. Remembering that this guy mentioned before that he was my master, he asked me, "Sun Jinlong, is this person really your master?"

I nodded and said yes.

She gave me a blank look and said that every master and every disciple was the same.

I chuckled and asked her why she had such a big opinion of me. I didn't do anything. Why are you always targeting me like this?

Unexpectedly, her face turned even redder and she said, "I just don't like you. There's no reason. What's wrong?"

When she said this, it suddenly occurred to me that I had read a book before: if a woman is cruel to you for no reason, just to attract your attention, perhaps her heart has already fallen in love with you.

I can't help but wonder if liu mingshi likes me? The person she likes in her heart is me, Sun Jinlong?