Chapter 312 Sister Hong Fell into My Arms

I saw that her face was still not very good, and it was getting redder and redder, so I asked her if you really came to her aunt, so you were in such a bad mood?

After listening to my words, liu mingshi glared at me hatefully and said, "Sun Jinlong, if you say that again, be careful that I really fall out with you."

I saw that she was angry, so I eased the atmosphere. Okay, okay, let's not talk about it, okay? Now that you're in the bar, why don't you go in and have a drink? At least you're Liu Mingxiang's sister and my future sister, aren't you? I'll treat you to this meal. Just go in and drink. All the expenses are on my account.

Liu mingshi gave me a blank look and said that she was not interested. She didn't want to go in now. After that, she turned around and left me with a breath and got into her sports car.

Watching her drive away in her sports car and stand at the door, I still don't understand. A woman's mind is really confused!

After she left, I went into the bar and got wet and played inside. I was dancing in the middle of the ballroom by myself, and the people around me almost returned to the booth. A few beautiful women covered their noses. Usually, there were a lot of people dancing in the middle, but when he came, everyone moved aside.

I looked at the scene and felt really speechless!

Because all the brothers in the field knew that he was my master, they were too embarrassed to kick him out. When I came back, Zhang Zhehao came to ask me, probably because he felt that it affected business.

I asked zhang zhehao to do something else. He went to the middle of the ballroom and patted his wet shoulder. Then he came to his senses and said that the sound system in my place was very good and the dancing was very exciting. He also asked me to find some girls for him to have a good time together.

I glanced at him, pointed to the dance floor, and said, "Don't you think it's inappropriate for you to be alone in this place? Even if I find a girl for you, I have to be willing to accompany you."

Bi shibai glanced at me, took his finger and rubbed his nose, saying, "Did you talk to the master like this? You're the owner of this bar. Even if I smell a little worse, can't you let those little girls accompany me? Don't those little girls listen to you?"

After being pestered by him, I thought the business in the lobby was still important, so I called ye yuchan and asked him to arrange for two younger sisters to open a private room for him to play in.

Ye yuchan covered her nose, pulled me aside and said, "Brother Long, it's not that you can't ask for this, but who can stand the smell on his body?"

I can understand what she said, but bi shi is my master, so it's impossible not to entertain him, so I said, "Why don't you ask your little sister, I'll settle the tip tonight, everyone double the amount, ask them who is willing."

Ye yuchan walked down helplessly, then took the walkie-talkie and began to greet her sister.

Then, I was pulling bi shui back to the box when she suddenly picked up a phone call from someone who didn't know who was calling. She hung up the phone and told me she was leaving. Her little lover was checking the guard and wanted him to go back immediately.

He couldn't stay in the bar anymore. I said, "Oh, I'm actually quite happy." I thought that I could save money on my sister tonight, and my bar business wouldn't be affected.

So I agreed, and then when he left, he asked me about the rhubarb. I said that it was all right now. When I went to school, I was settled in the villa, eating and sleeping well, much more comfortable than in the mountains.

He chuckled, said that was good, and then left the bar.

Seeing bi shi leave and caring about rhubarb, I think I still have some affection in my heart! After that, I stayed in the bar for a while, and elder sister Biao called me home, so I went back.

After that, classes in the school were normal. She accompanied the head teacher to buy books and distribute them to the students in the class. She also walked to my seat and reminded me that I was about to take the exam. This week, she was studying hard in the school.

I said yes. She actually gave me a look and said that if I get good grades in this exam, she would give me a reward.

Your sister seduced me again. It was like this several times before. In the end, those rewards were not actual actions. Many of them were false and lied to me, so I replied, I didn't believe it.

She said it was okay if she didn't believe it. Anyway, if you failed the exam, there would be no hope. You have a bottom line in your heart. This time, I'm going to give you something that you want more. Do you want it?

After saying that, the charm on my face made my heart itch to death.

To be honest, I'm still very interested in Xu Shuman, so even though I know in my heart that she might be lying to me, I still have to try. At least that's how I get the chance. So for a week, I basically focused on the school. I didn't go to the bar much and left it all to my brothers.

And I was at school during the day, and at noon and afternoon after school I went to qin shou's place to learn the art of knives and take care of rhubarb. It was like this that after five days, it was finally the weekend.

On saturday morning, elder sister Biao had already left the house. He was dressed very formally and didn't know what he was doing. He didn't say anything when he left, just told me that he would be home very late.

Oh, I was so bored at home. I wanted to play with elder sister Biao and chat with him, but I didn't expect to leave me at home alone.

After I got up, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and lay down on the sofa. I was really bored. I called my brother a few times, asked him what was going on, and hung up after giving the order.

At noon, I was taking a nap when I was suddenly woken up by a phone call. When I woke up, I saw my phone and the caller id was Sister hong.

Oh my god, I was so excited that I picked it up right away. Sister hong's voice was so charming and sexy that she called me little lover and asked me what I was doing. Are you free today?

Hearing these words in his ears, his heart must be very excited. He thought that he could finally stop being bored today, so he replied that he had time. What's wrong? Then she smiled evilly and asked sister hong if her mother-in-law was not at home today, so she asked me to go to her house to play?

Sister hong laughed out loud. That voice was so sexy, and she didn't tell me anything. She just told me to wait for her at home for a while and she came to my elder sister Biao's house.

I let out a sound and rang the phone. In less than half an hour, the doorbell rang. I went to open the door and suddenly she threw herself directly into my arms. Because I had that experience last time, I played a little prank and dodged.

When I saw her fall, I definitely wouldn't stand by and watch her fall, so I quickly went over and hugged her waist, then she fell directly into my arms.