Chapter 313 Watch the Sunrise with Sister Hong

I put my hand directly under her butt and gently rubbed it. She fell into my arms and, uh, the sexy sao look really made my blood boil.

She snorted, twisted her body, and then got up from me, wrapped her hand around my neck, and then said with a charming face, "Why are you so bad, little lover, now you really are bad at learning, but I know you can't bear to let me fall to the ground, can you?"

As soon as he finished speaking, his lips reached out to my mouth, and then he gave me a wet kiss, which made my lips red and itchy.

At that time, I really wanted to pick him up and throw him on the sofa, thinking that elder sister Biao was not at home now, and there were only the two of us at home. I could do a lot of explicit things to Sister hong at will, and Sister hong was naturally very hungry, so when I was ready to pick her up.

Suddenly Sister hong held my hand and asked me what I wanted to do.

I breathed out a long breath of hot air in her ear and said I wanted you. What should I do?

She put her hand on the bridge of my nose and said, "You have such a bad idea in your head, don't you? But I can't do it now. I have to take you somewhere later. If you make me happy today, what about my sister? I'll satisfy you once, okay?"

Damn, why are these women so deep in their bones now? This is going to kill my rhythm, isn't it?

Can't I please satisfy this young man's throbbing heart?

Seeing that Sister hong didn't plan on having sex with me, I didn't force her to ask, where are you taking me later, to a hotel or somewhere?

I chuckled.

Sister hong snorted softly and said, "What's on your mind, little lover? You can't have any clean thoughts about me. Every day when you see me, you want to do that with me, right? Am I in your heart to satisfy you?

With that, he pinched me a few times with a little anger. I kept saying no in pain. It's definitely not like that. We're not cannon friends, are we?

The red sister cut, looked at me and denied, saying that I must be guilty. After that, he asked me to change my clothes, and immediately went down with him, taking Sister hong out in a new car. It just gave her the smell of a new car.

I said yes, right away!

After that, she went into her bedroom, changed her clothes, and went out with Sister hong. She went out with her. After getting into my car, she sat in the passenger seat with makeup on her face.

The conversation with Sister hong on the road was very yellow and exciting, and the whole ride was not so formal, but it made me very excited. Maybe this is what Sister hong gave me, and it was good to live with her.

After that, she told me to stop under the suko supermarket and get out of the car. She went to the supermarket and bought some snacks and drinks. She took a big bag and went into the car.

I watched her buy so many things and asked her why.

She didn't tell me, so she asked me to drive to an outdoor shop. Then she got out of the car and went to the shop to buy some outdoor items, such as umbrellas, hiking shoes, tents and sleeping bags, and put them in my trunk.

I watched her buy these and wondered where she was taking me.

So I asked her again.

Sister hong told me he was going to mount muyun to see the sunrise. He had to come back tomorrow morning after going out today. I said, "Elder sister Biao is going home. This is the rhythm of spending the night outside. How can I tell her?"

Sister hong said he could just make a phone call and say that he couldn't go back to work in the bar. Why not just say one thing for so many reasons?

I asked her, "Why are you free today?" Your mother-in-law is not at home, so she's taking care of you?

She gave me a blank look and said, "What's the matter? If she wasn't an elder, I wouldn't care. You don't have to worry about that. She can't find me now anyway. I have time today. Don't ask me anything else."

I let out a sigh and didn't ask any further. Then I called elder sister Biao on my cell phone and made up a reason not to sleep at home at night. Elder sister Biao didn't think much about it and agreed to let me take care of myself outside. Remember to go home tomorrow.

I said yes, then hung up.

Solved elder sister Biao's problem, thinking about the night with Sister hong two people in the wilderness, muyun mountain is so high, when we sleep outside, in the middle of the night, two people together, what will happen? When I saw the long legs of red's black stockings, I suddenly felt a reaction from below.

I smiled excitedly. She asked me why I was laughing. Is there something bad going on in your head? I said no.

Mu yun mountain is a very famous tourist area here. It is a classic that is very suitable for sightseeing. There is a reservoir below. There is only one road to mu yun mountain, and it is very high above sea level.

Most people who watched the sunrise would choose to spend the night in the mountains and wake up the next morning to watch.

After that, I drove the car to a parking lot halfway up the mountain and stopped. Then I took the things out of the trunk. I was carrying a lot of things by myself, and sister hong was a woman, carrying some snacks. We started climbing from 3 pm until 5 pm, and then we climbed to the top of the mountain.

At the top of the mountain, I was completely exhausted. I found some food from the snack bag, filled my stomach, and after replenishing my strength, the sun slowly set. There were very few people on the mountain, and I could hardly see a few people.

At this time, Sister hong and I sat in an open basin and asked me a question: "Sun Jinlong, if I gave you a choice, this great jiang shan, and a beauty like me, if you had a choice, what would you choose?"

When she asked me this question, the rays of the setting sun shone on Sister hong's face. Half of her face was very red. In that environment, she looked especially charming and more beautiful. I swallowed my saliva and said, "I want both of them. I want not only to conquer the country, but also to hold you in my arms."

She covered her mouth with a smile and said that I was really greedy. If I had to make a choice, which one would I choose?

I thought about it carefully, looked at Sister hong's face, and said, "I choose you. You're so beautiful, sexy, and gentle and generous. I definitely want you."