Grand Finale

After that, we sat outside the tent for a while and chatted for a while. It was getting dark. Sister hong told me that he was a little sleepy and wanted to sleep. We bought two sleeping bags, but I left one on purpose so that I could sleep with Sister hong.

Sister hong looked at me without a sleeping bag. She looked at me with a strange look and wanted to punish me, but I managed to get through it. Finally, Sister hong saw that the sky was getting dark, and the wind was cold outside. She was also afraid that I would catch a cold, so she took the initiative to pull me into her sleeping bag and sleep with her.

Not bad. Sister hong's sleeping bag was bigger, and Sister hong and I weren't very heavy, so it was just right for the two of us to sleep in. Although it was still a little cramped, it was too cold. It was warm for us to huddle together like this.

I hugged Sister hong's body and felt her smooth and fair body. Suddenly, a strong reaction came from below me.

After lying down like this in the sleeping bag, we had prepared a lot of things. After all, we spent the night on the top of the mountain, so after the sun went down, we lit the flashlight and stayed in the tent.

When Sister hong and I lay down to sleep, I got up and planned to turn off the flashlight, but Sister hong suddenly stopped me and said that he didn't want to turn off the lights to sleep.

We slept face to face, so we could feel each other's breath. Hold the flashlight. I looked at Sister hong's beautiful face, and my eyes were fixed on me.

I was so stared at by her, and suddenly felt a little itchy in my heart. I asked her sheepishly, "Sister hong, why are you looking at me like that?"

Sister hong said, "What's wrong? I don't think you can do it yet. Can't my sister like to see you as a little lover?"

After listening to Sister hong, I really wanted to jump on her, rip off her pants, and give him a good beating.

But she must have wanted to die, so if I did this directly, I would be so happy with her, so I wanted to torture her.

Now that I'm so hungry and thirsty, she must be thinking too, so I'll see who can fight it out between us.

So I said, "Sister xing hong, look at me, look at you, okay?"

Then I looked at Sister hong's eyes, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, and small lips... Everything was so beautiful and charming, and in the end, the two of us looked at each other.

I don't know how long they looked at each other like this, but suddenly Sister hong called me.

"Little lover?"

Did I say yes?

She suddenly moved her lips to my side and asked me to kiss her. I saw how proactive she was and knew that she couldn't take it anymore, so I went up and wet kissed her.

After a few wet kisses, Sister hong's skin was extremely hot, so he took off my clothes and wrapped them around me.

In this way, we had sex in the tent on the top of the mountain. We did it five or six times that night. Sister hong was really lustful. In the end, I couldn't stand it.

When Sister hong woke up the next day, he kissed my lips hard with his little red lips. He sucked hard and made a loud noise. After kissing, he put on his clothes and came down the mountain with me.

On the way back, Sister hong suddenly took my hand and asked me, "Dragon, I'll be your woman from now on, okay?" I want to be your woman for the rest of your life. What do you think?

After staring at Sister hong for a long time, I suddenly wondered why she was so proactive towards me today.

Seeing that I was silent, Sister hong urged me and asked me how I was doing.

I said yes, but would you mind if there were other women around me?

Sister hong remained silent for a moment and said, "I don't mind. Men don't make girls like them. I don't like them, but I have to be your first wife."

I'm very satisfied with Sister hong's answer. Okay, I'll take Sister hong, the seductive young woman.

With Sister hong's help, I quickly established myself in the city and became a big brother in nightclubs, a leader in the city's underworld, nightclubs, saunas, nightclubs and so on. As long as my name was mentioned, no one didn't know, and no one in the city dared to break their wrists with me.

And that day, the day I graduated from high school, when elder sister Biao, Fan Chunling, Chen Sisi and other women entered my arms one by one, I was still thinking about a woman.

And she was my high school homeroom teacher, Xu Shuman.

On this day, our class held a graduation party. All the students in our class were singing in the ktv. Xu Shuman, as the class teacher, would definitely appear at the scene.

So I just wanted to create a little surprise, to confess to Xu Shuman in public, to see what she was thinking.

I wore a straight suit, bought roses, and held them in my hands. Then I drove my lamborghini to the ktv and walked straight to the door of the box.

In fact, we have already designed it. Most of the students at the party know that I want to confess, but only Xu Shuman doesn't.

When the music started, all kinds of romantic scripts began to play. There was ballet. I designed all kinds of romantic plots. In the end, I knelt in front of Xu Shuman.

"Homeroom teacher, I like you. Can you promise me to be my woman?" I kneeled on one knee, holding a rose in front of her.

And the head teacher was already touched by me at this moment. She looked at me with eyes, tears falling from her eyes. She covered her lips and was very excited.

"Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu!" Her name began to ring in the crowd.

Finally, Xu Shuman couldn't help it. "I do!"


I got up and hugged Xu Shuman in my arms and kissed Xu Shuman on the lips openly.

That night, we drank for a long time in the ktv until 1: 00 a. M. When Xu Shuman was drunk and lying in my arms, I would have sent her back to the school dormitory if it had been like before. It was impossible to live outside with me.

But the other day, when I proposed to open a room outside, Xu Shuman actually agreed and finally opened a hotel with me at rujia.

Looking at Xu Shuman's seductive figure, I hugged her and felt itchy all over my body. I already had a reaction.

It's been three years. I've fantasized for three years, but I didn't get it. Finally, on the eve of graduation, I'm going to succeed.

I was very excited, so when we opened the room, as soon as we entered, I couldn't help but close the door, then I pressed Xu Shuman behind the door, and my hand began to drift away from her.

Xu Shuman was also very excited, hugging my neck and kissing me passionately. In the end, we did a few wonderful things in the room, in the bathroom, which I had never experienced before. It was also my experience of adolescence. It really made me bid farewell to my youth.