Chapter 4 It Was Opened

Xu shuman sat back in her seat angrily, her chest heaving up and down.

She and I were the only two people in the office at that time, and I wasn't afraid to see her really determined to mess with me. I held my phone and stared at Xu Shuman.

"Mr. Xu, if you play with me like this, then I will make it clear to you. You can mess with me and see who is unlucky." I replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Xu Shuman glanced sideways.

"What do you mean? You know it. Don't think I didn't see anything this afternoon. I'm not blind, understand?" I said.

When Xu Shuman heard this, he immediately felt guilty and sat on the chair. He was furious with me, but he couldn't do anything about me.

"Are you threatening me? I'm telling you, Sun Jinlong, just go ahead and make a scene. I don't believe what a country student like you can do. Will others believe your lies?"

I listened and waved my hand. "Then there's no talk, right? Then see if I can do it. I took pictures of what happened in Cho's office at noon."

When I said that, Xu Shuman's heart raced and he looked at me in astonishment. I was just trying to scare her. I couldn't take a picture of the small hole in the window at noon. But Xu Shuman wasn't afraid of ten thousand, just in case. She really believed it.

It took a long time for her to settle down. Seeing that she couldn't be tough with me, she was soft.

"Sun Jinlong, what do you want to do?" Xu Shuman asked me.

"What can I do? Now it's teacher xu who wants to mess with me, not you." I said.

"Sure, Sun Jinlong. I will spare you this, and I will not call your parents to report to the school, but you must swear in front of me that you will never mention this in the future." Xu Shuman bit her lip, a little low.

When I saw her like that, I felt really happy. She used to scold me, scold me, hit me, and call my parents all the time.

I enjoyed the feeling and put my phone on the table. "Since Mr. Xu said so, I won't make things difficult for you if you don't make things difficult for me."

When she came out of Xu Shuman's office, it felt so good that she was almost floating. The moment I left, she was probably very angry.

As the most beautiful and strict female teacher and class teacher in the school, I caught hold of her and used the qq trumpet to play with her.

In the past, I had too many scruples in class. In class, I was the one who was criticized and called the parents the most. I suffered a lot, maybe because my family was weak. Seeing that I came from the countryside, as long as something happened, Xu Shuman would be the first to come to me and scold me the most.

But now I'm not afraid. If anyone in my class dares to provoke me again, I'll never let him go!

And this he, mainly the class's Zhang Zhehao, relying on a little money at home, and is Xu Shuman's cousin, with a few yellow-haired underlings following him, outside the class dare not provoke major events, in the class like to bully people, regardless of boys or girls. Usually, he would do anything evil in class. Usually, in the evening self-study, he would tease the girls in class and do some disgusting things, such as shooting a girl in the back of the class.

I fought with him a few times before, but it was all my fault. I had to rely on Xu Shuman to protect him. He always looked down on me and mocked me.

But that night during the self-study, a few yellow-haired students at the back of the class surrounded Zhang Zhehao, because they were not far from my desk, and vaguely heard them say that they were playing with Chen Sisi at night. Chen Sisi is a member of the cultural and entertainment committee of our class. He is usually very gentle and quiet in his class. He is also very beautiful. He has fair skin and is famous for his beauty at his age.

I knocked on Ma Wenjun. Ma Wenjun looked at me and whispered to me that Zhang Zhehao had gotten a bag of Midiexiang from somewhere. I asked him who he was messing with, and he pointed at Chen Sisi's desk.

Chen Sisi didn't have much contact with me and rarely spoke to me, but she was really good. She was the best in her class, never causing trouble, dressed appropriately, and was very beautiful. She was very popular in the class. I admit that I had bad thoughts for a while, but I still respected her. He must have chased Chen Sisi until he got his hands on him, and he was angry, plus his little brother teased him every day, feeling very proud, so he used such a trick.

In the past, I would have turned a blind eye, but now I can't stand it. I'm going to ruin his plan, but Ma Wenjun pulled me and made it easier for me to do more than less. If I had a conflict with Zhang Zhehao, I wouldn't be able to survive in school. I glanced at Ma Wenjun and said you didn't dare to dare. I was about to get up, but I didn't expect the head teacher to stand at the door and stare at me.

Ma Wenjun tugged at my clothes again, so I suppressed my anger and sat back down. At this point, Zhang Zhehao and his gang were still secretly laughing, covering their mouths with disgust, staring at the nutrition thread on Chen Sisi's desk. As I watched, the nutrition fast line had already drunk more than half of the bottle.

Later in the evening study, Chen Sisi became a little abnormal, twisting back and forth, a little distracted, and even put his hands on his chest, maybe a little sober, and finally pressed his pink lips, lying on the desk.

What I saw was heartbreaking. Chen Sisi was so pitiful. Zhang Zhehao and the rest of them did this to her. She would never say it out loud and carry it on her own. While Zhang Zhehao was still snickering and his little brother was praising him for being so awesome, he was enjoying himself and said that he would personally tease her after class.

"Boss is awesome!"

"Boss is mighty!"


And I clenched my fists! Staring at Zhang Zhehao and his gang.

After the first night of self-study, Chen Sisi blushed. Just as she got up to go to the bathroom and went to the class hallway, Zhang Zhehao stood in front of her. Chen Sisi pursed his lips and spoke in a different voice. The person he heard was soft, a little like that.

"Chen Sisi, where are you going?" Zhang Zhehao looked at Chen Sisi with a wicked smile and asked.

"Get out of the way..." Chen Sisi lowered his head, put his hand on his chest, held it in, and said.

At least in the school class, Zhang Zhehao didn't dare to go too far, but she didn't expect him to pick Chen Sisi up with the encouragement of her little brother. There were not many people in the corridor at that time, and Chen Sisi said softly, but Zhang Zhehao was very strong and carried Chen Sisi directly to the stairs in front of the corridor. Because our class was on the sixth floor, there was basically no one there.

Chen Sisi was very thin and could not move at all. Because she was in a daze, she wanted to shout but did not make a sound. When she reached the stairs, Zhang Zhehao pressed Chen Sisi against the wall like a ferocious wolf and put his hand on her shoulder. Chen Sisi was very resistant, but Zhang Zhehao was obviously staring at him like an animal, squinting at him, probably to see her rosy face and trembling all over. He felt that he wanted to do something bad at this time, and there was probably nothing wrong with it. Even his mind was still thinking that she must really want it now. He was satisfying her.

So he pounced on Chen Sisi's chest, buried it in it and started messing around. I can't bear to see this! This, is simply made by animals! Chen Sisi was usually such a good girl in class, but she was trampled by him.

I, Sun Jinlong, am not famous in school, and I am often beaten up, but I can't bear to see this! I can't care about his status in the class or his big brother in school. I just want to protect Chen Sisi. Ma Wenjun was also beside me, a little afraid of things, afraid of provoking Zhang Zhehao, pulling me aside, telling me not to meddle. I glanced at him and said, are you still a man?

Ma Wenjun said yes, I said it was a man. Can you bear this? Ma Wenjun shook his head. I said that's not enough. I'll lead the way. Behind you, on the stairs, there are five or six other boys standing by Zhang Zhehao, staring at the teacher for fear that they will find out. At that time, I was also strong. I took out a broom from the toilet and took off the front of it. Then I glanced at Ma Wenjun and rushed in.

I put the head of the broom behind me. Ma Wenjun's little brother saw me coming. They knew that Zhang Zhehao had a problem with me, so they came up and pointed at me and scolded me to get lost. I glanced at them, pulled out a broom head from behind, swung it at them and killed three of them. The other two looked at the guy in my hand.

These five people are basically useless in class, bullying the weak and afraid of the strong, no real ability, belonging to the garbage that runs away when things happen. Usually, she would eat and drink with Zhang Zhehao. It was not worth mentioning. Zhang Zhehao saw something moving outside. Just as he turned around, I went up and kicked him in the stomach. He didn't react and fell to the ground. I called out to Ma Wenjun and asked him to come over and take Chen Sisi away.

Zhang Zhehao saw that I had ruined her good deed and was so angry that her teeth itched and she picked up a brick from the side. He yelled at me, "Sun Jinlong, I think you don't want to live anymore!"

Zhang Zhehao and I had a fight before because of the protection fee. Although he was a gangster in class, he was capable, but he lacked ruthlessness and was a little afraid of things. This time, he was pointing a brick at me. I thought he was just trying to scare me, but he didn't dare to be serious. So I pointed at him with a broom and scolded him for being so dirty. How dare I do this to Chen Sisi? It was inhumane.

Zhang Zhehao glanced at me with a brick in his hand and yelled at me, "I want you to take care of me. You've spoiled my good deed. I warned you last time. This time, you're here to mess with me again. You're really looking for death."