361: Shi Jin's Third Strike, the Ending of Teng Ming And the Teng Family

Lu family trading. In the huge conference room, except for Teng Xiaoyun, who was sitting in the main seat, there was no one. The agreed meeting time had already arrived, and neither the Lu family nor the board of directors were present. Teng Xiaoyun's face was unkind. "Why hasn't anyone come yet?" The old housekeeper said," I'll go and have a look." Said Cao Cao Cao Cao was here. Lu Jun, the executive director of Lu family, pushed the door open and came in with a smile on his face." I'm sorry Mr. Teng, I'm late." Lu Jun was Lu Qishan's half-brother, born of different stomachs, naturally, not one heart. Lu Qishan had just fallen, Lu Jun entered the Lu family trade. Lu family ran a deficit six months ago and was insolvent. That batch of pink diamonds was Lu Qishan's chance to make a comeback, but this time Lu Qishan couldn't steal chicken. Just then, Teng Xiaoyun threw out an olive branch. He looked at his watch, his expression very dissatisfied:" I sat here for 47 minutes," looked up, his eyes bright, looked at lu jun," this is the sincerity of your Lu family?" Lu Jun was in his thirties with a round face and a wide body. He smiled like a slippery fox." You're right. We're not sincere enough. Then," he said with a smile." I'll see you off." Without a single explanation, he just dropped off the customer and dragged a company that was going bankrupt. How could he have the confidence? Teng Xiaoyun's face was ashen and he asked in a deep voice," Lu Jun, what do you mean?" Lu Jun smiled, his eyes narrowed into slits." Yes," he thought for a moment and continued to smile." It means to send someone off." Teng Xiaoyun got up and looked away." Is your Lu family trying to go bankrupt?" Lu Jun looked good-natured, not angry or angry." Mr. Teng is worried. Our Lu family will not go bankrupt." He suddenly remembered something and smiled." Oh, Mr. Teng probably doesn't know yet. We've changed the boss of the lu corporation." Teng Xiaoyun was stunned. With a huge funding gap like the Lu family, who else in Mianzhou, apart from the Lu family, could turn the tide. He was skeptical." Who?" Lu Jun was in a good mood and smiled happily." From next month, the Lu family trade association will officially be renamed the Qin shi trade. At that time, Mr. Teng will be invited to have a drink of celebration wine." Teng xiaoyun's face was like a dish. He couldn't believe it. He didn't count on Qin shi to reach Mianzhou from jiangbei, and he was completely silent." I have something else to do, so I won't see Mr. Teng off." Lu Jun was in high spirits when it came to happy events, and he was always floating when he walked. Could he be unhappy? The offer from the The qin family was really generous. After Lu Jun left, Teng Xiaoyun was not in a hurry to go home and sat at the front of the conference table with his face pulled." Ask me, what's going on?" The old housekeeper made a phone call. After listening to the situation over there, he relayed," Shi Jin met Lu Jun last night. When exactly did he start thinking about the Lu family? I don't know. Besides," He looked at Teng Xiaoyun's face and said," none of the people we sent back. Shi Jin didn't go to the airport, but went by water." Teng Xiaoyun sneered after listening. He had intended to go on and on, and let Shi Jin and Jiang Jiusheng die back to jiangbei, but he was set up by Shi Jin and let him cut off the hu. Okay, what a Shi Jin. Teng Xiaoyun leaned heavily on his crutch and was furious." Where's Teng Ming? Where is he?"" Second young master went to the dock." To go without saying a word, it was not to stop him, it was to see him off. Shi Jin pressed him step by step, but he was good, his mind was all on a woman, teng xiaoyun was extremely angry:" go and bring him back with me!" The old housekeeper was about to give orders when someone knocked on the door." Mr. Teng." The people below reported," something happened to second young master." Teng Xiaoyun stood up with a cane." What's wrong with him?" The man replied," second young master was shot. He's in the hospital now." The Teng family was losing ground, and the bad news came one after another. Teng Xiaoyun dug his nails into the crutch's tap and gritted his teeth." Shi, jin." He was furious." I, Teng family, am no different from you -" before he could finish his sentence, a crash broke the glass behind him. The butler shouted," sir!" Teng Xiaoyun squatted down with his head in his arms, and with a few clatters, the whole glass behind him shattered into pieces, which fell in response and splashed everywhere. The old housekeeper stepped forward and squatted down to help," sir, are you all right?" He turned around and shouted," lin!" Suddenly, a dozen bodyguards rushed in. The butler immediately ordered," Mr. Protector." A dozen men surrounded Teng Xiaoyun and blocked him. The leader squatted down to check and found a bullet in the glass shards." It's a sniper rifle." Within a range of 500 meters, the man walked to the french window and looked across the building. The sniper should be in the opposite building. At this moment, the phone in the old housekeeper's pocket rang. He glanced at the number and handed it to Teng Xiaoyun." Sir, your call." Teng Xiaoyun stood up with his hand on the table and put his phone to his ear." It's you." On the other end of the phone, Shi Jin's lazy voice said," it's me." In broad daylight, in Mianzhou's territory, how dare you send someone to snipe, so brazen, not at all in the eyes of the Teng family. Teng Xiaoyun was furious." Do you think my Teng family is easy to provoke?" Shi Jin asked slowly," do you think I'm easy to provoke?" Teng Xiaoyun gritted his teeth and his phone was about to break." This time it's just a lesson, and then it's my wife's idea," Shi Jin paused and said slowly, word by word," next time, blow your head off." After that, the phone was hung up. Teng Xiaoyun immediately smashed his phone into pieces and stormed to the hospital. Teng ming was wounded on his shoulder. He had just taken out the bullet and was lying on the hospital bed with no color on his face. He seemed to have expected his father to come and looked calm." This is the result of all your efforts." Teng Xiaoyun sneered sarcastically." Are you suffering now?"" What answer do you want to hear?" He grinned, his eyes glinting coldly." Repent?" There was no hint of remorse in his tone. Teng Xiaoyun was so angry that he roared," don't you know what's wrong?" He lowered his eyes and his skin was pale. He tore open the elegant facade and smiled gloomily." I was indeed wrong." He touched the bandage on his shoulder with blood on his fingertips, pressed it against his lips, and said," I shouldn't have worn that 7403. The bullet wasn't hard enough, and Shi Jin blew it up." He should have taken the 7852 and exploded Shi Jin's bullet. Teng xiaoyun's face was red with anger and he covered his heart and scolded," stubborn!" Teng Ming laughed, and it was so creepy. Teng Xiaoyun felt a mouthful of blood stuck in his throat, unable to swallow or swallow. Jiang Jiusheng arrived in jiangbei at noon the next day. Because the old man had been thinking about it, he went straight back to the Xu family. Far away, he saw the old man waiting at the door with red eyes. Jiang Jiusheng approached. Old master Xu was about to cry." Shengsheng." Xu Huarong's wife, Ms. Wang, held the old man and looked like she was about to cry. Jiang Jiusheng's heart was sour and soft." I've made you worry." The old man sobbed and wailed. Xu Bomei sobbed at his feet. Xu Pingzheng wiped his eyes and patted Jiang Jiusheng's hand." It's good to be back."" I haven't eaten yet. I'll get ready." Ms. Wang went to the kitchen with red eyes. As soon as he entered the house, Xu Bomei couldn't help but pounce into his mother's arms and act coquettishly, regardless of whether his mother was pregnant or not. He was just about to pounce, but he had just stepped out of his paw-" go outside." Shi jin was expressionless. Xu Bomei protested," woof!" He was so bold that he reached out to grab his mother's pant leg. Shi Jin picked it up and threw it two meters away." Get out." Xu Bomei:" ow ow ow..." This despicable and dark human, how contemptuous it is! Forget it. It retreated in dismay. It was a good Gouzi, not an enemy of humans. Stupid humans, wait for their own destruction. The servant sister shouted outside," bomei, it's time for dinner." He ran out of the room, so happy. Behind them, fat orange Rhubarb followed, looking back at Shi Jin with timid eyes and trembling hair." Meow." It scared a cat to death. After dinner. Xu Qingbo had just come back from the hospital. He greeted Jiang Jiusheng and walked up to Qin Zuo." Come here." She followed obediently without saying a word. Xu Qingbo led them to the courtyard. Qin Zuo stared at his waist." Mr. Xu, is your waist ready?" She was relieved and delighted. Mr. Xu? How unpleasant! Xu Qingbo held his hands and put on an elder's face." You can call big brother after Shengsheng." Qin Zuo was straightforward and unabashed." Brother xu." Well, she's pretty good. Xu Qingbo felt a lot better after days of frustration and unhappiness. He looked at the little girl with friendlier eyes." Are you hurt?" After saying that, he felt that it was inappropriate, so he explained," don't misunderstand me, I'm calling you." Qin Zuo flipped over quickly." No injuries."..." Who made you flip! The corner of Xu Qingbo's mouth twitched as if nothing had happened." I'm glad I'm not hurt." In a creditor's tone," go ahead and build a big house for the Rhubarb." The day Qin Zuo was taken to Mianzhou, she promised to build a big house for the Rhubarb. Her children were irrevocable. She rolled up her sleeves, picked up the hammer and dried up. With a hammer, the plank split in the middle. She was not discouraged and continued to beat. Xu Qingbo endured it for a while, but couldn't bear to see it anymore." Will you?!" Well, it's a little dry." Are you full and can't work? Use so much force." Qin Zuo was about to win and lose. He ignored it and continued to knock. With a bang, another plank cracked. Xu Qingbo looked at the few remaining planks and couldn't stand it any longer." Get out of the way, I'll come -" he had just patted her on the shoulder. Qin Zuo quickly turned around, grabbed his hand, lowered his center of gravity, twisted it, and made a quick reverse grab." Creak!" The bone rang." Ow!" Xu Qingbo shouted. Qin Zuo was silly. Oh, this damn conditioned reflex, so don't touch the back of the martial arts people. On the fourth day of Jiang Jiusheng's departure from Mianzhou, Teng Xiaoyun received the documents she had sent over. They were the accounts of an underground transaction by the Teng family. The whole story of the silver, including the people involved, was clear. In the entire Teng family, apart from him, only teng ming had access to the information. Teng Xiaoyun called him to the temple and threw the document on his face." Did you give it to her on purpose?" The cufflinks he had lost were to find a way out for that woman. He picked it up and glanced at it." Yes."" As a talisman for her?"" Yes." He smiled and squeezed the pieces of paper into a ball in his hand to play with." Mr. Teng, can you be at peace now? If you provoke her again, you and I will both go to the police station for tea." Even now, his father, Mr. Teng, did not stop killing Jiang Jiusheng. He even wanted to kill Shi Jin and bring the entire The qin family into the territory of the The qin family. Now that Jiang Jiusheng has the Teng family's achilles' heel in his hand, the Teng family will be under control everywhere." Teng Ming!" Teng Xiaoyun was furious." Kneel down." He lifted his robe and knelt down. Teng Xiaoyun said in a deep voice, full of energy." Bring me the family law." The old housekeeper quickly advised," sir." Teng Xiaoyun did not care. His face was cold and his eyes were burning." Bring it!" The old housekeeper did not dare to disobey again and went to get the vine. Except for the top part of his hand, the whole vine was covered with thorns. Teng Xiaoyun put down his walking stick and walked over with a cane in his hand." Do you know it's wrong?"" You don't know me?" Teng Ming looked up, his long green shirt hanging on the ground, his eyes wild and his smile gloomy," I lived for thirty years, admit my mistakes?" Unrepentant! Teng Xiaoyun immediately raised his hand, waved the thorny vine, and hit teng ming hard on the back. A meter long vine was caught at the end, and a faint voice came from behind." Father, after all these years, aren't you tired?" Teng Xiaoyun turned around and was stunned." Your leg..." Teng Ying let go and walked back as if nothing had happened. Sitting in the wheelchair, he took out a thorn in his palm, wiped his hand with a handkerchief and said calmly," I'm afraid you'll cripple me. I might as well cripple myself." Anyway, he was not interested in family business. He was just a layman. Teng Xiaoyun stared at his legs in disbelief, then at Teng Ming, but he did not see a trace of surprise. He was stunned." You, you-" his body was about to fall, and he couldn't breathe. He choked his neck and blushed. Teng Ming kowtowed to the card seat on the table, then stood up and kicked the futon under the table." Qin Xing is dead, Su Jin is out of the world, father." He looked at Teng Xiaoyun with a gentle smile." You're old, too. It's time to retire." Teng Xiaoyun yelled," Teng Ming -" he stopped in one breath and fell backwards." Sir!" Teng Xiaoyun fell ill. The next day, Teng Ming took over all the Teng family affairs and made it clear that in the future, all the major and minor affairs of the Teng family would be reported directly to him. All of them were smart people. How could they not see the clue? Mr. Teng was robbed of power by his son. Second young master will be in charge of the Teng family in the future. From then on, the southern Qin shi and the northern teng family began to fight against each other. They did not let anyone in and made the business circle a mess. However, both of them were evenly matched and did not fall behind. It was expected that they would not stop for the next few years. Five years later. Teng family suddenly stopped all underground transactions without warning, and nearly half of its assets were donated to welfare agencies. Since then, the chinese business community, the The qin family, has dominated. This was just the last sentence. At that time, Teng Ming was caught off guard and played such a game. Teng Ying did not expect to laugh at him." Why, learn from Shi Jin and be a good person?" Underground trading was not something that could be broken without a word. He knew how risky it was. Teng Ming flipped through a buddhist sutra in his hand." I'm tired of playing." They all started to read the buddhist scriptures. Are they trying to escape into an empty door? Teng Ying smiled happily." Mr. Teng is probably going to have a stroke from anger." The old man had kept his family business for the rest of his life, so he had been stripped of all his wealth, and he was probably going to vomit blood. Mr. Teng has always dreamed of bringing down the The su family and becoming the emperor of china's underground trading. Ah Mi came over and said," second young master, the old housekeeper called and said Mr. Teng had a stroke." Teng Ying: ..." Sure enough, he was furious to death. Teng Ming put down the book, put on the glasses on the table, and covered the dark green in his eyes." You go and see him. I'll go to jiangbei." Teng Ying smiled and asked," what are you doing in jiangbei?" Teng Ming threw down the sentence," fight with Shi Jin."..." This sutra saw the dog go inside! Over the years, these two were always fighting, two demons! That's a long way off. That's the last word. Back then, on the fourth day of Jiang Jiusheng's return to jiangbei, Huo Yining asked her to go to the police to make a statement. The accident on the jiangbei bridge was also under way. The police also received a missing person's report. The identity of the body could be confirmed. The text is almost over, not so soon. There are many new foreign books," master is sick and spoiled!" Father always asked for collection: xu fang, why don't you die? Because she had an abnormal arrangement of chromosomes 6, she was not hungry or painful. Dr. Xiao Yi often said," xu fang, you are the legend of genetic medicine." Because her eyesight and hearing were twenty-one times that of normal human beings, her jumping and arm strength were thirty-three times, and her regeneration and self-healing were eighty-four times as high. The people around her always said," xu fang, she is a monster." She was an amphibious creature that could fly, dive, and bite as hard as a tiger. Only jiang zhi said," ah fang, so you will get drunk after eating the egg. How about I feed you the egg?" Can you promise to marry me when you're drunk? Who's jiang zhi? He was the first sick and beautiful woman in the capital. He took three steps to catch his breath, five steps to cough, and lay down there. The group of brilliant and arrogant Brother Childe were all bent by him. It is said that there is no beauty in the world after seeing jiang zhi. Zhou xufang only said: he is my jiang mei