Meet Me in Chapter 456

Wu tianxiang was not an ordinary person and was destined to have no ordinary life.

Even if doing what gong xinmeng said would make chen yulu hate her, it didn' t matter. At least, she still had wu tianxiang in her heart, not just the past.

Therefore, wu tianxiang clenched his teeth and sat up from the bed. He picked up his phone and skillfully pressed chen yulu's phone number, which he had already memorized.

The phone rang for a while, and chen yulu answered his call.

"Hello? Wu tianxiang? The voice was mixed with confusion, and chen yulu seemed a little noisy.

Chen yulu, are you free tomorrow? Wu tianxiang hesitated for a moment, but he still said it. He had already called, so he shouldn' t retreat at this time.

"Tomorrow? I think so. Chen yulu turned her head and thought about it, then joked," president mu actually came to see me. It's really rare." "

However, she was actually asked by wu tianxiang if she was busy tomorrow. How could she be as busy as wu tianxiang? He felt that something was wrong with wu tianxiang.

"Well, let's meet at three o 'clock tomorrow afternoon. "

Wu tianxiang nodded and continued with a serious look on his face.he didn' t respond to chen yulu's teasing, but his tone was so heavy that it was scary.

"Is there anything important? Wu tianxiang's tone made chen yulu so serious that she didn' t understand why wu tianxiang came to her at this time.

Su li couldn' t help but speculate. Could wu tianxiang really come looking for her? That's why he asked her to talk about it in person?

"Come on time tomorrow, anyway. I'll be waiting for you on the square on the east side. Wu tianxiang did not explain chen yulu's doubts, but continued in an irresistible tone," just you and me. "

The sudden words made chen yulu's head spin, so she silently agreed to wu tianxiang's request," alright." "

At this moment, she was wiping her body. She was taking a shower just now. But it doesn't matter. Using the light to shine on her body, she suddenly seemed to be a little intoxicated, but chen yulu stopped in an instant. What? Why did she become a little lovestruck?

It was raining outside the window, but chen yulu didn' t feel anything wrong. It was just raining, wasn' t it? Rainy night is good.

The night was not peaceful at all, but it would not be even tomorrow.

Chen yulu was really in trouble this time. It was impossible to know what a crazy man would do.

However, chen yulu still agreed to go without any precaution, as if she was an innocent child who knew nothing about the world. She felt that everything in the world was pure and kind.

Even though he was mentally prepared and had already made up his mind, he still wanted to ask if chen yulu could follow him from now on.

He didn' t know what was driving him forward, whether he liked chen yulu or was he jealous of li fan.he just wanted to carry out his plan and couldn' t wait to destroy everything.

At this moment, there was no one around chen yulu and wu tianxiang. The ground was slightly wet because of the heavy rain yesterday, so it was all wet.

There was a yellowish leaf on a big tree next to him. It fell to the ground with the gentle wind and became the nourishment of trees.

"Wu tianxiang? Can I help you? "Said chen, raising her head slowly.

For wu tianxiang to suddenly find her, the first was surprised, and then calmly smiled at wu tianxiang chen yulu at this time did not know wu tianxiang's mind at all.

It was just an ordinary smile to wu tianxiang as usual, but it was as charming as a fairy descending into the mortal world, making people unable to move their eyes away! Would wu tianxiang give up such a person?

People heard it was a joke!

He, wu tianxiang, grew up, didn' t he want the same number of things? Now a woman let himself so much trouble, really funny, at the same time, wu tianxiang think chen yulu should be honored for this.

Sure enough, chen yulu was so gentle to everyone, but she couldn' t accept her smile.

Perhaps her smile on li fan was even more brilliant. Perhaps she was smiling at everyone else like this. This smile did not belong to her.

But why does wu tianxiang want this smile to belong to himself?

It would be best if she only smiled brightly at herself for the rest of her life.

Thinking of this, wu tianxiang couldn' t hold back anymore. It was because of her that he lost control of his emotions many times.

He took two steps forward and grabbed chen yulu's delicate hands. Chen yulu was stunned for a long time. Without any reaction, he began to spit out some exciting words.

Chen yulu, I like you! "

"" Chen yulu didn' t react for a long time, probably because the progress was too fast.

"Hey, chen yulu, I love you. Answer me?" ! Seeing chen's reaction, wu tianxiang probably knew what she wanted to say.

The two big hands that were holding her shook violently. How could he not know what she meant by not reacting? He definitely wouldn' t be in a daze. Initially, she knew that he liked her.

Indeed, she had known it for a long time, but she didn' t expect wu tianxiang to confess to her this time. This was something that her little heart couldn' t stand.

However, wasn' t it too hasty to confess like this? Moreover, she didn' t intend to accept wu tianxiang's confession, but looking at wu tianxiang acting like a beast, chen yulu didn' t have the courage to say her rejection.

Wu tianxiang, can' t you and I be friends? Chen yulu smiled bitterly and pulled wu tianxiang's hands away, but she couldn' t easily pull them was obvious how much strength wu tianxiang used.

The meaning of this sentence was to reject wu tianxiang. Although she was not willing to break the series of calm, wu tianxiang started it first. .

"So, you don't want to accept it? Wu tianxiang seemed to have known that chen yulu would reject him, but he didn' t expect that chen yulu would make you reject her so straightforwardly. Wu tianxiang even heard his heartbreaking voice.

His brows were twitching uncontrollably, as if a mouthful of boiling water was boiling. The lid of the pot could not be held down and was shaking non-stop. It seemed that it was about to rush out. This was probably the rage in his heart.