Chapter 457 Doesn't Have to Explain Much

"I' m sorry ..." Chen yulu lowered her head awkwardly, not daring to look straight into wu tianxiang's terrifying eyes. It wasn' t her fault, but chen yulu still felt that she had hurt someone. This feeling shouldn' t be good, but what could she do?

Chen yulu didn' t like wu tianxiang, but she didn' t want to make use of wu tianxiang's feelings just because wu tianxiang liked her, and then find fun with wu tianxiang. Chen yulu wasn' t that kind of person, and she wouldn' t do such a thing.

Since wu tianxiang already knew that she couldn' t accept him, then she didn' t have to explain too much to save the hypocrisy.

"" Both parties fell into silence and the atmosphere instantly froze. It was so awkward that even the needles could be heard when they fell to the ground.

Although wu tianxiang had already expected this answer, even if he had already guessed it, he still felt uncomfortable hearing it.

"Ha, that's true. Wu tianxiang shook his head, then raised his head to look at the sky, his eyes flashing with a trace of viciousness.

Indeed, what gong xinmeng said was right. If she didn' t work hard, she didn' t know how ruthless chen yulu was. Why would she care about her safety? Just ...

Since it was chen yulu who rejected wu tianxiang herself, it was no wonder that he was so ruthless.

If chen yulu could hesitate for a second instead of rejecting her without even thinking for a second, would wu tianxiang let chen yulu off?

The answer was already in wu tianxiang's heart, wasn' t it?

Since he had already made up his mind, he should do it. What did chen yulu say? It's not gonna change the ending, is it?

"I' m sorry ..." Chen yulu spoke again. At this moment, she didn' t know what else to say.

She didn' t know what wu tianxiang wanted to do.she was still thinking about how she should face wu tianxiang in the future and how she could avoid such embarrassment.

"Well, there's no need to say so much. Wu tianxiang smiled evilly, completely unlike a person who had just been rejected by his beloved woman." The one who should be sorry is me ..."

Then, he spat out this unreasonable sentence, but chen yulu was confused and didn' t know what to say.

She really didn' t know why wu tianxiang apologized to her. Could it be that he felt guilty for telling her that he was genuinely troubled by her this time?

"You don't apologize for me for that, do you? Su Jin smiled awkwardly, a little afraid of wu tianxiang's current state, so he took two steps back.

When a man was rejected, he could even make such a charming and unrestrained smile. Looking at it was indeed terrifying.

"" Wu tianxiang didn' t say anything.he thought that this woman hated him now.

However, it didn' t matter. He didn' t suggest this anymore. Yesterday, he made up his mind and even tried to get chen yulu out today. He even chased all the people here, so he would definitely take her away.

However, he did not see how evil his heart was. Was this the way a normal person liked girls? Possessive.

Chen yulu only remembered the last words that wu tianxiang put into her ear." No, wait, you' ll know." "And then I lost consciousness.

"I will treat you well. I will definitely be better than li fan. Please trust me. Xuan hurriedly took chen yulu in her arms and gently picked her up.

A few silky hair gently afraid of falling on wu tianxiang's broad and safe shoulders, and chen yulu's chest.

The wind hung, and a few fallen leaves fell on wu tianxiang's shoulder. They also fell on chen yulu's hair. She fell asleep like a sleeping beauty, and she needed the prince's kiss to wake up.

Then, she did not know who the prince in her heart was.

However, wu tianxiang didn' t expect that everything he did now was so wrong. He had already hurt the girl he liked the most ...

There were very few people, and even wu tianxiang didn' t think that he would be able to do it so easily.although he had planned it for a long time, it was so smooth when he actually did it, as if god was helping him.

Not long after, chen yulu finally woke up. At this moment, she was lying on a big bed. She covered her painful head and shook her head slightly, wanting to wake up.

The two spiritual eyes looked at the surroundings, but they were so unfamiliar, as if they had never seen each other since they were reborn.

"This is ... Where is it? "She sat up in a daze, then turned and got out of bed.

The strange environment made chen yulu feel uncomfortable. The pain on her neck was still stimulating her brain. Now, she wanted to go home and have a good sleep.

However, when she walked out of the room, she was stunned.

Now, she was actually in a huge villa, but when she thought about it, the room was too big just now, but she didn' t think too much about it.

The sandalwood table was placed in the middle of the hall, and the leather sofa was still shining under the huge and dazzling lights ... Inside the villa, there were all kinds of internal organs, and there was no need to worry about life at all.there was still enough food in the fridge to eat for a few months.

Chen yulu's room was on the second floor, so she could see everything clearly. Naturally, she could see the door not far away, but no one was in the villa.

No matter how big or how nice this place was, it was still a strange place. She did not want to stay here for even a second, in this confined space.

Chen yulu didn' t think about why she was here, because she knew what was going on with her knees. She just wanted to leave, and she would never trust wu tianxiang again. Even if it was his words, no, chen yulu didn' t even want to see wu tianxiang in the future. There was no future, no future!

However, when she pushed the door open and went out, she was stunned.

What's going on? Sea, if the sea was in front of her, chen yulu would think that the place she lived in was just a Ocean View Villa, but when she saw that there was still a sea behind her, chen yulu immediately panicked. If there was a sea everywhere, then this place ...

Chen yulu had seen the world before and was not frightened by the sight of it. She just walked down the stairs. After all, she was now living under someone else's fence, no matter how much you called her. If wu tianxiang didn' t want him to call him, he couldn' t.