Chapter 458 Is Free

At this time, mu qing was cooking for chen yulu. He had never cooked for other girls, and time was the only person who could eat his food. At this time, he felt very happy, but the place was a bit out of place. Although he did not know why he would listen to gong xin meng and bring chen yulu to the island, he was already very happy to see chen yulu.

Before he came to the island, he had already prepared all the vegetables, fruits, and so on. Although he was imprisoned, he did not have the same restrictions as the prisoners.

Chen yulu was free, so chen yulu could still move. She was not afraid that su qin would escape, because the island was far away from the city center and was an independent part. There was no one around, let alone a boat.

Without his order, chen yulu could not leave this place. She had been caught by him recently and was not so afraid. This time, he was just taking a trip because she knew that mu qing would not hurt her. At present, she liked his instructions very much. The way she loved him was a little special. She could understand his current mood, so she said that she would not blame him.

However, when she was alone with wu tianxiang and his wife, she had to be careful not to ignite wu tianxiang's anger. After all, wu tianxiang seemed to be very difficult to control his emotions now. If she provoked him, there was nothing good to eat. Now, she might as well follow wu tianxiang and wait for the opportunity. Then, she would think of a way to escape. Chen yulu did not believe that wu tianxiang would lock her up for the rest of her life.

On the contrary, she was worried about li fan.if li fan knew that she was gone, he would look for her like he was crazy, and li huimin, without her by his side, she didn' t know that he couldn' t sleep or eat well. These things were all worrying and she wasn' t afraid of what mu qing would do to her.

At this time, mu qing was cooking. They had been on this island for a long time and it was time for breakfast. However, there was no one else here except them. At this time, chen yulu's stomach was growling with hunger, expressing her protest and dissatisfaction.

Chen yulu covered her stomach and walked to the kitchen. She was about to find some food to cushion her stomach. Just then, when they pushed open the door, they saw that mu qing was doing it. He was so skilled, and his knife technique was so standard. Look, he was a good man at home.

However, he was not suitable for her, and the so-called twisted melon was not sweet. If they had to be together, what they brought to her was probably just endless damage.

This matter of love was not something that could be explained with words and logic, right? So should I talk to wu tianxiang properly?

When chen yulu thought of this, she was shocked and talked to wu tianxiang. Forget it.

After a long time, the curtain of chen yulu found that chen yulu was standing behind him, he was somewhat helpless.

After all, she was the one who tied chen yulu up. How would chen yulu explain herself if she asked about it later?

Uh, he fainted from a sudden cerebral hemorrhage?

I just brought you to my private island as a good man to heal you. Chen yulu wasn' t a fool, and she wasn' t a b * tch.

Since she had tied chen yulu up, she didn' t care about chen yulu's attitude anymore, did she? Anyway, chen yulu didn' t have a good impression of her, right?

He had never experienced anything before, and every time he acted calmly, he would cook a meal for the other party in front of his lover. This was the first time he had experienced it. It was still not customary for him to be stared at like this, let alone feel that the atmosphere between them was a little weird.

Chen yulu looked at him and said," you are cooking! I thought you wouldn't do it! "

As soon as she finished speaking, chen yulu's stomach growled again. The atmosphere in the air was very strange. Chen yulu did not say anything, but skillfully fried her own dishes. Suddenly, a fragrance came to her face. When chen yulu smelled the smell, it made her drool.

Although in chen yulu's memory, wu tianxiang's last face didn' t seem to be very good, now that he was under the eaves, it was better to keep his head down obediently!

Muqing glanced at chen yulu and said coldly," the smoke here is too big. You should go outside and wait. It will be good to eat for a while!" "

Chen yulu suddenly had a feeling of happiness. She felt as if she had been kidnapped. Chen yulu nodded and turned around to walk out. Chen yulu stood by the beach and looked at the vast white sea. The water was very clear and transparent, which made people feel a little pleasant. At this moment, the sunlight was neither hot nor dry. It gently shone on her fair face.

The so-called sun, just the breeze is not dry, probably this feeling!

For some reason, chen yulu only had beautiful scenery in her eyes. She didn't even feel a bit worried about her situation. It was obviously such a bad situation! Perhaps the beauty made chen yulu relax.

Chen yulu looked into the distance and didn' t know why she had become like this.

At the thought of gong xin meng, she got angry and kept finding trouble for her. Furthermore, she tried to frame her over and over again. This time, she didn' t know what tricks she was playing. It was really worrying!

She found that his brows were tightly knitted, and his face showed a melancholy look. She stared blankly at the calm water, and life was probably like this!

It seemed calm on the surface, but in fact, it was turbulent.

Her life was obviously so simple. Why was it so difficult for her to have a simple life sometimes? It was clearly a small and small wish!

Why is life so exciting and overwhelming now? Was she really that charming? Let so many people worry about themselves, do not know people think they are god!

"Dinner. "

Chen yulu was thinking about something, but was interrupted by the words behind her. Wu tianxiang interrupted chen yulu's thoughts, chen yulu slowly walked toward the curtain.

At this moment, a table full of lunch was placed on the table.

The two of them sat down, picked up their bowls and chopsticks, and then lowered their heads to eat the dishes. No one spoke. At present, they felt that their methods were too humble. Didn' t they want her to be happy if they loved someone?