Chapter 459 You Are Not the One to Marry

Why did everything he did not seem to love her, but rather possessive? He couldn' t figure out whether he liked him or didn' t want her to be with li fan.

Chen yulu's words interrupted the most depressing atmosphere. Someone like you, who can do housework, have money and power, and is handsome, will definitely find someone you like in the future. "

Chen yulu didn' t know how to say wu tianxiang's selfish behavior, but she didn' t say anything and felt that the dinner was too dry and uncomfortable.

Mu qing was very unhappy. Although he said that he heard chen yulu praise him, what made him unhappy was what she said later. She said that he would find someone who liked him, but he didn't like others and only liked her. Was it really impossible for them to do that?

But what does that matter?

In any case, he was already by his side. As for his heart? It's only a matter of time.

Mu qing did not eat. Instead, he looked at chen yulu in a daze and said calmly," I only like you. You are the one who won't marry me in this life. "

Hearing such an affectionate confession, chen yulu's face turned red. If it was before she met li fan, she would definitely be tempted by him. After all, women were ear animals, and no one could guarantee that she was attracted to a rich and powerful person.

But now it was impossible. Now he liked li fan alone, just like wu tianxiang said, fei li fan did not marry.

Sometimes, she felt that wu tianxiang was very stubborn and had always been stubborn, but she didn' t think that she was also stubborn. It seemed that in the love world, everyone was so stubborn.

Chen yulu had a lot on her mind. She didn' t know how to persuade wu tianxiang to make sure that he didn' t make mistakes again and again, but he was afraid that she would persuade him. Instead, he angered him. If he didn' t say anything, it would only make wu tianxiang deeper and deeper. Facing this dilemma, she didn' t know what to do.

Wu tianxiang saw her with a gloomy face and a cold gleam flashed across his brows.he didn' t know what he should do to this woman.

If he wanted to get her heart instead of the person who trapped her, but if he wanted her heart, how could it be so difficult?

What should he do? Even though he knew that it was not sweet to be forced, he would rather not let others get chen yulu's person. Even if it wasn' t sweet, he had to personally try it before commenting.

At this moment, the atmosphere became even more strange. Chen yulu asked," is this your first time cooking? "

Wu tianxiang raised his eyebrows and looked at su qing, then said faintly," no! "

In order to continue to break the awkward atmosphere, chen continued to ask," when was your first time cooking? "

Wu tianxiang looked into the distance, then his face revealed, and a hint of melancholy flashed across his face. He said faintly," when I was 15 years old, my parents were already dead. My sister xiaomin and I were on each other's side. As my brother, I had to take good care of her, so when I was 15 years old, I learned to cook! "

Chen yulu felt a little abrupt and spoke of the pain in his heart, so she said shyly," sorry, I poked your scar again! "

In fact, she didn' t know much about wu tianxiang's family background, but she knew that he was from the underworld, and then he slowly became white.furthermore, she also knew that he had a younger sister named xiaomin, and they both depended on each other for their it seemed that there were so many stories hidden behind this man's back. He wanted to support this blue sky, but it seemed that he had experienced a lot of hardships, and these hardships were unknown.

Thinking about how much suffering a person would have to go through to become like this, he was really not easy. He was sure that his heart and body were filled with faint scars. Heaven was so unfair. The more injured he was, the more he wanted something, but the less he could get it. Some people were born with a golden key. Such an unfair life was truly meaningless.

Wu tianxiang didn' t blame chen yulu, but in his eyes, he casually said through a hint of affection," it was my first time cooking. I still remember my sister's expression at that time because I was still too young to tell the difference between salt and msg. Then I added a lot of salt and msg, but my sister didn' t dislike it. All of it was eaten up! "

When wu tianxiang said this, his eyes suddenly turned red.he once thought that he could let his sister live a good life, and wu limin chose the person she liked to be together, but why was the reality so cruel, to give her and her sister such an ending?

Listening to wu tianxiang talk about the past, he seemed to feel that his relationship with his sister was very chen yulu finally understood why he hated li fan so much.

Wu li min chose li fan and the person she yearned for and the life she yearned for, but she left without enjoying it.why couldn' t li fan protect wu li min?

After dinner, the two of them lay on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine quietly. Although chen yulu did not say anything, her heart was very anxious. At this moment, she was afraid that li fan found her missing and looked for her everywhere.

Sure enough, li fan was looking at the documents in the office and did not notice that chen yulu was missing. His company had a lot of things to deal with, so he was too busy. If chen yulu did not take care of li huimin for him, he really had no skills at all!

Just as he was so busy with the contract, his phone vibrated. When he turned on the phone, he realized that it was li huimin calling.

Li fan swiped his slender fingers across the phone and picked up the call. However, li huimin, who was on the other end of the phone, was crying so hard that she couldn' t cry. Li fan, who was already very upset, was even more annoyed. However, he couldn' t lose his temper with li huimin, so he could only comfort her in a low voice.

On the other end of the phone, li fan asked anxiously," baby, don' t cry first. What exactly happened to you? Tell daddy to help you solve it! "

Li huimin, who was on the other end of the phone, said in a hoarse voice," father, father, aunt su is not here! "

Li fan quickly stood up and comforted li huimin as he put on his coat." Don' t be in a hurry. I' ll go home and take a look." "