Chapter 460 Is Missing

After hanging up the phone, li fan drove his black lamborghini to the max, then the mercedes-benz was on the motorway.after a while, they arrived home.

As soon as he entered the house, li fan immediately ran to li huimin and asked anxiously," where is aunt su?" "

Angela cried and said," today, when I was sleeping, I said that my aunt went out to buy some food, but she hasn't come back yet! "

Li fan touched li huimin's head and said anxiously," stay at home. Daddy is going to look for chen yulu. Be good! "

After saying that, li fan walked out of his house without looking back. He was in his lamborghini and looked around on the road. He did not know where chen yulu had gone.

He was very worried because chen yulu had never left without telling him. She hadn't come back for such a long time, so it was hard to tell if something had happened. Moreover, li fan's phone was switched off. It seemed that chen yulu really had something going on.

He was like a wild horse that had lost its reins and frantically searched for chen yulu all over the world. He had already called chen yulu, but chen yulu's friends said that they were not together, and li fan asked them to help find chen yulu.

Moreover, li fan also used the power of the radio station. The headlines of all kinds of entertainment media were looking for chen yulu's shadow, but they had nothing. At this moment, gong xinmeng took advantage of an opportunity to secretly frame li fan's company, saying that their company had evaded taxes, stolen taxes, and produced substandard items.

At this moment, the sky gradually turned dark. In the busy street, there were a sea of people and li fan had found nothing. He was exhausted. He parked the black lamborghini beside him and found a quiet place to sit on the bench in the park. Looking at the stars in the sky, he couldn't remember where chen yulu could go.

A hint of sadness flashed across his eyes as he muttered to himself," where the hell are you? "

Why leave without saying goodbye? Is something wrong? Why didn' t you leave me any clues? How could I find you? I really had no choice.

In fact, as long as there was a clue, li fan was willing to look for chen yulu, but there was really nothing he could do.

Just then, the company called.

Li fan sighed and picked up the phone impatiently. However, the secretary on the other end of the phone trembled and said that there was something wrong with the company and he needed to go back to deal with it urgently. When li fan heard it, his entire body was cold. How could this be?

It had only been a short while since she left the office that something like this had happened.

However, it was impossible for her not to go back now. She had to go back and take a look. However, chen yulu had yet to be found.

Li fan was silent on the other end of the phone.

The secretary thought that li fan couldn' t accept this fact, so she was ruthless. On the phone, she said that this matter was very important and urgent. She asked him to come back and take a look. Li fan had no choice but to restart his lamborghini and return to the company. The matter of finding chen yulu could only be put aside for now.

Although his people returned to the company, their hearts were still with chen yulu.

Back at the company, li fan immediately asked his men to go down to look for chen yulu.if they found the first time, he would call him.

After returning to the company, he found out that someone had tampered with the products they made, which was why there were many serious consequences.

After his big brother heard about it, he called him from abroad.

His head was about to explode, and everything was piled up together. It was very painful. Just then, li fan's phone rang and looked at the screen. Li fan sighed. It was really a missed opportunity.

He reached out and swiped the phone, only to hear a thick tenor on the other end of the line." What on earth did you do to cause such a big incident in the company?" Don' t you hurry up and think of a way to resolve this matter? The child's affair was put aside first. This was the father's lifelong effort! "

Li fan rubbed his temples and said," I will take care of this. You don' t have to worry about it! "

Then, she heard the man say indifferently," I don' t need to worry about you. If you can' t solve this matter, I will definitely return to the country. When the time comes, I will let you have a good time!" "

Li fan was about to say something when he heard the man hang up the phone.

Li fan was furious. Was there something wrong with his management?

She was seriously responsible for her work, but now that something like this had happened, wasn' t it all because someone had done something to her? What does it have to do with me? This is ridiculous.

Now that li fan was being held back by the company's affairs, he could only stay in the company. Although he did not understand who did these things, he had to find out the truth. It was the most important thing to solve the company's crisis first. If the company collapsed, then the future would be difficult to do.

At this moment, gong xinmeng suddenly came over and li fan's secretary stood outside the door and knocked on the door.

At this moment, li fan was in a bad mood and was in a difficult position. He heard the secretary say softly," boss, gong xinmeng wants to see you! "

When li fan heard that gong xinmeng was coming to see him, he could tell that she was upset, but what could he do?

The person who came was not good. This was because he did not come well, so she needed to see him to understand her thoughts. Perhaps she could tell chen yulu's whereabouts from her mouth and whether her company's current situation had anything to do with this woman.

Li fan frowned and said in a low voice," let her in! "

The moment gong xinmeng came in, she looked very sad. She was worried about li fan and asked him how his company was doing. Why did something like this happen?

He wanted her to help li fan, but li fan didn' t listen to anything. His heart was focused on chen yulu.

The company didn' t have the ability to start afresh. Although it was easier said than done, it wasn' t an irreversible loss, but what about chen yulu? There was only one person in the world. If there was no one, then there was no one. If the heart died, then the heart died.

Li fan finally met his true daughter and didn' t want to give up.

If chen yulu was kidnapped, wouldn' t that be tragic?

If chen yulu lost a hair, li fan would definitely make those people who wanted to hurt chen yulu look good! It's not going to be that easy!

Li fan didn' t ask gong xinmeng why she was here, but asked anxiously," have you seen chen yulu?" "