Chapter 461 Concerns You Very Much

Gong xinmeng's face instantly turned cold. Her brows were tightly locked and she revealed a mocking expression." Her? Isn't she at your house? What? She's gone? "

Li fan didn' t say much. Since you don' t know where he went, it was unintentional for him to say so much. Li fan just stood in front of the huge french window and looked out deeply. He was still thinking about chen yulu.

At this moment, when gong xinmeng saw this, she became even angrier. Could it be that his company was more important than chen yulu?

At this critical moment, he was actually not worried at all.

It would be better if they didn' t meet again, lest he would be worried about her all day long. She even felt that she was being a little soft-hearted. The method that she chose to deal with li fan's company was relatively light. Now that gong xinmeng regretted it, she should let him go bankrupt. In that case, he would kneel down and beg her to save his company.

The more gong xinmeng thought about it, the angrier she got.

She could never give chen yulu what her palace dream could give her. Why didn' t li fan understand?

Since you don' t want my help, then we' ll see. One day, I' ll make you kneel down and beg me. At this time, a sly and sinister smile appeared on gong xinmeng's face. She sat on the sofa and looked at li fan's tall figure. She secretly thought that if she couldn' t get it, no one else would want it. At the very least, everyone would die together.

Li fan had completely forgotten about gong xinmeng, who was sitting at the side, and he didn' t even know when she left.

The concept shares were the kind of person that he knew best, so he should stay away from gong xinmeng. If chen yulu could come back safely this time, he must keep chen yulu away from this dangerous woman.

Li fan was extremely busy in the company because such a big incident in the company had already made him feel exhausted.

At this moment, he was in his office. At this moment, the secretary at the office desk made him a bag of fragrant coffee. The thought of coffee lingered on the tip of his nose and made people feel very excited. Li fan had been relying on this coffee for days and days.

Because of what gong xinmeng had done in the dark, li fan's company was in an unprecedented predicament.

She hadn' t been home for the past few days and just found a nanny to take care of li huimin, but li huimin was unhappy because she didn' t have li fan's company.

She wouldn' t eat at all, or she would be in a bad mood with the nanny.

In fact, li fan did not know that li huimin was doing this because she was too lonely. Li fan was busy working all day and neglected her.

So it's very common to have an occasional outburst.

If it was normal, li fan really had a lot of time to take care of li huimin.

But now, he had no time to do that. The bai family was now in an unprecedented crisis.

The company was in big trouble, and coincidentally at this time, his beloved woman suddenly disappeared.

What to do with this man.

Not only did li fan have to take care of li huimin, he also had to find a way to bring his company back to life, and he also had to find chen yulu's whereabouts. In the past few days, li fan really had no time to take care of her.

He was so busy and disoriented.

After that, his friend called him.

"Li fan. I already know about your company. I should have given you a hand as a friend of yours for so many years. But recently our company has signed a cooperation agreement with foreign businessmen, involving a lot of money. So I'm sorry I can't help you right now. Toot, toot ..."

Hearing his friend hang up the phone, li fan was very sad.

What friend, when you are in trouble, both of them run far away. You don't look like a friend to me.

Who would have thought that li fan would make a lot of phone calls, all of which were similar explanations. It also allowed him to re-examine his circle of friends.

"Cut. There is no one reliable. "

Li fan clenched his fists angrily. Hit the desk hard.

The secretary walked in.

"President bai, why are you so angry?" "

Li fan replied to the secretary," it's really a lost cause." "

The secretary also understood li fan's mood. So he didn' t say anything more and just brought him a cup of hot coffee.

Li fan picked up the cup and took a sip.

Then he exhaled toward the ceiling.

It felt as if the world was against her.

Several banks that had run before were unwilling to cooperate with their companies.

This gave li fan a headache as well. Fortunately, emperor sky did not disappoint the people with intentions. He was finally a few familiar people who were willing to help him, but they were meeting in two days.

So right now, li fan still had to come up with some better ideas.

Looking at his office, li fan began to be in a daze. Thinking about chen yulu's departure, he felt that it was getting more and more ridiculous.

The two of them were clearly living well, so why did they leave just like that? It was all his fault. Li fan had never dared to let go of chen yulu's feelings.

The scenery outside the office is extra empty, and there are lots of white clouds in the blue sky. Li fan looked outside wearily. At this moment, he felt that he had relaxed a lot, but it was this that made him feel more and more uncomfortable.

Sometimes living in pain is not a good thing.

At least in this way, she could clearly realize her own mistakes. It was because of her appearance that li fan left, which made the company to the present state.


Li fan recalled that it was li huimin. She said that she missed li fan, but li fan was not in the mood to talk to her.

Let the nanny hang up the phone.

He did not even have the intention to coax her anymore. Not to mention nothing, even with the current situation, li fan did not have the time.

When li fan saw that things were still unfolding in the company, he didn' t have much of an idea, so he called chen xiaojiang and asked her out.

Li fan thought that these two were brother and sister, so they should be related.

The call came through. Li fan said," I was looking for you again today. Let's meet at the coffee shop downstairs. It was about chen yulu. "