What Happened in Chapter 462

It was located in a coffee shop under li fan's company.

It was really afternoon time, and it was a good opportunity to have afternoon tea. Many white-collar workers from the company came to have afternoon tea, light some snacks, and then run over to a cup of coffee.

However, li fan was not happy at all.

The reason why he wasn' t happy was because his company and chen yulu's incident happened in the same time.

He sometimes feels like someone else did it on purpose.

Li fan looked at the glass table in front of him and then at the crowd in the coffee shop.

Seeing that other people could lead a normal life, why couldn' t li fan do it?

Why was it so difficult for these things to be placed in front of li fan?

He wanted to live a good life with chen yulu, but the bai family was ruined because of the chen family.

Who could accept such hatred, and who could bear it?

Even if it was li fan, it was impossible for him to go against the bai family's decision just because of his feelings for his children.

Li fan knew that the bai family would never accept chen yulu, so he never made up his mind. Otherwise, the relationship between the two of them would not have come to this point, and there was no clear result yet.

Li fan was deep in thought in this coffee shop, and his heart burned with anxiety. He felt extremely regretful and conflicted with his family. He felt that he was not a man.

It was only because she was being coy that chen yulu suddenly disappeared.

"What are you thinking about here? What happened to my chen yu? Chen xiaojiang looked handsome. He didn' t look any worse than li fan, but he didn' t know why. Chen yulu's heart was on this kid.

Chen xiaojiang asked. This made li fan not know where to start.

Before chen xiaojiang could sit down, he ran to li fan to look for li fan.

Seeing that li fan was speechless for a long time, he became even more annoyed.

He walked forward and grabbed li fan's lead.

"Are you deaf? I'm asking you a question! Do you mean to tell me what happened to my chen yulu? "

As chen xiaojiang spoke, his face was filled with this moment, he wished that he could knock this man down with a punch. Then there was a roar.

"I'll ask you again! You coward! "

At this time, li fan was completely speechless. After thinking for a long time, he said to chen xiaojiang,

"Chen xiaojiang, you' re right. I' m a coward! An unscrupulous coward, for the sake of his family's opinion, even his beloved woman did not dare to let go of love, and now even his own company has a problem. I'm a useless piece of shit. "

As li fan said this, his tone was very calm and steady, a little depressed.

Facing such a man, chen xiaojiang had nothing to say.

So, she turned around and prepared to leave. Just as he was about to leave, li fan stopped him.

Seeing this good-for-nothing, chen xiaojiang wished he could leave as soon as possible.what else could he say to himself?

However, if she left like this, who could solve chen yulu's matter?

So he did it calmly.

After chen xiaojiang sat down, the two of them gradually spread the matter out.

"I don't want to talk about our families. I advise you to let go of chen yulu as soon as possible. It's not good for you and her to pester him like this. I told me I didn't want you to disappoint my chen yulu! Before their relationship had reached that point, it was irreversible. Just be sensible and leave my chen yulu! "

Chen xiaojiang solemnly expressed his attitude towards li fan.

However, li fan brought the topic to the side.

"I asked you to come this time because I told you that chen yulu had disappeared. I'm not asking you to scold me. If scolding me can solve such a thing, I will allow you to condemn. The most important thing now is to find chen yulu instead of arguing with me. "

Li fan said this and finally calmed chen xiaojiang down.

Chen xiaojiang thought for a while calmly, as if he had some ideas.

He thought of all the people who might target chen yulu, including gong xinmeng and wu tianxiang, who had been secretly pestering chen yulu.

Then he said to li fan," don' t think that I don' t know what you' re doing. You stepped on my chen yulu with one foot while the other was on my side. You' re a heartless ingrate. Maybe my chen yulu was lost by this woman, gong xinmeng." "

So - called fans, bystanders clear. What chen xiaojiang could see through, li fan might not be able to see clearly. So he began to refute chen xiaojiang.

"No way! Gong xinmeng's heart was so good. Why would she do something to chen yulu? How could such a kind person do something to chen yulu just because of these things? "

Chen xiaojiang originally wanted to say something, but seeing li fan's stubbornness.

He didn' t want to say anything else. After all, it was useless to play the lute.

She stood up from her seat and coldly said," you take care of yourself. "

Then he left the cafe directly. This sentence was already very clear. It was to let li fan's chen yulu stay further away from him. Could it be that you, li fan, that bastard, did not hurt chen yulu enough?

Now that you' re on a two-timing mission, you might as well go along with the family's wishes and end things with our chen yulu.

Chen xiaojiang thought so before he took her away.

At this moment, she changed her mind and scolded angrily," my chen yulu is really blind. She really likes such a b * stard. "

Chen xiaojiang was not bad at fan also felt that he was such a bastard who was in charge of some people.he couldn' t even contact his woman after she left.

The secretary called him.

President li, hurry up. Someone from the bank is coming to collect the debt. "

Li fan had no choice but to deal with the bank's creditor, so he had no choice but to put aside the matter of finding chen yulu.

At this moment, the manager of the bank was in li fan's office. As soon as she saw li fan come back, she immediately greeted him.

"President li is so relaxed. The company is at this juncture, and you still have time to go out for afternoon tea. Presumably the problem of money should be solved, it is not the bank of the loan to settle ah. "

The bank manager looked energetic, which was a stark contrast to li fan's gloomy appearance.