Chapter 463 Anger

At this moment, the bank manager was holding a neutral pen and sitting in front of li fan's desk.

Li fan felt extremely painful in his heart.

But at this time he did not show his inner anger.

Instead, he explained to the person in front of him.

"I have contacted some friends, and in a few days there will be a sum of money to my company's account. Then be my guest. "

After hearing li fan's words, the bank manager knew that he couldn' t be pressured.

After all, the monkey was going to climb the tree when he was in a hurry. Not only would he get the money or not, he might even lose his cooperation in the future.

Hence, he smiled at li fan.

"Since president li said so, what else can I say? I just want you to have a good trip, so that our families won't be in such a difficult position. "

Seeing that the bank manager was leaving, li fan said to the secretary,

"Rourou. See you off. "

"Yes, Mr. Li. "

Seeing that rourou had sent her away, li fan finally breathed a sigh of relief and sat down at his desk.

Hit the table hard with both hands! All he could hear was a loud crash on the table.

The muffled sound was just like li fan's heart. How uncomfortable li fan was, he felt like he was about to suffocate.

Previously, chen xiaojiang scolded himself for not being responsible, but now the bank came to think of his own debt collection.

Li fan felt that he couldn' t do anything well.

It wasn' t just her own feelings, but her company was in a mess.

Chen xiaojiang was right.

She couldn' t manage the company well and couldn' t take care of chen yulu.

He felt extremely sad now. He called the nanny and asked the nanny to take care of li huimin. Then, he drove to the beach to relax. At this moment, if he was not bad enough to get some air, he might have to force himself to death.

Li fan had no choice but to look for chen yulu and take care of the company.

In two days, someone would talk to him about financing. As long as the money was integrated, the company would be able to function normally. By then, the bank wouldn' t be collecting debts all day long.

So he went to a bar alone. The bright red lights in the bar shone into his eyes, making him feel unreal. Then, the smell of alcohol, he could temporarily forget the anxiety in his heart, thinking that he could forget everything.

Li fan ordered a glass of whiskey and drank the wine in one gulp. He felt that it wasn' t enough, so he asked the waiter to bring a whole bottle over. He drank from one cup to another and indulged himself with the help of the music in the bar and the colorful lights.

This time, a little girl walked towards li fan.

The girl said to li fan," handsome, do you have time to buy me a drink? "

His tone was very gentle, but all li fan was thinking about was chen yulu.he didn' t care about other women, whether it was gong xinmeng or anyone else.

Li fan only wanted one woman, and that woman was chen yulu.

Maybe he can only be so honest with himself by drinking.

"Get out! "

The girl's good intentions were pushed aside by him, and she even had a dirty mouth. So he said to him sullenly," it's really kind of like a donkey liver lung." "And left.

Then, li fan used another glass of wine and got up. Not long after, the wine in the cup was completely drunk.

"Good wine, another bottle for me. "

The waiter saw that the person he had drunk was unconscious and did not serve him any wine. Instead, she picked up the phone on his desk. It was gong xinmeng's phone call.

The waiter heard a female voice and thought that it should be li fan's girlfriend.

Hence, she said to gong xinmeng on the phone," miss, your boyfriend is drunk at our bar. Hurry and pick him up. Then he gave his address to gong xinmeng.

Gong xinmeng finally found a chance, so she quickly drove her sports car to the bar where li fan was drunk.

"Why are you drinking so much? "Said gong xinmeng in her beautiful voice to li fan, who was drunk on the table.

Then he said to the waiter," how much is it? I'll pay. "

After paying for the bar, gong xinmeng stretched out her white wrist and brushed li fan up. Then, she staggered over to her sports car.

He glanced at the car next to him, which was li fan's car.

"It seems that he will have to pick it up himself some other day. "

After saying that, li fan started the engine without any hesitation. The motor roared and the car started.

As she looked at the car, she looked at li fan behind her through the rearview mirror. He said to the drunk li fan.

"Li fan, are you so obsessed with chen yulu? What was so good about her? It's all because of her that you're here now. If it wasn't for this leprechaun, I wouldn't have made your company that way. And that's what makes your company that way. So we can get together. "

After saying this, gong xinmeng smiled proudly.

Because she knew that the bai family only had her gong xinmeng. Furthermore, only by allowing li fan to marry her would the bai family have a new way out.

In the dimly lit room, through the heavy curtains, a gust of breeze blew past, slowly sending a light into the room.

A woman was lying on the dark black bed. A small arm was missing from the bed. The dark bed sheets had fallen down due to the owner's restlessness, revealing a tinge of spring color. Her fair skin was as white as jade and the dark black bed formed a sharp contrast, giving people a visual impact.

Wu tianxiang pushed open the door and saw this scene.

Her long eyelashes covered her animated eyes, her red lips slightly parted, and she slept peacefully.

Wu tianxiang didn' t know how long he had forgotten about it.

"Chen yulu, maybe what gong xinmeng said was right. I don' t want li fan to betray my sister and be with you, but if I see you with li fan, I don' t want to see it, so I have to do this and take you away from li fan. "