Chapter 464 Nobody Bothers Us

Wu tianxiang looked at chen yulu's sleeping face and smiled gently, his eyes filled with gentleness.

"No one here knows us. Yulu, it was my fault in the past. We had already missed it in the front. I don' t want to miss it again. We' ll be together in the future. Don' t worry, I won' t let anyone disturb us." "

Wu tianxiang gently put chen yulu's arm away, lowered his head and gently kissed su jin's forehead. Seeing her continue to sleep peacefully, he turned around and left the room.

The servant standing at the door rushed forward and handed the document to wu tianxiang respectfully. He looked at the room and asked softly," young master, the miss in the room ..."

Wu tianxiang closed the document and glanced at the servant beside him. He opened his thin lips and asked," are you asking about me? "

The servant quickly knelt on the ground and explained," your subordinate means that if the miss in the room wakes up, should I inform you or ..."

"If she wakes up, let me know. Remember to send her some food. If she wakes up and makes a scene, let me know as well. "

After that, wu tianxiang took a step forward and looked at the documents. He walked into a room around the corner.

The servant looked at chen yulu's room and frowned suspiciously.

The servant sighed and shook his head before turning to leave the door. It was not their turn to worry about the matters of the masters.

Wu tianxiang looked at the documents in his hands and his face became more serious as he looked at them. His eyebrows were wrinkled into a ball.

The stock market had plummeted in the past few days. Wu tianxiang threw the documents on the table and sat on the chair, rubbing his temples. Who was the one who was secretly targeting li fan?

At the same time, a red sports car was driving towards li fan's home.

Li fan sat on the office chair, and the secretary beside him kept reporting.

"President li, so far, there are four or five companies that have proposed to consider signing a contract with us, and the companies that want to cooperate with us are all on the sidelines. Now, the public opinion is growing, and all the major media sites are exposing us. Things like this can be fabricated, and the impact on our company is very bad. "

Li fan frowned and reached out to press his forehead. "

After saying that, li fan's phone vibrated. Li fan took a look at it and waved at the secretary." You can go out first." "

The secretary turned around and left the room.her phone was still ringing, and li fan picked up the phone." Hello." "

The phone was silent for a long time. Just as li fan thought it was someone's prank and was about to hang up, a mechanical voice rang out." Li fan, you can' t find chen yulu." "

"Who are you? Where did you take chen yulu? "

Before li fan could finish his sentence, the phone was hung up. Li fan looked at the caller id on his phone and couldn' t reach him.

She took out her phone and found a name." Hello, please send me a phone number. The number is xxxxxxxxxx. It's best if you can find out the ip address. You' ll have to thank me for everything." "

After li fan hung up the phone, he looked at the tall buildings and sighed deeply." Chen yulu, where have you been? I really can't find you. "

A screeching screeching screech sounded from the front door of the bai family villa. A fiery red ferrari stopped in front of the bai family.

"Miss, who are you looking for? The servant opened the door and saw that gong xinmeng was carrying a brand name on her hand.

"I' m looking for Mrs. Li." "

The servant nodded and naturally saw gong xinmeng's disdain. "

Gong xinmeng stopped tidying her hair and gently curled her lips.

"Tell madam li that she will know when xinmeng of the gong family comes to visit." "

When the servant heard that gong xinmeng had reported herself to the palace, he did not dare to say anything else.

"Miss gong, please come in first. I will inform madam right away. After that, he opened the door and welcomed her in.

"Miss gong, please wait here for a while. I' ll inform our madam right away. "Then he looked at a maid.

Around the corner.

"This is the miss of the gong family. Xiao yun, please take good care of her and don' t cause any trouble. I' ll go upstairs and call madam. "

After saying that, she hurriedly went upstairs, but her heart had already turned eighteen corners. During this period of time, the bai family's business had suffered all kinds of setbacks. Now that the miss of the gong family came looking for her, she did not know what her intentions were.

Just as sis wang was thinking about it, she was already in front of madam. She adjusted her breathing and gently knocked on the door." Button, madam, are you there?" "

There was a silence in the room. Just when wang jie thought that madam was not there, a hoarse voice came from the room." What's the matter?" You come in and say. "

Sis wang opened the door and walked straight in. Mrs. Li was sitting in front of the mirror, fixing her hair with a comb. Sis wang stood aside respectfully.

"Madam, the miss of the palace is here, carrying a bunch of gifts. She is sitting downstairs now. "

Mrs. Li put down the comb in her hand and raised her eyebrows." Oh?" Miss gong came to visit me? "

Sis wang stood at the side and didn' t dare to speak. She nodded gently.

Mrs. Li curled her lips and looked at the leaves outside the window. She was deep in thought." Now, the bai family is in so much trouble that no one else wants to touch us, let alone visit us. Now miss gong is here ... There must be something fishy about it

"Let's go down with me to see what the miss of the palace is up to. Mrs. Li stood up, adjusted her clothes in the mirror, and left the room in her high heels.

Tap. The sound of high heels on the floor came from upstairs. Gong xinmeng picked up the porcelain cup and took a sip of tea.