Chapter 465 Marriage

"Oh, I was wondering who it was, so it was little jiu. Mrs. Li came down from upstairs and looked at the smile on gong xinmeng's face. She looked at the things on the table and her eyes flashed. She stepped forward and sat down on the sofa." Why didn't you tell me earlier? Tell me. I will definitely treat you well." "

Gong xinmeng put the cup on the coffee table. "

Mrs. Li's smile deepened. "

Gong xinmeng covered her lips and chuckled. "

After chatting with gong xinmeng for a long time, Mrs. Li saw that gong xinmeng still refused to leave. She asked tentatively," what's the matter with you looking for auntie today, xinmeng? "

Gong xinmeng blinked her eyes and looked serious." Aunty, I' ve been reading the newspapers for the past few days. There are some problems with li fan's company. "

Hearing this, Mrs. Li's smiling face instantly fell, and her tone was not as intimate as before.

"If that's what the miss of the gong family came to visit us, then we have nothing to say. Sis wang, please send miss gong away. I' m a little tired. "Then he got up and left.

"Auntie, I haven' t finished talking yet. Why are you angry? "Gong xinmeng's expression was somewhat unsightly, but she still stood up and explained.

"Although there are some problems in the bai family, not everyone can watch the show. If miss gong is here for ah fan's company, then let's go back. I don' t understand these things as a woman. Mrs. Li glanced at gong xinmeng's ugly face and snorted coldly.

Gong xinmeng gritted her teeth in anger, but in order to get engaged to li fan, she could only swallow her anger. She secretly held a grudge in her heart. How could she take revenge? With a sweet smile on her face, she said," auntie, why did you think of that? I came here today to ... Want to ... Marry li fan. After saying that, gong xinmeng's face turned a little red.

Mrs. Li looked at her in surprise when she heard her words.

"Xinmeng, are you kidding me? Do you want to marry my ah fan?" "

When gong xinmeng heard this, her face turned even redder. "

Madam li held gong xinmeng's hand with a smile." Look, aunty misunderstood you. It was aunty's fault earlier. She shouldn' t have lost her temper with you. I just didn' t expect you to fall for my fan." "

Gong xinmeng gently held Mrs. Li's hand." Ah fan, he's a very nice person. "

When Mrs. Li heard this, she chimed in," how could it be as good as what you said? My family, ah fan, and wu li min had been married for less than a year and xiao li had a car accident with his elder brother. Looking at li huimin in my heart, I thought of ah fan. Poor xiao li had a bad life. "

When she heard Mrs. Li say wu limin's name, gong xinmeng's face turned sour. She seemed to have thought of something bad, and her lips curled up slightly.

"It can only be said that wu limin and ah fan were not fated to be together, but in the end, mu qiao left a Angela for ah fan, so that ah fan would not be too sad. "

Mrs. Li wiped the tears from her eyes. "

"Auntie, I don' t mind that ah fan has a child, and I don' t mind that ah fan was married. Now that something like this has happened to ah fan's company, I will definitely be able to help ah fan through this crisis. This is the main reason why I came here today. "

Gong xinmeng looked at Mrs. Li seriously and said each word solemnly.

"I' m the only child of the gong family. As long as I marry ah fan, then the merger of the two powerful families and the status of the three great families should be broken. Moreover, with such a great power now, the only one who can solve this matter is the gong family. "

After saying these words, gong xinmeng looked at Mrs. Li with confidence and her face was filled with victory. Madam li frowned. Indeed, the only person who could help the bai family through this crisis was the gong family.

Although the gong family was no longer involved in the political affairs, the connections and resources left by several times of the family in the past were still something that could be said in the political world. Moreover, the gong family was suspected of being involved in every industry. Although they did not have an international business, the gong family had a very rich family background, and the gong family only had a daughter, gong xinmeng.

If they were to get married to the gong family, then the bai family could use the gong family to advance to a higher level. Thinking of this, madam li looked at gong xinmeng with a softer face.

She did not know if ah fan was willing or not. Thinking of ah fan, Mrs. Li sighed deeply.

Chen yulu opened her eyes in confusion as she stared at the ceiling above her head in a daze. She suddenly sat up from the bed. The heavy curtains were gently blown by the breeze. Chen yulu lifted the blanket and stepped on the carpet with her white, round feet. It was a little cold.

She took a few steps forward and pulled open the heavy curtains. The dazzling sunlight shone from the room into every corner of the room. Chen yulu narrowed her eyes and stood in front of the window, staring blankly at the scenery outside.

A blue sea appeared in her eyes. There was no one on the white beach. The water seemed to be clear and bottomless. There were all kinds of flowers and trees growing around her. Chen yulu took a deep breath and reached a strange environment. When she saw the beautiful scenery, she seemed to have dissipated.

Just as chen yulu looked at the scenery in the distance in a daze, there was a gentle knock on the door." Knock, knock, knock. Are you awake, miss?" "

Chen yulu walked barefoot for a few steps before opening the door. A man in a standard tuxedo was standing in front of her.

The man laughed like a fox, chen yulu suddenly thought of this sentence in her mind, she cleared her throat and asked," excuse me, where is this?" "

The man didn' t seem surprised that chen yulu would ask him this.

"Miss, you'd better eat something first. Our master will see you when he comes back. After that, the man gestured for the maids behind him to put the plates into the room. Chen yulu looked at them awkwardly and placed the exquisite dishes on the coffee table in a few minutes.

"Miss, please take your time and we'll take our leave first. After that, the man turned around and left the room. In the end, he closed the door thoughtfully. Chen yulu took a few steps forward and looked at the exquisite dishes on the coffee table, but she did not have any appetite.