Chapter 457 the Life My Father Once Lived

It's just that it's not possible to know everything from wen yining's father.

It was within qi city's expectations that such a situation would happen. There was no normal conversation between them. This man was a very bad man in wen yining's eyes. Even if he was crazy, he was still thinking about wen yining. No one knew what had happened.

All I know is, he was having a bad time.


Wen yining's father started gambling in her high school, and at that time, wen yining thought that he would correct it.

Her mother's death had already hit her, and her heart was full of heartache. She thought that she could not hold on any longer, but her father could not hold on any longer than her.

Gambling was really a method that could quickly put his emotions into a blank, but after two or three times, wen yining's father became addicted to it.after he became addicted, he owed a huge amount of gambling debt until he finally abandoned his two children and left the country for a reason.

Initially, it was only tens of thousands, but later, it was tens of millions of dollars.this was not something that an ordinary family like him could afford, so he had only one choice.he had to leave on his own and give the child a quiet living environment.he believed that wen ming would take good care of wen yining.

The days after he left weren' t that great either. In any case, the days when he or she had been displaced were always scary. Those people would find him and ask him to pay back the money.

This had indeed happened, and he had witnessed the person who had brought him into the casino with his own eyes. Because there was no money to pay him back, those unscrupulous people brought his wife and children here and sold their debts. Those people were completely inhumane.

When these things appeared in front of him, he suddenly thought of his son and daughter. At the same age, he must not let them suffer such a thing, especially his daughter.

At that time, he regretted entering the casino the most because the bloody truth was already in front of him and he had to face it.

Those people didn' t know where they found out that he had a daughter and forced him to take them to look for her. If he didn' t go, they would continue to fight until he couldn' t say anything.

However, he did not mean the address at that time, they lived on both sides of the house.he and his wife lived together with wen yining.wen ming and his wife lived together again.

He thought that wen ming would take wen yining over to stay, but he didn' t expect that wen yining would run to their house and miss her mother.

At that time, they almost ran into each other, but fortunately, he had met wen yining.he had used some tricks to take wen yining.those people refused to give up until they found wen yining.they kept asking him questions, but he was adamant that wen yining would be able to leave on her own.he had left the house for a long time without knowing anything.

This was the end of the matter, but it turned out that he was too naive. He thought that they would give him time to earn more money and pay him back slowly, but those people did not get the money and wanted his life.

A lot of people surrounded him and held knives. Ordinary people would be scared out of their wits when they encountered such a situation. He held his heart and tried to think of a way to get out of trouble. He was lucky, and that night, the casino was raided by the police.

However, things didn' t end like that. For some reason, he took all the blame and couldn' t say anything. Someone else was in the government and the mansion, so he was responsible for everything that happened that night. He was the only one who did nothing, and he was the only one who stayed in the prison completely alone.

In any case, the prison was not a good that time, he was living a life of living worse than death.the people in the prison were not good essence, wen yining's father should be an honest time went by, because he performed well, the time he spent in prison was gradually shortened.

This shortening made others jealous.

Wen yining's father was very unlucky when they divided the prison. His prison was almost full of prisoners.

Naturally, his jealousy would not make wen yining's father feel better. He did the work of three people without anyone to help him, and after that, he would be beaten up by them for all sorts of reasons.

There's no reason why, but the best reason is that we don't like you.

Since they were going to become the boss of this prison, they naturally had connections in the prison. In any case, most people didn' t dare to care about them in the prison. Anyway, they could do whatever they wanted as long as they didn' t leave the prison. Anyway, they were only occasionally free to bring someone over to teach them a lesson. Perhaps that person was really unlucky, so she was the one mentioned every time.

Although those people were all domineering and arrogant in the prison, the prison was not comparable to the outside world after all. They had also thought of it. Unfortunately, although they indulged them, the security department was the most strict with them. They couldn' t find any chance, and they had never heard that they would commute their sentences.

It was the first time she heard that it was because of the prison guard's notice to wen yining's father.

That night, wen yining's father was beaten up and his life in prison had been even more difficult since then.

When he found out that he could go out, he felt as if he was dreaming. He couldn' t believe it at all. After making sure that the prison guard brought him back to pack his clothes,

Then the prison guard disappeared, and the people he had been afraid of appeared around him, and there was a burst of beatings. This time, he mustered his courage and shouted at them several times, and then they all laughed.

He was so arrogant that he had to wait outside for them. They would definitely go out to look for him. He was so scared that he finally managed to get rid of these terrifying men. What was the reason? They were so scary and followed him every day.

He finally went out, but he lost the initial excitement. He did not know what he would become when he went out. He had done all the gambling debts in the casino for so many years, and he felt that those people would not come looking for him. This matter was settled because no one asked him for money after that.

Other than that person who was offended by wen yining's father, he was so angry that he took into account the previous account.when they were all together to settle the score, he inexplicably dragged wen yining, wen ming, and wen ming's clothes, liu jie.

In the end, wen yining's father ran away and met qi city. According to qi city, the current situation occurred.