Chapter 458 Desperate

For such a father, although he was still extremely unwilling in his heart, the corner of wen yining's heart was softening. If his father was not as bad as she had thought before, he would still be worried about her.

It's just ...

"Well, it's all right. "

Qi city grabbed his hand and placed it in his hand, wanting to give her the courage to face the truth instead of running away from everything.

When he saw this man, he had already imagined what had happened. Perhaps it was early now, but it was better to let wen yining see it in advance. Perhaps the estrangement between the two of them could be opened up.

Wen yining suddenly hugged qi city's waist and began to cry. However, at this moment, he was also very conflicted and didn' t know how to deal with this matter.

She was used to facing the hardships of life alone. Even in the corner, she would think that if her father was by her side, maybe she would be much better.

But right now, she was really facing her father, and then she didn' t know what to do.

"We' ll take him home. I' ll treat him as my father, and then we' ll live together. If you' re not used to it, I' ll send him away. I won' t let her have a bad life anyway." "

From wen's tears of the past year, qi city could feel the strong reluctance in wen yining's heart, but in the end, there were some obstacles that could not be eliminated in his heart.

Hearing qi city's words, wen yining fell silent. She didn' t know how to sort out the messy feelings in her heart and how to face her father. At this moment, perhaps it would be better for qi city to solve these problems.

Therefore, he could only remain silent. Silence was a tacit agreement, allowing the man who had left her for so many years to return to her life.

However, qi city knew that wen yining couldn' t bear to part with her, and she couldn' t bear to leave her family too far away from her. She clearly knew that she could be together, yet she still had to give up on that kind of life.

That day, wen yining's father moved into the villa and stayed next to wen yining.qi city had arranged this on purpose so that the two of them could get along better.

Wen yining naturally acquiesced to this matter.everything could only be summarized with a sigh.

Qi city and wen yining were speechless this month, and qi city did not force wen yining.he knew that wen yining needed to think about it for himself.after thinking about it, her father's appearance had a huge impact on her, and it was good for her to calm down.


That night, wen yining did not sleep well. In order to take care of her, qi city did not sleep well either. However, in the morning, wen yining suddenly felt sleepy and fell asleep. Since she had fallen asleep, it was time to prepare some breakfast for her in the morning, so qi city got up quietly from the bed.

Wen yining probably wouldn' t wake up in a short time.after all, he didn' t sleep last night, so he probably slept until noon, so during this time, he made some delicious food for wen yining.

The magic egg he made in the past had always been his failure.he had been learning from mei po for the past few days and had learned a lot of tricks to make wen yining happy.

However, wen yining woke up right after he left. He felt that he was not used to the empty space around him, so he opened his eyes habitually as soon as he stepped out of qi city. As expected, qi city was not by his side.

Last night, she had too much on her mind, so she did not sleep. She also knew that qi city did not close his eyes all night because he was worried about her. However, when he closed his eyes, qi city was already gone.

She frowned and got out of bed. She wanted to go down and find qi city. Since she didn' t sleep last night, she had to make up for her sleep this morning. She didn' t have to deal with the company and the strange men and women here, so she could rest peacefully and well.

However, when she stepped out of the room, she looked outside. The villa did not seem to be filled with people. Even the nanny who often came to clean and cook breakfast was not there. His father had already been brought to the villa by them, so it was impossible for qi city to go out and do something else.

Where is it? Where is it?

Just as she was thinking about it, her feet staggered and her weight became unsteady. Tonight, the plate was tilted. Fortunately, she was fast and grabbed the stairs by the side. But now, she was completely suspended in midair. Without any safety measures, her hands and feet were completely unable to exert any strength, so she could only force herself to maintain that movement.

Now that there were no other people in the house, what should she do? Wen yining was extremely anxious. If she rolled down from here, if she rolled down from here, even if qi city did not blame her, she would still blame herself to death.

What should I do? Tears fell from my eyes and hung helplessly on the stairs.

At this moment, the sound of the door being opened suddenly came through. Suddenly, her heart was lifted. Could anyone come to help her? However, when she saw the person who appeared, her heart completely fell.

He had no intention at all.he was just a could he know that he was here to save her? It would be good if he didn' t give her a push. Thinking of this, wen yining became even more anxious. There was a very destructive person at home.

He slowly walked towards her. Wen yining hung on the railing, but he couldn' t do anything else. He could only watch her walk slowly.

However, his heart was in a state of panic as he watched this madman walk towards him in a panic. In that moment, her hands suddenly relaxed and she fell back.

"Ah ..."

A shriek filled the villa, but when she opened her eyes, she realized that there was no pain on her body. Instead, it was soft, as if someone had made her meat mat.

She looked down and saw that his speed was still fast, and he was directly under her, and he was smiling at her.wen yining didn' t know what to say.she had suspected that he would be in danger to her just now, but she didn' t expect that he was trying to save her.

And he just got stuck on the steps, and it didn't hurt.

She staggered up from the ground with her big belly and finally got her center of gravity. However, she was still worried about what had happened just now. If he hadn' t suddenly ran over, she really couldn' t imagine what would have happened just now.

He was still giggling, as if he could do nothing but laugh.