Chapter 459 Can't Be Cured

Looking at his face, he probably didn' t know that it was painful. Wen yining helplessly helped him up and looked at the wound behind him.

If she only looked at his smiling face, she couldn' t see that his back had been deleted so seriously.although wen yining wasn' t fat, she wasn' t skinny, and she was pregnant with a child.her weight fell on him, and her back was bleeding from the steps.

And his head hit the steps, like a big lump.

Seeing this, wen yining looks at him with blame. He doesn' t even say that he is injured, but he still smiles. What a fool.

He did not seem to see wen yining's reproachful look and continued to grin as if he was very proud of what had just happened and was proud that he could protect wen yining.

Wen yining could only shake her head helplessly with his expression. She should quickly find some medicine to help him. After qi city came back, she would send him to the hospital for a good treatment. Although it was only a small injury, didn' t it say that there was tetanus? If it really worsened, it wouldn' t be a good thing.

There was one more person in the family, so she really needed to worry about another thing.

Wen yining ran to the second floor to take his teeth off and slowly wiped them on his back.he was afraid that the alcohol would hurt his wounds, so he kept using his mouth to blow, but he didn' t seem to know the pain. Seeing this, he found it amusing and kept laughing.

This made wen yining angry. She was so worried about his wound, yet he didn' t take it seriously. With a heavy hand on the medicine, the cotton pricked the wound, and then he gasped.

"You know the pain. "

Wen yining's words made him angry, but he did it for his own good. After all, he was his father, so no matter how bad he was, he would raise him.

He looked at wen yining pitifully, as if wen yining had bullied him.

Wen yining could only look forward to qi city's speedy recovery of such a father who was like a child's temper.her father was supposed to be tall and mighty, not like what he was doing now, which made her heart ache and she felt very sorry for him.

As if he knew what wen yining was thinking, he touched wen yining's hair and comforted her, then rubbed his beard against wen yining, which he hadn' t shaved for a long time.

Wen yining couldn' t hold back her tears in an instant.when she was a child, her father loved to treat her like this, and then her mother would snatch her away from her father and scold him.this was their normal life.

"You old rascal, remember to protect yourself well in the future. Even if I' m not by your side, don' t let anyone bully you. "

Pointing at his head, wen yining said seriously," what she said is true. They all have their own lives. They can' t be by his side every day. They just hope that he can live his own life well and not let them worry too much."

Wen qiming nodded in understanding or not. Looking at his dazed expression, wen yining laughed a little. He wouldn' t know what to say to him. He might as well not say anything. In the future, he could settle his life well. When he returned to Jiangcheng, his brother would be very happy if he found out that he had found a father.

If he could, he could also stay at his brother's place. It was still not reassuring for him to be alone.

After almost all the wounds on wen qiming's body had been drugged, qi city finally returned with a huge pile of dishes. When he came in, he saw a large and small group sitting on the sofa, and a medicine bottle beside him.

His first reaction was that wen qiming hurt wen yining, but when he looked forward, it seemed that it was wen qiming's body.wen yining was drugging him.

When wen qiming saw the dishes in his hands, he snatched them all and walked towards the kitchen. They both thought that wen qiming had found something interesting, so they followed him. Qi city had something to tell wen yining about wen qiming's illness.

"Your father's illness is a bit difficult to treat. Jack said that it would be best to remind him of the past and recover normally. Of course, he also said that the company of his relatives is the most important. If he must treat the medicine, he will have some sequela. "

"I think what he said makes sense, and your father is able to take care of us in this way. We should take our time. We should slowly enlighten him and remind him of what happened in the past. "

Since qi city had already said that, it was impossible for wen yining to reject it. Jack had already said that there would be sequela after treatment. Then, the other doctors probably didn' t have much choice. Everything could only be done according to the most conservative treatment.

"Or what happened, why did you bring the medicine box? "

After he had finished talking to wen yining, qi city began to interrogate him.

It was only here to allow wen yining and him to have a good communication, but if the outcome was different from what he had expected, it was necessary to avoid the meeting between the two of them.


By the time wen yining finished talking about the incident, qi city was relieved. Fortunately, wen qiming was at home and knew how to protect wen yining. Otherwise, the consequences would have been very serious and he would have blamed himself to death.

"It's all right. I' m fine now. The baby didn' t have any bad effects. He's still waiting to be born in my stomach, waiting to call you dad." "

Wen yining was still a little worried about this matter, so she understood what qi city was thinking and held her hand in comfort.

"Hey! Hey! "

Wen qiming suddenly came out of the kitchen and waved at them.

She picked up the potato that he had separated and threw it into qi city's hands.she pointed to the basin and asked him to wash it.she then took out the leeks that were still in the basket and handed them to wen yining.she also took a small stool and placed it under her butt.she then took a small basin and gave it to wen yining.the meaning was self-evident.

The scene now seemed very familiar. In the past, the qi family had done such a thing in the qi family manor. In fact, the wen family had done it frequently throughout the day. However, after the change in the days, they had no chance to do it anymore. They did not expect wen qiming to remember it after he went crazy.