Chapter 460 Production

Unconsciously, they had been living in this small town for many months, and wen yining's stomach had grown bigger and bigger.

It was getting closer and closer to the due date, and wen yining didn' t know whether she was excited or scared. In any case, the closer she got to that day, the more she didn' t know what to do.

After that, she spent the whole day wandering around the room. In order to find something she could do, mei po finally had some experience. During this period of time before the due date, she ran to the wen and ning family for nothing and told him about the experience of having a child. She told him not to worry. Slowly, the moment the child was born, it would be the happiest time for a woman.

Wen yining also knew about this.she had been forced to the ground by that disgusting man in the past, and her child had fallen, this child was not easy to come by, and there were so many things between them.after so many things, she really treasured the child, so before giving birth to the child, she also looked up a lot of information, hoping that she could give birth to the child in good health.

Qi city was also anxious.therefore, he went out every day to buy all sorts of baby order to ease his excitement, he switched off the time when wen yining would be able to give birth because of him.

Wen yining suddenly felt a pain in her stomach at home, and there was a feeling that she was about to fall down.then he had a feeling that she was going to give birth, but qi city went out to relax and always said that it was a bit stuffy at home, and he couldn' t help but pick her up and take her around, so she followed him.

However, who knew that he would suddenly have a stomachache these past few days.there weren' t many people in the family, only wen qiming and him.wen qiming definitely didn' t know what to do.

She was still thinking about calling 120 before she could even muster her strength. She asked the hospital to send a car to pick her up, but when she picked up her phone, her stomach suddenly felt a sharp pain. Under qi city's protection, she hadn' t felt it for a long time.

It was said that giving birth to a child was definitely the most painful thing in the wen yining completely felt it.

Wen qiming heard the sound of the phone falling to the ground and quickly ran down the stairs. Then he saw wen yining slowly fall to the ground.

Wen yining didn' t have the strength to speak anymore, so he had to spend all his strength on suppressing his stomachache.

After thinking for a long time, wen qiming finally understood what wen yining meant.then, he opened the door and went straight out, looking for people in a panic. He wanted to find the ones he was familiar with, mei po, qi city, but they were all gone at this time that needed them so much.

He was so anxious that he grabbed his hair.wen yining was really in pain in the house, so painful that he didn' t care about it anymore.he grabbed someone on the street and walked towards the house.

Who knew that she would catch an acquaintance with her? The soft and weak zhang zong in the past was already the money and labor of a small town. He relied on his own work to earn money to support his family and treat his sister.

Today, he was thinking of going to work as soon as possible.he didn' t expect that an old man would catch him walking and drag him to a villa.this villa was the place he had never dared to go to before.he knew that it was the wen family, the home of the woman who had saved him so many times.

Was this crazy old man part of her family? Puzzled, he followed the old man straight into the room. Then he saw wen yining, who had fallen to the side, clutching his stomach and crying out in pain. Blood also flowed out from the bottom and from his body.

Wen qiming pointed at wen yining.then, he pointed at wen yining.before he could finish all his actions, zhang zong rushed up alone and called 120.

However, who knew that their luck would be so bad? Normally, there weren' t many people who would talk about 120, but now, the line was busy.

It was cold and inviting for you to call again later to see how long wen yining couldn' t last, and zhang zong was a little anxious.

He simply wanted to carry wen yining out, but wen qiming rejected him and stood by wen yining's side to prevent zhang zong from touching wen yining.

Although zhang zong was angry at the old man who was trying to make trouble, he had no choice but to keep calling 120 with his cell phone.he hoped that the other side would pick up the phone quickly and send a car over as soon as possible.he could wait, but wen yining couldn' t wait any longer.the rest of the blood flowed more and more, and if he didn' t carry out the production measures, something might happen.

Since then, the line of 120 calls had been busy, as if he had been struggling with someone. Zhang zong was somewhat annoyed that wen qiming did not allow him to touch wen yining.

What should I do?

Holding her phone, she kept calling the hospital, praying that they would pick up the phone. It was a human life!

Maybe god finally heard his prayer, the hospital finally answered the phone, after knowing the address, said immediately send an ambulance.

But even so, zhang zong was still worried.

Neither of the two men had any experience in production, so they could only watch wen yining anxiously.

At that moment, the ambulance and qi city came back together. Initially, they came back slowly with their things, but when they saw the ambulance parked at their doorstep, they couldn' t care less about it. They threw it outside and ran towards the villa.

Along with the nurses who were carrying the stretcher, they saw wen yining in a pool of blood on the ground and the two men who were worried.