Chapter 461 Ouyang Yun And Xu Feng

Xu feng finally found out that qi city had left with wen yining, and all his anger was on Ouyang yun. It was all Ouyang yun's fault for stopping him from looking for qi city and hiding so many things.

Second master had already gone home by himself, and Ouyang yun was left alone in the hospital to take care of xu feng.

In the ward, xu feng called Ouyang yun in after learning that qi city had left with wen yining for so long.

"Do you know that qi city is my life? Do you know that I' ve liked qi city for so long? Do you know that I' ll definitely be the bride of qi city? What exactly do you know? Can you take a good look at who's best suited to whom?" What the hell was that wen yining? Why was everyone helping her? "

Did you know that countless words came out of her mouth and sprayed on Ouyang yun's face? Ouyang yun would not dare to speak at the side. If he were to face other people, he would have sprayed along with them long ago. However, facing this xu feng, he did not know how to tell her, as if he could not bear to.

The most important thing was that when he first saw xu feng, he felt that his heart, which had been quiet for so many years, was finally beating was not for wen yining, but for another woman.

Since qi city didn' t like this woman, and this woman was going to ruin their marriage, then he would do this good deed and keep this woman in his arms.

Ouyang yun thought too much and continued to reverberate in her mind. Then, she decided on this matter. In any case, xu feng would never be able to ruin qi city's marriage. Since that was the case, he didn' t have to hit the south wall anymore. It would be hard for anyone to come back when his head was smashed into pieces.

Xu feng saw that Ouyang yun was more absent-minded in front of her and her anger immediately rose from her heart. What was going on in Jiangcheng now? Why did everyone dare to oppose her? No one took her seriously!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Then, she directly picked up the vase on the table and threw it at Ouyang yun. Ouyang yun thought that she only knew how to say it, but she didn't expect that she would directly do it. Without any preparation, she could only let the sturdy vase crash into her handsome face.

After the collision, the only thought in his heart was to make xu feng take responsibility. His handsome face was ruined and he would not be able to get his wife in the future, so he simply slept on the ground in front of xu feng.

At that time, xu feng was really angry, so she threw a vase over. Now that she had knocked her unconscious, she naturally felt a little flustered.

Furthermore, this man had saved her life when she was on that island. Later on, she also knew that if the poison hadn' t been inhaled in time, she would have died on the island before she could reach the hospital. She had always been grateful to Ouyang yun.

When you knew that Ouyang yun had lied to her with them, the anger in her heart couldn' t stand it. Anyone could lie to her, but she couldn' t let Ouyang yun lie to her.

Her heart knot was right here, but she did not expect that Ouyang yun had already been released in her heart. It was as if there would be a very different entanglement between the two of them in the future.

Ouyang yun fainted and her heart immediately rose. She jumped up from the bed and ran over to Ouyang yun to help her up.

Some nurse passed by the ward and saw Ouyang yun fainted on the ground. Ouyang yun was now a patient of their hospital, and the nurses were very happy. When they saw that he fainted on the ground, they called all the doctors over.

The snake poison was actually quite powerful, so the doctors were afraid that there would be some sequelae left on him, so when they heard that he fainted, they all came over and took him for a checkup.

"Doctor, how is he? "

Finally, she caught a person among the busy doctors and asked. Xu feng would never admit that she was very anxious right now. She must not let that man die in the hospital. However, the reason why she was stubborn was that after all, he had saved her. The xu family must not be ungrateful.

The doctor glanced at her and was familiar with her. He also knew that this man and woman knew each other, so it was probably not as simple as knowing each other. The two of them should be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Since the two of them were boyfriend and girlfriend, there was no need to hide it anymore.

"Maybe it's because the poison on his body is still unknown. We haven' t been exposed to this kind of poison before, so we don' t know what sequela it will cause. So, you have to make more supplements for him to eat. You have to eat strong food to have the strength to fight those viruses ..."

"Doctor liu, come here quickly. You have something to do here. "

The doctor surnamed liu wanted to say that the injury on Ouyang yun's head wasn' t too serious, but was called over by the doctor over there. After hearing his words, xu feng naturally thought that the next thing she said was to treat her well.

She was already feeling guilty, and Ouyang yun was knocked unconscious by her. She felt even more guilty. She made up her mind that when Ouyang yun woke up, she would definitely give him some soup and medicine.

She was outside thinking about how to treat Ouyang yun well, but if she saw the scene inside, she would not regret the pot hitting Ouyang yun's face. Instead, she would feel that it was too light.

"Dr. Li is not bad. He is a good teacher. "

The marks on Ouyang yun's face that were bleeding from the flower pot were already wrapped up. Now, she was leisurely watching the doctors in the emergency room. The doctor surnamed liu saw this scene the moment he came in.

After that, a group of people had a deep psychological exchange. Anyway, in the end, xu feng would never know the result.

When he met a scoundrel like Ouyang yun, he was treating the scoundrel with scoundrel. He simply couldn' t defend himself. Moreover, the scoundrel had a little bit of power and was able to get many people to cooperate with his actions, which made him even more defenseless.

In the end, Ouyang yun was pushed out of the stretcher. Xu feng had been waiting for him outside to see how he was doing.

As soon as he came out, he saw that Ouyang yun's face was tied up with no cloth. He lay motionless on the stretcher. The person who had been jumping earlier was completely different. It was as if he had changed into a person. He could not feel any life breath on him at all.

Xu feng felt even more guilty.