Chapter 462 the Soup Is Poisonous

Xu feng usually had a bad temper, but her heart was still good. Ouyang yun was also angry because of her, so she became like this.


"Young miss, what are you doing? "

The nanny of the xu family woke up early in the morning and saw xu feng fiddling in the kitchen alone. She did not know what she was up to. This young miss had never touched the kitchen, so she did not know what medicine she had taken.

Xu feng was already dizzy from the soup and had no time to answer the nanny's question.

She looked at the dark pot of soup in confusion. She didn' t know how he made it. After all, most people weren' t like this.

The nanny naturally saw the pot of soup as well. However, it was the owner's business after all, so she couldn't say anything else. She didn't come here to drink the soup.

However, although the soup didn' t look too good and smelled rather fragrant, xu feng was very satisfied with her innate talent and immediately put it in the thermos.

As for the remaining pots in the pot, she had no time to bother with them anymore. She could only trouble the nanny to take care of her. She needed to hurry to the hospital and take good care of the ruffian.

If Ouyang yun knew that lying to xu feng had caused him so much pain, he would definitely leave the hospital immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late now. Xu feng had already arrived at the hospital and looked at the soup in her hands proudly. This was her first time making soup since she was young. That Ouyang yun was blessed to be able to drink the soup that she had made. Her parents and grandparents had never tasted it before.

Thinking of this, she threw the stage fright in her heart aside and walked away. She could just send the soup in. This was her intention. Ouyang yun had to drink it or not.

Facing this bowl of dark soup, Ouyang yun's heart was in a state of collapse. Who in the world could make such a soup? It was definitely xu feng.

You were looking at the woman who was watching him carefully. If he said that he didn' t want to drink now, would xu feng directly throw another flowerpot at his head? This question needed to be considered carefully, and it was highly possible.

Ouyang yun absolutely wanted to cry but had no tears now. He had the urge to pour this bowl of soup. The woman in front of him could only sigh in the end. His eldest husband had something to do and did something wrong. It would be good if he drank it. He would not die.

When he thought about this, he felt a little guilty, because this soup shouldn' t be eaten by humans, and even dogs wouldn' t know how to drink it.

Xu feng looked at Ouyang yun drink soup, Ouyang yun to the bottom of the crying mood, slowly spoon up the soup, and then pour into the mouth.

The smell was indeed not covered. This smell was only found in the sky, so how could people smell it a few times?


It should be said that this taste was only available here. Heaven and earth did not have it. After confirming that Ouyang yun had drunk the soup that she had made, she did not show any signs of taste. Xu feng finally put her heart at ease.

She came out in a hurry, so she didn' t try it. When she arrived at the hospital, she remembered that she didn' t know what it tasted like. However, by then, it was too late and she had already arrived in front of Ouyang yun.

However, from the looks of it, the taste shouldn' t be too bad. Although it wasn' t comparable to what the nanny had made, it should be able to drink.

"Well! Drink! "

Ouyang yun said very solemnly. He had never told such a difficult lie in his life.

Xu feng heaved a huge sigh of relief.

"Drink a little more if it's good, and make sure you drink it all. "

Xu feng said very kindly. He didn' t see Ouyang yun's expression was now constipated. He was so good at drinking, so he could just drink a little. If he drank a little more and drank all the soup, his life would be left in front of this bowl of soup. This was definitely not a joke.

Her little eyes glanced at xu feng, but when she looked over, she saw xu feng looking at him and the bowl of soup with some expectation.this was indeed the first time that her young miss had made soup.

Drink up!

He forced himself to face the bowl of soup again, but fortunately, after he had drunk a little, xu feng seemed to have something to do and immediately left. In an instant, he was rescued.

As for the soup that was about to kill him, it would definitely be better to pour it out.if xu feng came back and forced him to drink it, it would not be easy.

Therefore, she forced herself to lie on the bed for a long time. She slowly looked outside and realized that there was no one there. Then, she grabbed the large thermos bucket and walked to the back of the water.

Just as he was about to pour the bowl of soup, xu feng suddenly appeared behind him, but he did not know.

"Is the soup bad? "

Xu feng didn' t directly come over to grab the soup, but instead said quietly.

It was almost involuntary. Perhaps Ouyang yun did not know what she was talking about.

"This soup must be made because I' m not as good as our yining. Yining's food is delicious. This soup is like pig food now. It can kill me directly." "

He spoke out the answer very loudly, but after saying it, he suddenly realized something was wrong. Who was the person who asked him this question? Why was the voice so familiar?

Then Ouyang yun mourned.

The soup that he had made with great difficulty was given to someone else to drink, and that person actually dared to despise it. Most importantly, she had asked him if the soup was good or not. He had clearly said it was good, but when he turned around, he said that the soup was just like pig food. This was simply humiliating him.

This time, xu feng didn' t throw a heavy object like a flower pot at her.she directly picked up her bag and threw it over.

"Isn' t it bad? The soup that wen yining made is good, isn' t it? Let me tell you, in the future, you will never make the soup with me." "

After releasing the fire in her heart, xu feng turned around and left. This ungrateful man, she did not want to continue to take care of him and let him die alone in the hospital.

However, she turned her head and the tears in her eyes proved a fact. It seemed that xu feng was not just ashamed of Ouyang yun.

Ouyang yun was smashed by xu feng's bag. When she recovered, xu feng was no longer in this ward. She wanted to go out, but when she went out, there was no one there.

Indeed, it was the vip room, and no one came.