Chapter 463 Saving the Damsel in Distress

After xu feng left the hospital, she really couldn' t figure out what had happened to her soup and remembered that there were still some soup left at home.

Logically speaking, although the soup she made didn' t look good, it smelled was actually despised by Ouyang yun, and compared to that woman, wen was too shameful.

She insisted on going back and having a good taste of the soup that she had made.

When she returned home, she was very lucky. The nanny had not poured the soup yet, but had put the soup back in the pot instead.

This is easy to do, as long as a fire, heat up the soup, then basically nothing.

However, when the bowl of soup was placed in front of her, xu feng hesitated again. The soup actually looked rather unsightly, and after reheating it, she did not know where it had been boiled, but now it was completely tasteless and colorless.

However, she gritted her teeth and directly poured the bowl of soup into her mouth. After drinking it, she immediately spat it out. She had never tasted such a horrible soup before. Ouyang yun actually managed to drink a few mouthfuls, which was considered to give him face. If it was her, she would definitely push the bowl and start scolding him.

It was okay to be wronged, but she couldn' t be wronged.

In this case, Ouyang yun had treated her well in the hospital. She had even drunk the soup that was so horrible and did not say a word. It was very delicious to drink the soup that she had cooked. At that time, the poison soup must have been boiling in his stomach.

It seemed that she had been impulsive once again. Ouyang yun had saved her many times and was knocked unconscious by her for the first time. She might have almost recovered. Then, she threw a bag over and did not know how Ouyang yun was doing in the hospital.

Then, in an instant, she felt guilty.


Xu feng swore that she would never come out at night again. Initially, she felt very guilty towards Ouyang yun, so when Ouyang yun asked her out, she directly agreed. However, it was really cold to come out at night. Moreover, there was no one else. Most importantly, after Ouyang yun asked her to meet her at the beach, the beach was completely colder.

Moreover, she had been waiting for more than ten minutes, but Ouyang yun still did not appear. However, there were some punks surrounding her, so it should be hostile.

The longer he waited here, the more sullen the punks became, and the eyes did not know whether they were on their heads or where they were, or where they should not be looking.

No one in xu feng's life would ever dare to look at her like that, because the people who had seen her were immediately knocked to the ground by her slap.on the plane that day, she could deal with those terrorists and it was obvious that her strength was still shocking.most people would not be able to hit him at all.

These hooligans actually dared to provoke such a female killer. They definitely did not want to live.

However, they still didn' t know how powerful xu feng was. They thought that she was just a young miss of a rich family. She might not even be able to defeat one of their fingers, but in reality, it was the other way around. All of them combined, they might not even be able to defeat one person in a row.

If they had known this long ago, they wouldn' t have seen such a tragedy tonight.

Finally, after five minutes, they rushed up around them.

A man with his hands and feet was a bit of a pervert, but he didn' t seem to have any restraint at all.

"Little girl, I' m still outside at this hour alone. Do you want me to accompany you properly so that you won' t be afraid?" "

He had already finished his sentence and reached out his hand to xu feng's waist.

At this moment, according to the plot in the general novel, a hero should have called this beautiful woman away. In fact, this script was indeed described in this way. Unfortunately, xu feng was a freak, and he was even fiercer than ten men.

A backhand twisted the hooligan to the ground. This stopped Ouyang yun from going out. If she went out now, wouldn' t her motive be too obvious?

Things had already progressed to this state.

It was true that Ouyang yun had arranged all these things tonight. According to legend, girls shouldn' t be massaging the weak. When faced with such a thing, the most important thing to think about was to hope that a man would appear to help her as soon as possible. This man was also tall, rich, and handsome.

This was the plot that Ouyang yun had thought of. These hooligans were indeed gangsters. It was just that he had lost a stack of money and hired them. It was to create an opportunity for tonight, so that Ouyang yun could save xu feng and make the meeting between the two more romantic. Then, xu feng would have a good impression of him.

It's just a shame that hope was lost in the first place.

At the end of the day, xu feng had already beaten all those people up. Only one person was left standing. The others were lying on the ground, moaning and moaning. Ouyang yun slowly walked out.

Everyone saw Ouyang yun's appearance, and everyone knew this man.

The leader of this group of people was still standing on the ground. He was about to explain something and wanted Ouyang yun to say something nice for them, but xu feng had already punched him in the mouth and a few teeth were punched out, so he couldn' t say anything.

"Just wait for a while. You' re not feeling well right now. I' ll continue to talk to you when I' ve knocked them all down." "

What made the boss truly desperate was xu feng's words, which had knocked them all down, but they were invited by that man!

They were even more wronged than dou er, but they couldn' t explain anything because xu feng didn' t give them any time to explain and could only be beaten.

Finally, they dragged their crippled bodies and ran faster than anything else. Xu feng finally regained her senses and stretched her hands and legs to the left and right. It had been a long time since she had hit someone like this, and it was really a bit satisfying.

After that, Ouyang yun could only watch her from the side. She was stunned and had never seen such a fierce woman before. If they were together, Ouyang yun couldn't help but start to imagine. In the end, the results she came up with were somewhat unsatisfactory. She shook her body and then goosebumps appeared.

It turned out that xu feng had treated him lightly. Otherwise, he might not have been able to stay in this life and could have gone directly to see the king of hell.

"You can tell me directly if there is anything. There's no need to hide anything from us. "