Chapter 464 Drunkenness Is the Way

"Ahem, we' re considered friends in trouble. We' ve encountered so many things together and almost lost our lives. So I think we should go to the bar and have a drink together, and then we can talk about our feelings!" "

Originally, she wanted to take advantage of herself to save her and then kidnap him to go to the bar with her.however, she didn' t expect xu feng to be so valiant on her own and didn' t need to save her at all, so she could only come up with a reasonable reason.

In any case, after so many things, xu feng should feel guilty towards him. No matter what he said, xu feng would try her best to satisfy him.

This was Ouyang yun's last big move, and it was definitely all a ruse.

Xu feng couldn' t refuse, so she followed Ouyang yun to the hotel. When Ouyang yun was about to pick up her wine glass to drink, she was taken down by xu feng. The reason was that he was not in good health and drinking was not good for his health, so xu feng was the only one who could drink this wine.

It's not good to drink alone, so don't drink any more. Drink some juice to relieve the boredom!

However, Ouyang yun definitely came with a purpose today. If he only drank juice, how could he accomplish his goal? He wanted both of them to be able to drink. Fortunately, he even arranged for a person to follow behind. This was the stupid idea of second master. When he heard that Ouyang yun had a crush on someone, the first thing he thought of was that Ouyang yun finally did not have to pester their yining, so he was excited to give Ouyang yun an idea.

In the end, he was afraid that Ouyang yun would not be able to finish it alone.

"Ouyang, what are you doing here? "

After receiving Ouyang yun's gesture, the second master immediately came up and hugged Ouyang yun and said. He also had a glass of wine in his hand and directly poured it into Ouyang yun's mouth. Those were definitely tricks, but it was a pity that xu feng felt that Ouyang yun had a favor with him and she felt very guilty towards Ouyang yun, so she did not doubt these things.

Ouyang yun's friend could naturally be considered as his friend, so she could only continue drinking the second master's glass of wine.

After a while, he forgot not to let Ouyang yun drink just now. In the end, the second master did not drink any more. The two of them had been drinking, worshiping each other, and drinking each other all.

In the end, they felt that it was a bit troublesome to have a table between them. The two of them simply sat together. That person was one of those people who didn' t drink very well, so they couldn' t bear to sit together anymore. They hooked their shoulders around each other and got each other drunk. This time, it was even worse.

The second master was watching them quietly. He watched them get drunk and they fell onto the table without any reaction. They should be completely drunk now, so he decided what to do next.

Initially, what he discussed with Ouyang yun was that after Ouyang yun saved the beauty, the two of them went to a bar to have a heart-to-heart chat and then sent xu feng home. But now, both of them were no longer interested. Moreover, there was such a big mistake today. They did not know that xu feng had such good strength, so everything they did today was in vain. Since that was the case, why didn' t they let the two of them get closer? Anyway, the decision tonight was always made by second master.

They didn' t know what was going on. Drinking together, they completely ignored the sense of danger outside. If second master wasn' t here, perhaps if he met someone else, he wouldn' t be as kind as second master. The man was left aside and the woman was taken away. Which one wasn' t like this?

Who cares who your man is and who your woman is, so you are definitely a good person in this area. How could you help them get together? Second master said to himself.

However, there were two people here, so it was troublesome for the second master to move.

When they were rich, these problems that could be solved with money weren' t a big deal. They found two people from the bar and gave them five hundred yuan. Then, they carried one and followed the second master to the hotel.

The bar is often surrounded by the most hotels, because these young men and women in the bar after the most like to go to the hotel, so the hotel industry is booming around.

"It's not good for us to do this! "

The woman carrying xu feng to the hotel looked at the man uneasily and said," take off this man and woman's clothes and take a photo. No matter what, it's not ethical."

However, that man didn' t think so. Some of his favorite photos were those at the third or third level. If he sold these photos on those websites, it wouldn' t be just five hundred yuan tonight. They would get more.

How could he be bothered by such a small moral thing if he did not care about small things?

In the end, it was the woman who accepted the man's approach. Anyway, they only brought them over tonight. No one knew who they were. After they left, they would take the road to the sky and walk side by side. Anyway, the photos on the third- or third-tier websites wouldn' t spread too widely. Moreover, this man and woman might not be a famous person, so it shouldn' t affect their lives too much.

The most important thing was that they could get money!

She took photos of them as well. The man snickered and pretended to be reserved and didn' t want to do this. In the end, they were still together.

However, it didn' t affect him if the two of them took one photo at a time. The man didn' t stop this woman either. If the two of them did this together, they wouldn' t worry about being exposed by this woman in the future.

After the two of them took photos, Ouyang yun and xu feng had already hugged each other. However, they were already drunk and unconscious, so they were completely unaware of the outside world. The man and woman had left, and they still did not react at all.

However, the second master was waiting for this man and woman at the entrance of the hotel. Why did the entire bar choose them? Because they were both indecent enough, they would definitely do something shameful, so as not to tarnish his eyes and directly obtain the fruits of their labor.

"Cell phone. "

The two of them were stopped the moment they went out. It was actually the person who gave them the money just now. The moment they told them about the phone, they knew what that person wanted. But after all, it was something they wanted to exchange for money. How could they give it to someone else casually? It was already starting to feel guilty, but the man covered his trouser pocket and absolutely did not give the phone to that person.

The second master was not in a hurry.