Chapter 465 Forcing Back

The next day, when the two of them woke up, they were entangled. Ouyang yun was the first to wake up, and her first reaction was to shake xu feng's hand away. With that, she woke xu feng up.

None of them knew what had happened last night. They only knew that they were drinking in the bar, and then they got drunk. In the end, the two of them lay on the table together and woke up like this.

The misunderstanding between the two of them was huge when they woke up like this. Ouyang yun knew that this was probably the second master's doing, but xu feng felt that it was an accident and should be an act of drunkenness. After that, she brought her here and caused such a scene.

Reaching out, she really wanted to slap Ouyang yun to death. In the end, she reached out her hand, trembling.

"Nothing happened last night. You should forget all about it. We were just drunk in the bar and slept for the whole night. You don' t have to take it too seriously. "

Even though she knew that this was impossible, xu feng still said it out loud and pulled out her clothes. She put them all on and left without giving Ouyang yun a glance.

It seemed that Ouyang yun's body was fine now, so there was no need for her to stay in Jiangcheng anymore. She couldn' t forget what she came to Jiangcheng for, just to follow qi city's footsteps. However, when she arrived in qi city, she took his legendary wife with her and had to bring qi city back.

What happened in the morning was unacceptable to Ouyang yun. Why was the amount of information in the morning so huge?

By the time he realized what had happened, xu feng had already left the hotel and jumped up and down. Xu feng must have gone to qi city right now. If he found qi city, nothing else would have happened, so the most important thing now was to stop xu feng.

Because he had not gone out, Ouyang yun did not know that the second master had already helped him with this xu feng's matter.he only needed him to come out personally and make a very affectionate confession, and then xu feng would definitely not be able to leave.

He couldn' t have used those photos last night to play on his own, so it must have been of some other use.

Sending those photos to the managing editor of some famous news agency in the middle of the night made him a little tired, but the effect in the morning was quite satisfactory. All of Jiangcheng had a newspaper with a big picture of Ouyang yun and xu feng's bed.

There were probably people from the Ouyang family and the xu family. As for what the Ouyang family and the xu family wanted to do, it was their business. It was best for the two families to decide on a marriage and completely resolve their sister's matter.

When xu feng left the hotel that morning, she had already called her assistant and asked her assistant to book a plane ticket to the small town area where qi city was located and send her the address of the small town. At that time, the assistant seemed to have wanted to say something, but xu feng quickly hung up the phone, so she didn' t say anything, so xu feng didn' t know about the news immediately. If she knew about it, she might still have time to stop it.

Unfortunately, xu feng and Ouyang yun knew that the time for the newspaper was the same. Ouyang yun slowly came out of the room and even went out for a long walk. After that, she felt a little bored and went to buy a newspaper to take a look. In the end, she saw his own photo on the front page of the newspaper.

This made him so excited that he almost tore up the newspaper. In the end, he slowly finished the article.

It was just a series of bloody stories about how Ouyang yun practiced the girl named xu feng. After that, the two of them finally finished their cultivation and met in bed.

Ouyang yun knew that this was definitely second master's handwriting, but since when did second master become so bored and he still liked to gossip about this thing? The actions they did last night must have been done in the dark. Thinking of this, Ouyang yun couldn' t help but feel disgusted. He was actually manipulated by a big man like that. It was really a disgrace to his big man's character.

"Hey, did you see that newspaper? Xu feng just booked a plane ticket. I think you can stop him at the airport right now." "

Moreover, it was just as expected. A call came in just as Ouyang yun finished reading the newspaper. Then Ouyang yun began to continue their big plan. Second master sent flowers and rings very thoughtfully. If it was as simple as who was chasing a girl in this world, it must be Ouyang yun.

With the flowers prepared by second master, he threw the ring into his pocket and Ouyang yun walked towards the airport.

At the same time, xu feng also saw the newspaper, but there wasn' t much time left. After spending a long time on the news, it was forgotten, so he didn' t pay much attention to it and wanted to find qi city as soon as possible, so he didn' t want to waste any more time here.

She rushed into the airport, but she didn' t expect to get the news that the plane was directly delayed. She didn' t know what had happened.

After that, she waited outside and saw a very coquettish car driving over. The car seemed to attract people's attention and many people began to point at it.

What was really unfortunate was that the owner of this car was actually Ouyang yun. As soon as she got out of the car, she walked towards her with a bunch of flowers in her arms.

As expected, the car was just like the owner of the car, and this coquettish Ouyang yun attracted many people's attention, especially those young ladies. The car was a good car, and the person was also handsome. Then the price must not be low. This was the best standard for all girls to choose a mate.

"For you, I love you. "

Ouyang yun walked towards xu feng and knelt down in front of her.


Xu feng couldn' t figure out the situation. She hadn' t known Ouyang yun for a long time, so she confessed like this. Was Ouyang yun sure that his brain wasn' t twitching, and he confessed in such an open and aboveboard situation?

"Hey, look, did those two look like the two in the paper today? "

A few sharp-eyed people found out that they were very similar to the two lovers who were said to be very sad in today's newspaper. Then, everyone knew about it. After a comparison, it really was.

The corners of xu feng's mouth twitched a little.

And this Ouyang yun was just like a madman. Now that it was like this, when those infatuated women around her refused to let xu feng leave, xu feng would definitely go crazy.