See Parents in Chapter 466

"Sister, just agree with this brother. This brother really likes you so much. "

There was a saying that was good and childish, so xu feng could really suppress her anger. Who knew what kind of things appeared in the newspaper today? Who was so bored to publish these things? When she came back, she must find this person and tell him how to behave.

Even though she thought so, she was surrounded by those infatuated women around her and couldn' t even walk out.

In the end, she had no choice but to call the security guard's number. However, after the security guard arrived, she muttered to herself. Finally, the security guard gave them a congratulatory look and left without caring about her.

Xu feng was about to go crazy from anger.when did the security guards in Jiangcheng become like this? Shouldn' t the security guards protect the tourists' safety? She felt that her return to safety had been violated, and these security guards simply didn' t want to do it anymore.

"Feng feng feng ..."

Xu feng was really angry. She felt goosebumps from being called by Ouyang yun. However, those infatuated women around her didn' t think so. They wished that the person called feng feng feng was her. That must be the happiest thing in the world.

After that, the two of them went straight to a standoff. Xu feng left first and Ouyang yun refused to let him go. It seemed that they were really a tragic couple.

In the end, it was elder xu who arrived at the airport to break the deadlock. However, in the end, both of them were brought back to the xu family mansion.

When they were in the car, the old man did not say a word. He sat in a very serious manner. Ouyang yun was so shocked that she did not dare to say anything. In the past, she had heard that the old master of the xu family was quite approachable. Why was he so serious when they met for the first time?

However, old master xu quickly broke his image in Ouyang yun's heart. The moment he returned to the xu family's mansion, the old man brought Ouyang yun into the study room. Xu feng was so angry that she couldn't speak. Not everyone could enter the old man's study. Even she had to get old master xu's permission to enter. This was the xu family's rule.

However, that shameless scoundrel, Ouyang yun, was actually brought into the study by the old man as soon as he arrived at the xu family. He was simply touching her bottom line one after another.


"Hello tomorrow. My name is Ouyang yun, the only son of the Ouyang family. "

In front of old master xu, Ouyang yun did not look like she was wearing any clothes. Instead, she introduced herself seriously.

"Ouyang yun? You're not the only son in the Ouyang family, are you? Didn't you say there were a lot of them? "

Old Mr. Xu did not give him any face and directly opened his scar.

This matter was not a secret in Jiangcheng. The master of the Ouyang family did not like Ouyang yun's mother. One by one, his lover brought them home. He even gave birth to many sons, but these people were forcefully blocked by Ouyang yun outside the door.

However, Ouyang yun's father had always admitted that these sons were his biological sons and often brought them to various banquets, but Ouyang yun would not touch them at all, as if he had never had this son.

He didn' t know what that person was thinking. He didn' t want an outstanding son like Ouyang yun, but he wanted those illegitimate children.

This was elder xu's words now, and Ouyang yun's expression changed. In Jiangcheng, everyone was concerned about the Ouyang family's face, so they did not say anything. Even if they did, Ouyang yun would definitely punch the person in the face and not let him live well.

However, the person who said this now seemed to be in the wrong. He could not beat or scold her, so he could only listen to her with his heart.

"I' m the only son in the Ouyang family. Those people are not allowed to stand on the stage. Grandpa xu, I think I can treat my wife very well because of my parents' matter. I also like xu feng very much, so please grant us our wish. "

Since she couldn' t fight or scold him, then she would directly reveal her motive along with this matter. Ouyang yun had also considered elder xu as an army.

However, old master xu was not someone to be trifled with. Xu feng was his favorite granddaughter, so he had always been very tolerant towards xu feng. However, this Ouyang yun was indeed the one who wanted to take his granddaughter away. Moreover, they were not close to each other, so there was no need to give face.

"I don' t know if you' ll succeed or not. I only know my feng. I' ve always liked qi city. I don' t even know where you came from. Do you really think you can snatch feng's heart back? I heard that you and qi city are good friends too. How do I know that you chased her because you wanted our feng to give up qi city? "

The old man clearly expressed his meaning. Ouyang yun coughed dryly. At first, he did stop xu feng for the sake of banqi city. He did not expect that after the first meeting, he would be mesmerized by this woman.

Ever since he was young, apart from wen yining, he had never been interested in other women. This was the second time that he was interested in her. Subconsciously, he placed xu feng under his command.

"Old master, I ..."

"Don' t tell me that you' re sincere and insincere. These words are just words. Even if some people swear, they will still abandon their wives and children in the end and leave for a more beautiful woman." "

The old man's words pierced through the entire barrier. Ouyang yun really wanted to say that, old man, I am sincere. Please grant us our wish!

Hearing the old man's firm refusal, Ouyang yun decided to give up. It was better to settle xu feng first, and then her family would be easy to deal with.

However, just as he was about to give up, the old man spoke again.

"If you really can make our xu feng give up qi city, then go ahead and do whatever you want. It's best if you two can be together. I' m quite satisfied with you." "


It turned out that the old man did not like xu feng's single-minded mind. He only had qi city in his heart. Qi city was already married, and his wife was pregnant. It was not good to disturb others' lives now. Xu feng was the daughter of the xu family, so she could not do such a shameful thing.

"Old master, don' t worry. I really like xu feng, but I still need your help with some things. I want to take xu feng abroad to cultivate our relationship, lest qi city come back again. He only knows qi city in his heart. "

"Alright, I' ll get the housekeeper to book a plane ticket to a foreign country right away. Then you two can go straight away today and stay far away. "