32. Luo Feifei's House

When I heard Luo Feifei say I was going to her house, my heart almost jumped out.

After so long, it finally succeeded.

After that, they were all drunk and couldn't drive, so they had to find a substitute driver and drive Luo Feifei's car to Luo Feifei's place.

Su Qin lives in South of the city, and luo feifei lives in North of the city, but they have one thing in common: they both live in the high-end residential areas on the top floor of our house price in Lincheng.

When I arrived at Luo Feifei's house, I found that it was decorated in the same way as her sexy and flirtatious route. It seemed to be her style.

Luo Feifei was a little drunk, but she wasn't completely drunk, so when she got home, Luo Feifei wanted to be with me.

After all, she had wanted to do something with me for so long, but I never wanted to do anything with her. At this moment, in her eyes, I just got her heart, so we should do something.

But I can't really have anything to do with Luo Feifei.

So I said to Luo Feifei, "Elder sister Feifei, you're a little drunk now. I'll give you a massage first."

She said seductively, "I didn't see it. You actually know how to massage?"

"Of course." I said, "When I was young, I used to give my grandparents massages. Although no one taught me, after all, I was very talented. I found a set of techniques by myself, which will definitely make you happy."

Of course, I'm bragging. I know how to massage, and it's okay to massage, but it's definitely not like what I said. Once I give her a massage, it makes her feel good.

However, hearing me praise myself like this, it aroused Luo Feifei's curiosity: "Then I will try hard to see if you are so powerful?"

Then she continued, "Don't let elder sister Feifei down. I hope your massage and other aspects are as good as you said."

Then I motioned for Luo Feifei to lie down on the sofa. Of course, I gave her a massage. There must be no professional massage shop. It was just a single press.

The reason why I am now suggesting to give Luo Feifei a massage, other than not wanting to sleep with Luo Feifei, is that my massage technique can effectively hypnotize him, because my grandfather is not sleeping well and is not feeling well, so I often let him massage him. I gradually found out how to massage him so that people can sleep faster through my grandfather's feedback. My technique was successful, and not only did it allow him to fall asleep quickly, but it also caused him to sleep heavily and had a good quality of sleep.

If I could do that, not only would I not have to do that with Luo Feifei, but the key was to see if I could find anything from her house after she fell asleep.

Then, I also ordered a prepared fragrance, which was specially prepared for insomniacs. Before going to bed at night, lighting such a fragrance could also make people sleep very dead.

After all this preparation, I started massaging Luo Feifei.

Luo Feifei is indeed Luo Feifei, and I don't know if it's because she and I are boyfriend and girlfriend now, or because she is open, lying on the sofa, she directly stripped her upper body, exposing her smooth skin, directly exposed to the air, hitting my eyes.

"Come on, let me have a good look."

Luo Feifei directly seduced me.

I forced down the fire in my heart, put my hand on her smooth back, and the feeling of that moment, I'm really slippery.

I did feel comfortable, but I didn't react.

But I didn't expect Luo Feifei to snort and tremble a little when I put both hands on her back. It felt as if she was at the top of her lungs.

Then, I began to massage slowly. From the reaction of luo feifei, my technique was still good.

Luo Feifei also praised, "Your massage is really comfortable, just a little less professional."

After being praised by Luo Feifei, I was still happier.

Then I continued massaging her. Slowly, I heard her breathing evenly.

I continued to massage her in my own way and brought the incense closer to us.

Not to mention Luo Feifei, who had fallen asleep, even I was yawning for days, and I really wanted to sleep.

But I held my breath and went to Luo Feifei's sink to wash my face.

Also, to make sure that Luo Feifei was really asleep, I called her on purpose, but Luo Feifei didn't respond at all.

After a while, based on my experience, I could really confirm that Luo Feifei was sleeping soundly.

So, I started my own action.