Hidden Folder

Luo Feifei's phone was right next to hers. I picked it up and saw that it had a password.

However, after all, she had been in contact with luo feifei for so long and often saw her unlock her phone.

Normally, she unlocked it with her fingerprints, but I was worried that if I went to get her hand to unlock her phone, I was afraid that if she woke up, it would be over.

Fortunately, I also saw her enter a password to unlock it, and I remembered it.

It's just that I'm a little confused about the order of the last two numbers.

Fortunately, it only takes two tries to be sure.

Sure enough, the first time it was entered incorrectly, but the second time it was entered successfully.

Turning on her phone, I watched Luo Feifei's reaction as I flipped through her phone. I didn't expect Luo Feifei's phone to be as clean as anything else. By clean, I mean there's nothing I need.

There were a lot of sexy photos of herself on her cell phone, and a lot of messages on her wechat. Apart from me and some people who didn't feel that important, the chat records between them were still kept, and the ones between them were blank.

The reason why I decided to be important was because of their identity. For example, I saw Zhao Guohua's name. It was their high ranking officials, Luo Feifei and their chat records, which were all blank.

I don't know if there's really no connection, or if Luo Feifei intentionally deleted the evidence of their conversation.

But when I thought about it, I guessed that Luo Feifei had deleted it on purpose. Otherwise, there must have been some shady transaction between her and Zhao Guohua. It was impossible that there was no record of any interaction.

After confirming that I couldn't find anything useful on Luo Feifei's phone, I gave up on her phone.

To be honest, it was the first time I had done something like this. Besides, the owner was lying on the sofa beside me, sleeping. My heart was really pounding. I was afraid that Luo Feifei would wake up suddenly and catch me.

Fortunately, my worries never happened.

After putting Luo Feifei's phone back in place, I started looking for other things in her house to see if I could find any evidence.

I thought about it and found myself a reason. If Luo Feifei wakes up and finds me, I'll say, I want to do that with her, rummage around her house, see if there's a condom.

I feel that this excuse is very valid.

However, I was still a little flustered, it seems that I am not the kind of congenitally suitable to be an agent.

In the end, I didn't see anything useful in Luo Feifei's house, but I noticed her computer.

I wonder if some things are in the computer.

Without much thought, I turned on her computer again, because, at the same time, an excuse popped up in my mind. If Luo Feifei suddenly woke up and found out I was working on her computer, I would say that it was because she was asleep, and I couldn't sleep, and I was bored, and I couldn't bear to wake her up, so I was going to use her computer to play games.

After coming up with an excuse, I quickly turned on her computer.

I thought there would be a password, and I was thinking about how to crack it.

However, what I didn't expect was that her computer didn't have a password. After seeing that her computer didn't have a password, I was a little disappointed. After all, her phone had a password, but the computer didn't have a password protection. Maybe it was because there was nothing hidden in the computer, so I was very relieved.

Although I was a little disappointed, I still couldn't let go of it. After all, such a good opportunity might not be met in the future.

To prevent Luo Feifei from suddenly waking up, I also prepared the evidence for the excuse I had come up with. I actually went to the web page, clicked on a small game, opened it and put it there. Then, I went to her various disks to look for it, and found nothing.

Could it be something she had hidden in a hidden folder?

Thinking of this, I quickly tried again.

Unexpectedly, I actually found out that there was a hidden folder.