34 Found Evidence

The moment I saw the hidden folder, I was so happy.

It seemed like it was all worth it. I calmed down a little and quickly opened this hidden folder, which contained many other classified folders.

I took a look, and there were probably a few classified folders, such as videos, chat records, and engineering projects.

I first clicked on a video folder, and a long string of videos suddenly appeared.

Every video was named, and I looked at it. There were a lot of people on it, all of whom I had heard of. In Lincheng, they were either rich or rich, rich or powerful.

I looked around and saw a video titled "March 24 and Zhao Guohua."

Did Luo Feifei and Zhao Guohua have this kind of relationship?

I quickly turned off the sound and clicked on the video. Sure enough, the video was in a hotel room, and the main characters were the bald zhao guohua and luo feifei. I looked at the video for a few minutes. It seemed that Luo Feifei had only chosen the most critical place. Those who came in to chat and work were all cut off.

Damn, Zhao Guohua turned out to be a man who only had a few minutes, and his heart instantly despised him a lot.

This video is very useful.

I stepped back again to see if there was anything else I could use.

But suddenly, an idea popped up in my mind. It seems that Luo Feifei left this kind of evidence when he went to a room with every man. Did she leave any evidence when I went to a room with her last time?

Damn, such a woman is really scary.

At the same time, when she saw more than 20 videos, it seemed that she had at least had sex with more than 20 people, and it was definitely not just these people, because all of them were videos of people with good looks. For example, when I first met her, the man she was carrying must have had sex with her, but she definitely wouldn't put any of their videos on her. Inside.

Originally, I felt a little guilty about deceiving her feelings, but now that I saw these videos, she was a pure bus, and she was still so scheming, the guilt in my heart disappeared without a trace.

I quickly exited again and clicked into the chat log to see. Sure enough, there were a lot of subdivided folders, and I found a screenshot of the chat log with Zhao Guohua.

I mean, why is there no record on Luo Feifei's phone? It turns out that she put it all down in a hidden folder on her computer. This woman, I really feel terrible.

Because of the urgency of the time, I didn't have time to concern her with other secrets. I quickly clicked into the folder of the project, which contained a lot of information.

Besides, I was afraid that she would wake up, so I quickly copied all these files and prepared to study them when I got home.

After I finished all this, I quickly hid the hidden folder that she had made.

Just as I was about to pull out the usb drive after all this, I was about to breathe a sigh of relief.

All of a sudden, I saw luo feifei standing at the bedroom door, looking in my direction.