36 Accidents

But unfortunately, there are still many things we can't do.

After all, everything was Luo Feifei's choice.

Everyone has different experiences, good, bad, happy, or sad. Sometimes we can't control these things, just like Luo Feifei lost her parents when she was a child. It's not her fault, but her fate.

But she was luckier than most people who lost their parents. Su Qin and his family adopted her and treated her like their own daughter. However, she was jealous because Su Qin was better. Her mentality changed little by little and she started to go to extremes.

In fact, she could have had another fate, as long as her jealousy was not so strong.

After finding all the evidence about Zhao Guohua, it was almost the next morning, but I was not sleepy at all. Because of the excitement, I knew that with this, Zhao Guohua would not dare to mess around anymore. These were the evidence that could hammer him.

Any amount handed over to the organization would be enough to make Zhao Guohua's life a living hell.

However, although that's what I thought, the best outcome I've ever thought of was to be afraid of each other and never talk to each other again. After all, once Zhao Guohua's story was exposed, Su Qin's father would have to follow suit.

Su Qin's father was cheated, but after all, it was confirmed by his own signature that the misappropriation of public funds was already an established fact, and the law could not let anyone go because of this.

At the same time, I also know that once these evidence is leaked, zhao guohua will have a problem and a group of people will be involved. Luo Feifei will be the first to bear the brunt. Although I hate her now, I don't want her to be really in trouble.

Emotionally, I did use her, and I felt guilty.

After apologizing to Luo Feifei, I hacked all her contact information.

Then I sent Su Qin a message saying that I would come over first and then head straight to Su Qin's house. Of course, I backed up all the evidence.

When I ran to Su Qin's house in high spirits and knocked on the door, I thought Su Qin was still asleep. It might take a while to open the door, but I didn't expect Su Qin to open the door in a few seconds.

The moment he opened the door, Su Qin yelled, run.

I was a little confused when I heard this. Why are you running?

At the same time, I also smelled smoke from the house. Su Qin doesn't smoke. Where did the smoke come from?

Could it be?

A bad idea popped up in my mind.

But at this moment, two people rushed out from behind me and held me down. I didn't even have time to resist.

Then I was forced into the house by them, and when I saw it, it was true that my bad feeling was true.

Zhao Guohua was leaning against the sofa in Su Qin's house, smoking leisurely.

He looked at me playfully, as if he were watching a joke.

Next to him, there was another man standing, the bald man who stabbed me the last time.

I don't understand why Zhao Guohua came to Su Qin as soon as he came back.

It seemed that he was waiting for me.

I was forced to kneel before Zhao Guohua by the two men who were holding me down.

I tried so hard to stand up, but I wasn't as strong as the two of them. When they saw that I was struggling, they suddenly gave me two strokes.

In the meantime, Su Qin wanted to come over to protect me, but the bald man pulled her away. She tried to plead with Zhao Guohua, but Zhao Guohua ignored her.

It was only then that zhao guohua said, "Oh, you found my evidence, right?"

As he spoke, he held up Su Qin's phone and showed it to me. It was a screenshot of my conversation with Su Qin last night.